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16-03-2004, 19:30
After the 1st patch for WE7i, the new X-Patch from WEFANtasy, "universal" patch for DVD or CD and all laguages, download links at bottom of page, below an extract of readme:


main features:

- Players database updated to february 2004
-------- added Middlesbrough, Stuttgart and Sampdoria over West Ham, WE Utd and PES Utd.
- kits for all teams
- 9 shoes avalaible
- chants for 32 teams + 4 generic
- Personalized stadium
-------- Some new stadiums (Tardini, Mestalla, Bentegodi, etc..)
-------- Many stadiums restyled
-------- All stadiums with new short-ads (uefa style)
- New musics (Dragostea din tei, Dire Straits, Black Eyed Peas etc.)
- New graphics (menu, scoreboard etc.)
- Callnames and stadium linked correctly to teams (no need to associate for chants)
- New Roteiro ball
- New numbers for kits
- Real ML youth name (stats arenīt.... sorry)
- ML players costs and salary correct

...and other I donīt remember now ;)

More info on readme (screenshots later)

X-Patch part1 (http://xsite2.altervista.org/XPATCH1/XPATCH1.part1.rar)

X-Patch part2 (http://xsite2.altervista.org/XPATCH1/XPATCH1.part2.rar)

X-Patch part3 (http://xsite2.altervista.org/XPATCH1/XPATCH1.part3.rar)

X-Patch part4 (http://cruzcruz.altervista.org/XPATCH1/XPATCH1.part4.rar)

X-Patch part5 (http://cruzcruz.altervista.org/XPATCH1/XPATCH1.part5.rar)

Note on links
If you have downloading problems , try to copy link on address field of browser.
I think these links shouldn't work up for much time by now... therefore it's better to download as soon as possible ;)
If you have ftp or web space please get and share the files

WEFANtasy Team

16-03-2004, 20:00
Wow looks great downloading right now!
Larsson or someone else do you know if the 2 extra boots are available in We7I ingame?? Or do you have to select them with an editor, so you cant change ingame.


16-03-2004, 22:07
First impressions:

- Chants are working!!! Im using english commetary
- Boots arent done properly, esspecially in the edit menu there are a lot of boots fucked up. Ingame they are OK, but far from great.
- All transfers are done!!
- Players wearing all different boots

Thats for now.


I think this isnt the abslote TOPpatch, maybe with a fix its a lot better. But for now, naaa....

17-03-2004, 00:28
plzz can you help me ! i have orginal winning eleven 7 international and i dont have DVD wrighter and i want to try this patch what shall i do ? make a cDrip from the Orignal DVD like the steps shown in this forum then applay it on the bin file from this CD rip plzz !! what shall i do i want explaination plzz !! i wana patch my game how :(

17-03-2004, 00:56
Follow the instructions of the ripping guide, then follow the intructions of the readme which comes with the patch

17-03-2004, 04:32
wich patch larsson ? that i ripped with or for the game ?

17-03-2004, 07:15
Follow the instructions given with the patch that you downloaded for the game.. if not included - search.

17-03-2004, 07:45
wich patch larsson ? that i ripped with or for the game ?

Actually I donīt understand the question. What do you mean with "which patch" ? Of course the patch which weīre talking about in this thread. Download it and follow the intructions of the readme

17-03-2004, 09:19
!! ! plzz man i need a help about patching my WE7international !! i dont understand what going on ! can you plzz explain it to me i have DVD reader and CD wrighter and i bought the orignal DVD of the game and i want to applay apatch on it what shall i do plzz help me !! i dont know how i dont have DVD wrighter so i must Make a rip from KFrip that shown in this fourm but i want to patch it plzz help me brother plzz i waste my money for nothing now and i love this game like you can you help me and explain for me plzz am waitting for you this is my email you can add me in MSN to [email protected] plzz am waitting salam and i know you will help man

17-03-2004, 22:23
how do you open the readme?

17-03-2004, 23:01
You click on it? No?

18-03-2004, 00:19
Where can i find screenshots of the patched game?

18-03-2004, 02:38
i cant open the readme, what do you open with?

18-03-2004, 03:08
"i cant open the readme, what do you open with?"


18-03-2004, 03:35
No, itīs a pdf file, you canīt open it with an Word editor (at least thatīs my presumption :p), download Adobeīs Acrobat reader, itīs freeware I think, at least the standard version, then you can open the readme.
Jag I doubt there will be any screenshots, I would make some for you but I donīt have a digi-cam or something :(

19-03-2004, 08:34
links dead, anyone know where else i can get it?

19-03-2004, 13:41
links dead, anyone know where else i can get it?

here --> http://www.weeditspace.net/wefantasy/XPATCH1.rar

19-03-2004, 15:20
thnx for zat

21-03-2004, 04:39
I followed all the instructions to the letter but I can only get as far as saving the BIN in CDMage after importing the Over.AFS and Data_X.AFS files etc. After importing them, I go to save the BIN and I get an error saying 'cannot write to file' or something similair anyway.

any ideas on how to solve this?

21-03-2004, 04:50
You donīt have to save anything, just burn it after importing

21-03-2004, 05:35
Aha, cheers for that. Works perfectly!

22-03-2004, 09:12
nice patch, shame about the commentary bugs.

23-03-2004, 22:21
nice patch, shame about the commentary bugs.

What commentary bugs are there? Thanks.


23-03-2004, 23:21
What commentary bugs are there? Thanks.


A lot of callnames are wrong, Bergkamp is for Example Beckham etc etc.

24-03-2004, 01:30
they probably made it as similiar as possible

24-03-2004, 05:52
heskey is called rooney. i think not.

24-03-2004, 05:58
they probably made it as similiar as possible

Yeah sure.....
Why would the do that? Ofcourse there is a callname for Bergkamp which is called ''Bergkamp'' :) same for Beckham, the makers of the patch didnt linked the playersname correct to their callnames (due to the fact of converting from WE7 to WE7i). It has nothing to do with ''similar''


24-03-2004, 07:32
k ma bad then well u ahve to change it urself i stick to jb euro 2004 on pes3,zats the only one i got and im gettin we7i soon

24-03-2004, 20:00
How bad is the corruption for commentary names? Is it 50% of the players or just a couple on each team?

As a Boro fan, I really just want this patch for them - is it worth it over the Mr Southgate one I'm using now?

Cheers boys,



I just patched up with this myself, and I'm not that impressed.

Just surprised really that they can release this with all the commentary so wrong, and also they didn't even spell Middlesbrough correctly!

Just when i thought my days of manually editing were over... see you in a few hours.

more edit:

Well having said that, no, you can't edit it manually, as all the commentary names are in Japanese.

This makes this patch completely USELESS to anyone wanting to play it with English Commentary, in my opinion.

25-03-2004, 00:50
Three posts in a row, don't do it again or ull be banned jus edit ur other posts