View Full Version : ETU kits ??? please could any kitmaker do them?

08-03-2011, 17:16
hi and good night to all! i have searching the forum for a specific kit of an anime soccer serios named " GIANT KILLING" the kit is over a create professional soccer team in tokyo called east tokyo united a believe many of you have seen any chapter or have been notice about this animated series! i try to form a master league team using this kits an example to create my own team to use in the game ! could any kitmaker help ? the maker of the kit is obviusly adidas but they cant used in the series i beleive for reasons of publicity i dont know about much ! the central sponsor is a non real company named OEDO EXPRESS i attach 3 photos or images about the 3 kit versions

GK42‑e1274081437934.jpg (visitor kit)

GK53‑e1274865670385.jpg ( goalkepeer kit)

Giant+Killing+07+12.JPG (home kit)

the home kit is like ac milan

i search the forum but i didint find any results so everyone could help !!
thanks anyway bye

sorry the photos didint appear i put this google images link when do you see the kits of the team and some images of the series!


11-03-2011, 03:39
me and husher made it in the pes 2010 editing forum try to search by the team name on husher thread

12-03-2011, 16:27
yes it is the kits already been made thanks for the help