View Full Version : How to Get Rid of p4712.drv Errors and Other EXE Errors?

21-12-2010, 08:05
p4712.drv is like other exe files, it is used to run programs in Windows, and it has the .exe extension. If you encounter a p4712.drv error, you may unable to run a program or application on your computer or logon problems may occur and prevent you from gaining access to your system, the reason for this is, most of the time, the presence of malicious software. Viruses like Pretty Park, SirCam and W32/[email protected] (Swen) have the ability to modify the Windows registry to change file associations of exe files and stop them from executing.

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The best way to remove p4712.drv errors and fix virus infection-related problems is to update the antivirus and antispyware software on your system and run a virus scan. Most of the antivirus software available today continually update their virus database and ensure that your system is free from any type of virus infection.

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