View Full Version : pes 2011 update help! PS3

13-03-2011, 13:22
I dont know where to put this thread so I am sorry if its not in the best place...
I wanted to patch my pes 2011 (us version) yesterday, I started to copy the files (i didnt copy all of them because i wanted to see if anything is happening in the game, if I was at the track) from my external flash drive but I got the error that I dont have the right version of the game, so i needed to download the dlc and extra content from the game... to do that i needed to go online (with my ps3) it worked like a charm, I downloaded everything, but when i wanted to apply the patch (once more) I couldnt see anything in the saved data utility (except the game data that was on the ps3, not my external flash drive)! it worked 20 min before I downloaded the DLC! as you can see i already copied some files from the flash drive but it wont show me the files anymore... I havent messed with the patch, I even downloaded a few others but nothing will show. could it be that something messed up this function or is something else going on? my ps3 still reads everything from my flash drive (when i go to music, press triangle and press display all from my flash drive it even shows the PS3/SAVEDATA folders and all the folders from the patch, but not in the saved data utility!)! does any of you know whats going on here? please help because im losing my mind :/
sorry for my english... Im from Croatia