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11-03-2011, 19:00
Hi buddies!

I have an order have to do. I've seen here are very good Makers Stadium and I have a problem!

I downloaded a stadium and have pes2010 pes2011 made​​. My problem is that the grass lines do not work when playing

I wanted to know if I have to change the grass by one in HD for example, as I have seen that there are very many stadiums with grass HD and wanted to know how you can switch to stadium. Remember that there is a next stage in the game like Konami Stadium or Mohamed Lewis Stadium or Orione...etc
Is one stadium of pes2010 made for pes2011
An example would be the lawn of the Emirates Stadium with HD by Jenkey1002 Turf

I hope you can help me, and I'm sorry for my English because they do not I control it very well!