View Full Version : Editing question

11-10-2010, 13:38
Just wondered if anyone knows exactly what happens to players I edit after the DLC is applied. I am pretty sure that created players will remain, but be moved back to the created section after the DLC, but what about players in the fake teams for example, will they revert back to their former selves? The reason i ask is that I know for example Malf1985 is making an SPL Option File, which will mean of course editing these guys in the fake teams as there is not enough slots for created players, or is there a way for example to re-apply the OF after the DLC is applied? not sure if this would interfere in any way as there would be no transfers between these clubs, no player would be removed or added, because, well they are fake and don't exist lol
Would for example the name and appearance remain and only stats revert back or vice versa?

11-10-2010, 13:43
We'll only know after DLC comes tomorrow... but I think that it will be like last year, where transfers and players would all be default'd