View Full Version : New preset face list after updated dlc

16-03-2011, 13:33
New preset face list after updated dlc


if anybody spots any more could you add post the names.

16-03-2011, 14:08
cassani & jankovic were n before update dude. Also scharner hasn't got a preset(if it's scharner from west brom).
Haven't really checked around but came across
monzon - boca juniors
rodrigo - internacional

hopefully there's more

16-03-2011, 14:17
Ryo Miyaichi - Feyenoord. Seems to be a preset.

16-03-2011, 18:04
your right scharner isnt a preset,theres a question mark over ryo miyaichi,i need a list of all new players,thanks @ boru100 for monzon and rodrigo..keep em comin

16-03-2011, 19:10
Daniel Sturridge has a preset now but his hair's out of date already.

17-03-2011, 11:13
Daniel Sturridge has a preset now but his hair's out of date already.

Sturridge already had a preset

17-03-2011, 12:01
Tymoshchuk has a preset at bayern munchen

17-03-2011, 12:28
he had before dlc too

17-03-2011, 16:11
news affelay face ?

17-03-2011, 16:16
news affelay face ?

preset face was there before DLC allready

17-03-2011, 16:27
Konami no longer in the country to actualize the face of affelay?

17-03-2011, 16:59
Does anyone know how to re-install the dlc? and how to delete the one I just install, thanks.

17-03-2011, 17:15
Yasuda (Vitesse)
Pareja (Spartak)? dont think he had one before

17-03-2011, 18:01
pareja had one before, dont know about yasuda, and miyachi's face isn't a preset, it isnt as polished or has the "special glow" presets have

17-03-2011, 19:16
yasuda is new. also a.kone - sevilla is a new preset

17-03-2011, 19:36
arouna kone is barely a new one since it's recycled from last year's game,

17-03-2011, 19:40
kone wasn't there before the update, hense, new to pes 2011.
same as ljungberg & pires.
serkan k. - fenerbache
clerc - ogc nice
zubar - wolves
also new after update

18-03-2011, 03:19
kone wasn't there before the update, hense, new to pes 2011.
same as ljungberg & pires.
serkan k. - fenerbache
clerc - ogc nice
zubar - wolves
also new after update

No...Zubar definitely had a preset face last year.

18-03-2011, 20:55
there are some players deserve to have a real face like :
javier hernandez & jeffren & dzeco

Santi Argento
18-03-2011, 23:46
I'm not sure if he had a preset before but Anthony Annan?

19-03-2011, 00:11
Lukasz Fabianski - arsenal is a new preset !!!

19-03-2011, 00:14
Lukasz Fabianski - arsenal is a new preset !!!

he has a preset before dlc

19-03-2011, 01:08
alvaro mejia

19-03-2011, 15:10
rodrigo (brazil)

20-03-2011, 17:56
F. Sorensen from Juventus

21-03-2011, 16:49
yeah they should've put more preset faces of the players that have become relevant since the release of the game, to name a few: chicharito, dzeko, carroll, david luiz, but oh well that's what we get for waiting so long for a crappy update :S, shame on konami, I thought this was going to be an update similar to the world cup update of last year (which was very good), but I was disappointed once again by konami

21-03-2011, 17:08
we know that u dont like the update u say like 5135429652 times and u talk like its ur first DLC ever in the pes...u have to know that they are not going to do the things for the game u want, they made the things for the japanese people becoz they are the ones who most buy the game...and then the world cup update (i think too that it was good) but was for the world cup its between 4 YEARS and not only every 3 months...they have to make a pes 2012 at the same time that the DLC and of course they are not going to put all the things to the pes 2011 becoz they are going to show on 2012
in the case of the preset faces they only put like 5-10 more or less in all the updates off one game if they put to all the players that the big teams buy we are going to have all the preset faces in a few teams and nothing on the rest

i dont like the boots in this case becoz all the boots are the same colors...for example in a boot nike or adidas make like 6 different colours of the same model, but in the game they are all the same
in the case of the kits some people say why only spain change the kit and not france or argentina, etc and spain got that kit since december and france only a pair of weeks before when the update was almost finish but no for download for us
the same happens with luis fabiano that he is in sevilla in the game but he went to sao paulo...konami say on 1st march that there is a update on 15th march becoz its done and then in those days he went to sao paulo, its impossible to change that if we are talking about and update of the winter transfer

11-04-2011, 17:20
havent had a chance to reply to this but I agree with you in the boots department, for next year they should put it like first you choose the model of the boot and then you can choose what color you want in that case we would have a lot of boots and more variety for example the new tunits that came in the new dlc I think I've seen like 4 colours, if only they would take this suggestion for pes 2012, I'm sure that I'm not the first person to suggest it