View Full Version : Become A Legend Mode Problem - Cannot Progress

19-01-2011, 04:55

This is unrelated to the pesedit patch but I am hoping someone can help or perhaps fix my BAL file. I have invested a lot of hours into my Become A Legend player but I am unable to progress to the next match. Basically, when I select the next week (which is the start of World Cup 2014) the game sits there and loads forever (I left it loading for 30 minutes but nothing else happened). The only choice I have is to close the game down via task manager. I backup my BAL file often and have loaded a week old save game. I skipped until the start of the World Cup and the same thing happens... it sits there forever, with the green symbol rotating constantly. I have loaded my brothers BAL file and skipped to the World Cup and his works fine.

Any idea what is causing this? Can this be fixed? Removing the kitserver folder does not help the situation I am in.