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10-01-2011, 00:57
Hey guys, im loving the new installment of PES :D

I want to play good through balls but the players are just not making the right runs. I know i should watch them to see when they indicate that they are making arun and would like the ball played to them =, but sometimes (esp counter attacks) i have to struggle with the player on the ball coz no team mates are making proper runs at the last man.

Is there any button i can press which will cause a player to make a run?


27-01-2011, 14:58
I have noticed the exact same problem, hope someone answers you!!!

03-02-2011, 22:53
as far as i remember reading in the command list, the R2 button on the ps3 does it :S i may be wrong though

06-02-2011, 14:37
I havent even bothered to read the instructions, suppose thats the place to start, hehe

21-03-2011, 19:10
When you press R2, the man that just passed the ball will run.

I've found the triangle button, through ball, works well.

18-11-2011, 03:38
I had the very same problem in the beginning. What you need to do is press the "R3" button and point it in the direction of the player who you want to make run (make sure you hold down R3) The problem I've had is that after making the player run and pressing pass/through ball, the computer decides to pass it to a different player.

18-11-2011, 11:13
In PES unfort8unately,there is no button to make players make run even though I recently learned that the R3 button does this in PES 2012(I still play PES 2011).However you can compensate for this by having good vision.Practice spotting your player sneaking into good postions ,then set off the through pass immediately.I have scored countless goals this way.Alot of times your player does not really need to be making a run,he just has to be in a good position and you will be able to split the opposition defense with a well taken through pass.Also anticipate that your player will begin running into space once you play a through pass towards him

28-08-2013, 19:05
Use R3, click the right stick and point in the direction you want him to make a run. Make sure in controller settings you have set this way not the other way (where you can control 2 players at once).