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10-09-2010, 22:16
Hi Guys.

I had lots of trouble trying to acquire possession of the ball (at Top Player Level). This made me down, lol, especially when things go beyond normal and the opponent penetrates deep down into my goal and scores quite comfortably.

Now that I know some tips about it, I thought I could share these with you.

Basically, once you lose the ball, you need to ensure the following:

1) Simultaneously, hold down the 'COM TEAM-MATES PRESSURE' Button (On XBOX Controller is X) + the 'Dash Dribbling' Button (RB). Keep holding these until you acquire the ball back.

2) With your fingers holding on the above two buttons, ensure you have control of a player who is at a position past the ball (i.e. your player has his back facing your goal). Don't choose a player who is behind your opponent, i.e. behind the ball. Sadly, automatic cursor switches arent too perfect for this and, as such, I recommend semi/no-assisted settings. The trick is to try and guess where the opponent would pass the ball next. This would help you choose your best player and intercept passes or, in worst-case scenarios, pressurize the opponent quite quickly once he grabs the ball from his team-mate.

The above also applies when defending. For e.g. when the opponent is attackin from the flanks, you dont chase the opponent SMFs/WFs but, rather, ask your team-mates to do the job. For you, your mission would be to chase the CFs/SSs/AMFs coming from Mid-field and cut-out balls heading towards them in case the AI couldnt get the ball back at the flanks.

Good Luck!

15-09-2010, 08:39
Same here. I can't acquire possession of a ball and even if I get the ball I'm unable to retain it for long. This makes me feel so low whenever I'm there on the field and playing the game. Its an embarrassing situation. I hope your tips will workout for me and I will get to control the ball, now. Thanks for sharing. :)

15-09-2010, 18:05
good luck guys

16-09-2010, 13:44
I'm unable to retain it for long.


Once you acquire the ball, the best strategy to retain it would be (and as Jon Champion - the commentator says) 'PINPOINT PASSING COMBINED WITH QUICK MOVEMENTS'. To detail:

1) Quick pinpoint passings at the centre of the midfield. Make sure you don't dribble with the ball 2 much at that area. Any one of your players, once he gets the ball from his team-mates, immediately passes it to other nearby players.

2) Only start dribbling when you are in the goal area or at the flanks with players such as Wayne Rooney, C.Ronaldo, KAKA, Eto'o, etc.

Well, when I wanted to test my skills again, I played a match against Real Madrid. To make it a bit challenging, the team I picked up was Boca Juniors. Don't worry wot the goals difference would be after the match, just keep ensurin you beat the opponent in areas such as Overall Ball Possession; Number of passes you've made successfully; Number of passes you've intercepted; Touches taken at the midfield and the opponent's half.

Good Luck.