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16-03-2004, 17:57
---EURO2004--- - The definitive patch-NOTE-p1 kept uptodate!

jb 15.3.04 to Data_J.afs.rar

123 MB (129,262,342 bytes)

Is ppf

for we7i jap commentary only?i.e. WE7i(jap) with Japanese language ONLY cd....or DVD.

...is anyripkit...since ppf applied to DATA_J.afs not the bin.

(copy and paste into browser or use flash fxp)

ftp://we:[email protected]/WE7 International/Patch/jonboyo/jonboyo we7i anyripkit/jb 15.3.04 to Data_J.afs.rar

Will be uploading now to evo web ftp.

/WE7I/Jonboyo WE7I (Any Ripkit)/jb 15.3.04 to Data_J.afs.rar

is ppf

1) Using a ripkit rip your dvd we7i to cd size onto your harddrive...

(or if you want to burn on dvd extract files with iso buster or use 'APACHE'(same as cd mage for dvds -see editing section or search google)

GOTO- file -open - find your image/iso/bin

Extract the data_j.afs file from the image using cdmage.
Right click on file -then extract,leave cdmage open

2)Open ppf-omatic and apply the patch - jb 15.3.04 to Data_J.afs.ppf to the original DATA_J.AFS size 550 MB (577,716,224 bytes) (note- NOT to the bin only apply to this file)

Import back into bin (image in cdmage) - Right click on original data_j.afs in cdmage then- click import , find your newly patched data_e.afs and import it.

3)Then replace the original files OVER.AFS and SLPM_654.97 (if doesn't fit use one listed down the page)

Right click on original OVER.AFS in cdmage then- click import , find my included in rar OVER.AFS and import it.

Right click on original SLPM_654.97 in cdmage then- click import , find my included in rar SLPM_654.97 (no need to rename) and import it.
(use- JB EDITED DVD SLPM_654.97 if dvd-r burning,cd one otherwise)

Note- over.afs included has default kits so no need to modify them in game to get the new 'sponsored' kits.
(old memory card option files will over write though so boot up with it out)

4)check for errors /repair

5)Burn cd in Nero - find image/bin burn as slow as possible eg1x ideal or 4x is good,mode 2/2352

6)Ideally use Kezz's/Zyg included option file- xps (need Xport hardware)- ?WE7-IJ Option File jb with kits fixed.xps?

NOTE for DVD uses burning a DVD version try 'Apache' for importing extracting from a DVD image,it works like CDmage for dvds.


1)kit fixes as requested with collars correct- All latest kits Korea,Russia,Croatia etc

2)New Roteiro ball (improved mine with a bit of Milanista's flair)
Nike neo ball (Korean style)

3)Solidus' chants v2 - from new patch- you will need to allocate correct callnames see his thread or download this-

login we
pass we
port 8111

/WE7I/Jonboyo WE7I (Any Ripkit)/Solidus v2 INFO on CALLNAMES.doc

4)Kits/flags of Middlesborough,stuttgart and sampdoria in,
over westham,pes and we utd -so its ideal for uses of Kezz's xport
file (included in rar but with Latvia)

5)Correct National/club names

6)Player names in English for non xport owners but they have westham,pes/we utd if they import 'over.afs'

(...use modified kits not default if you intend NOT to use the xport file for Middlesborough,stuttgart and sampdoria)

(Note the over.afs contains player names so if you prefer a different one just import it eg over.afs from pippo77's patch)

7) 3 new Portuguese stadia from Euro2004-

Alvalade XXI- http://www.stadiumguide.com/josedealvaladenew.htm

Dragao- http://www.stadiumguide.com/dragao.htm

Luz- http://www.stadiumguide.com/lisboa.htm

thanks to Mauras there creator.

And all this lot-

1)New Euro2004 Ads ? which protrude in a CL style manner.

2)New title screen

3)Wendetta real kits with sponsors etc thanks to Antiz, with any corrections found.

4)Sexy but not naughty dress wearing Cup presenting ladies- Lucy Liu/ Lara Croft/Liz Hurley faces by Open dresses by me.

5)new menus thanks to Weman/YKSA

6)New modifiable Bootsx3

7)Music-queen ending/championship won and champions league on entry to pitch.

