View Full Version : Football Players Boots

09-03-2011, 19:47
Any Websites Or List That Tell You What Boots Players Are Wearing?

09-03-2011, 21:05
not that i have seen mate but with the new dlc containing ten new pairs of boots coming next tuesday i dont think it would be worthwhile updating boots just yet

10-03-2011, 00:32
yeah thats why i was wondering cause when they update the sometimes dont give (IN THEIR OPINION) lesser players new boots.

Santi Argento
10-03-2011, 02:22
Yeah, what I do is just google the most event picture or watch the most recent game for the cleats :)

10-03-2011, 02:43
Just search for a specific player (like Wayne Rooney) to see his lastest pictures and which boots he is wearing ;)
Oh, and www.soccerbible.com sometimes has some articles about 'Boots spoting".

11-03-2011, 14:23
There's a few threads dedicated to this on PESFan. For the lists I posted in the Boot Index thread, I used a photostream site like Zimbio or Daylife and followed the streams making note of all the accessories. It's pretty labour intensive and like Flash says, with the dlc in four days there'll be loads out of date. It's pretty sould destroying- that's why I build faces now :D