View Full Version : How can I put kits or logos on my Xbox?

15-10-2010, 23:29
Hi all,I'm working on a OF basing on Daymos' one and changing transfers and unlicensed names of national teams.

BTW,I'd like to extend my project with the changes of Pes League's and D2's teams,introducing some of the most "interesting" teams that haven't been included in the original DB (some Bundesliga's Teams,Bursaspor,Zilina,Partiza n and Maccabi for Champions,CSKA Mosca and so on...)

If I'll have kits of this team and I'll convert it into .bin files,can I introduce them in my game without damaging OF already included or my Edit File?

And also,how can I "assign" the .bin files to the fake teams of these fake leagues?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for the attention ;)

17-10-2010, 10:20
Someone can help me?