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11-10-2010, 18:21
Ok i have only been posting on pes forum a little while,im new to all this OF,, how to instal, how to make OF, just stuff to explain what to do. ive looked round a lot cant seem to find any help threads for us noobs quite dissapointed , even though ive looked and asked for help as many others have just seems no one cares to help the noobs out.so was woundering if the admins would consider putting help section so we can stop asking for help , as most forums do have a help sections it would be much apprerciated not just by me, but all who are trying to learn how to use all this stuff dont forget we all start as noobs before the haters get on with there 2cent worth

The Raffaxis
11-10-2010, 19:23
Hello I know your problem. Im finding out myself how to make trikot kits in ps3.

Here is one video how they make the trikots look good.


Sorry but i find out only in italian language.