View Full Version : help my editing has disappeared can i get it back?

09-01-2011, 07:11
hi all hope someone can help me with this

I have manually updated player abilities and and created new players and transferred players as well as editing the kits of the premier league teams though this isn't the problem

Now this is why im asking ,with these Edited teams I started aleaguee which i am still playing
Recently though I tried to go online but the game prompted me I would need an update, against my betterjudgmentt I went through with this update and now all my editing has been lost that is to say the attribute changes and the new/transferred players and replace with the konami update, this wasn't what I as expecting. and ive lost all my editing, or have I?

Because when I try to play myleaguee which I started b4 installing the update the edited data which I had originally created is intact, so this must mean that its still there?

What I need to know therefore is can I revert back to this data as default and if so how?

thx in advance