View Full Version : Xbox 360 - kit/team update needed

Student Boy
10-10-2010, 13:52
Hi I have an un-chipped xbox 360 and wondered if there was an update i could download to give me the correct teams?

I have looked on this forum and all i can find are updated for modified 360's

10-10-2010, 13:56
You haven't looked very well then.

Student Boy
10-10-2010, 14:03
thanks for that help tim7 - could you please tell me where then?

10-10-2010, 14:58
Well if you'd read Daymos thread you'd know he will be releasing his option file with all teams done, either tonight or more likely tomorrow night.

Alternatively, DragonSkin has already released his option file, which you can find on Evo Web.