8)My music choice ?done by Music Maestro Jimmy G force MC extraordinaire ? includes- Mas que Nada (extended) ,Badly Drawn Boy-Once around the block(title),and Robbie/Elvis including mixed in Match of the day commentary (replays) ?if you don?t like it import your own (don?t moan about it)


9)Stadium update- Munich day/dry only is snowed in-cheers FCH

10)Highbury by Waterloo -fixed

11)Dr.XRAY WE7 STADIUM PROJECT Pack 1 and 2 includes-
ANFIELD,Santiago Bernabeu (originally Porto Folio),Stamford Bridge(Chelsea),Anoeta (Real Sociedad),Ali Sami Yen (Galatasaray)

12)Juventus and Milan (night) stadia

13.) Danrell 's Stadiums=
Sapporo Dome
San Siro - AC Milan + Inter Milan ( day only)
Kashima Soccer Stadium - Deportivo L.C. + Valencia(day and night)
Amsterdam Arena - Ajax
Olympiastadiom - Bayern Munich
Stade Louis II - Monaco
La Bombonera - Newcastle ( day) + Tottenham Hotspur (night rain)
Bloemfontein Rugby Stadium- Fulham (day) + Leeds (night)
Nacional de Santiago - Parma(day) + Chievo (night )
Nagai Stadium -Leverkusen (day) + Dortmund (night )

14)Millenium stadium (Cardiff) (day only) and Goodison Park (Everton) (night/fine) by myself.

15)?Nou Camp? by Mhut.

16)Improved stadia for Anfield,Highbury,Stamford bridge,Della Alpi, combining new bits from-r33,crazyaxel21

17.) Latvia over Hungary

18)Scoreboard changed to be CL/euro style.

19)updated over.afs -converts names to English for non-xport users

20)New stadium choice pic (by Montel) modified by myself to show names.

21)New Flags correct for teams.

22)New ref?s kits-from ref patch by ZtingerViperRefereeKitsV2

23)Collina pops up for advantage- not yellow on black background man.

24)Champions League star - Old Trafford (by Montel) now has Champions League star shadow when playing at night/fine weather.

25) Real kits with fixed collars and numbers ....... remember if you use old option file you must turn off edited kits and badges.

XPORT file users-
use the included file

?WE7-IJ Option File jb with kits fixed.xps? ? thanks to Zyg

1)Fixed stadia names to be correct
2)Team Names Correct.
3)Latvia's players have stats correct from Championship Manager
4)transfers present
5)badges/no's in right places /colours
6)Stuttgart/Sampdoria and Middlesborough are in and kits/flags correct in patch.

If u don't use this option file you will be using the info from the over.afs---which means players of Westham are in not Middlesborough,and WE/PES Utd replace Stuttgart/Sampdoria...so u need to use edited kits and flags in place of these 3 teams if your NOT using the included option file.


ALL the kit makers from Wendetta team eg Kel,and Antiz and stacks of others.
Stadia makers -listed above with stadia.
All the tool makers eg Obocomen,Tato,Waterloo,Kmodich a and others for some amazing tools

All the patch makers

Sound masters ?Solidus, Jimmy G, and others.
Anyone on Evoweb ,Pesinsight,ISSextreme who helped including previous kit testers(eg 2pacalypse,Pino),Kez and MrCoopz,Wolf.
Anyone forgotten -I will be pleased to add
eg hullybul for hexediting skills

ps Sorry for any errors ------- a ONE man team has poor error correction!

17-03-2004, 04:16
whats new in this patch?

17-03-2004, 04:35
Is it so hard for you to compare the content of this patch with the content of the old one ?

17-03-2004, 04:37
yeah its completely changed

17-03-2004, 06:40
Does anyone have a link to the other FTP that might be hosting this patch? I think the persons name is Somon.

17-03-2004, 21:05
evoweb.no-ip.com port -8111
/WE7I/Jonboyo WE7I (Any Ripkit)/

To get correct chants which are linked use Solidus' over.afs/slpm file called
in file 'solidus over&slpm.rar' or if using memory card option file->
read 'Solidus v2 INFO on CALLNAMES.doc' in same folder if u want to link correct callnames on your option file (in game)

18-03-2004, 01:41
evoweb.no-ip.com port -8111
/WE7I/Jonboyo WE7I (Any Ripkit)/

To get correct chants which are linked use Solidus' over.afs/slpm file called
in file 'solidus over&slpm.rar' or if using memory card option file->
read 'Solidus v2 INFO on CALLNAMES.doc' in same folder if u want to link correct callnames on your option file (in game)

Which one did you do? Oh and btw I just got it off of lomuntung. Just let it go while I was sleeping. It took about 3 hours.

18-03-2004, 02:53
are the option files correct from the begining or du u need another one

20-03-2004, 22:22
could someone please make a ppf of Kezz's xport file or can someone tell me the link to the thread which tells u how to?

20-03-2004, 22:55
Don't know about a ppf but there is an image of his file that you can burn here. (http://forums.evo-web.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=20061)

Kezz will be releasing his new option file around this Sunday.