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08-10-2011, 15:58
PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.2 (http://www.pespatchs.com/2011/10/pesedit-2012-patch-1-2-multi-download-links.html) New Features:

Added Liga Adelante with all correct squads, formations, players & more
New referee kits
New kits (Bayern München, Bochum, Dortmund, Hertha BSC, Schalke)
Fixed online compatibility; no switch needed;
INFO Transfers are default because there will be a DLC by KONAMI soon to update it and
not even we like double work.

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.2 Installation:

Delete the folder “kitserver” from the PES 2012main directory and also delete the
start menu folder “PESEdit 2012 Patch” – skip this if this is the first time you install PESEdit 2012 Patch.
Install the patch using install.exe, make sure to choose the directory you installed PES 2012 to.
Start the game via pes2012.exe / start menu folder “PESEdit 2012 Patch” / PESEDIT SELECTOR

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.2 General Features:

Correct emblems, kits, map locations, goal net styles, team ranks, for all teams in the game (Clubs and National)
Complete Bundesliga including correct squads, kits, lineups, emblems, map locations; All players with correct stats, appearence and boots
Complete 2. Bundesliga & Liga Adelante with all features (Championship coming later, currently work in process)
Corrected league structure (Bundesliga, corrected Champions League)
Disabled blur in gameplay (if you want blur back, delete unnamed_63.bin in dt04.img folder in kitserver)
New music
lots more

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.2 Download Links:

http://www.pespatchs.com/wp-content/uploads/wupload-download.jpg (http://adf.ly/36YTP)http://www.pespatchs.com/wp-content/uploads/wupload-download.jpg (http://adf.ly/36YUX)

http://www.pespatchs.com/wp-content/uploads/filesonic-download.jpg (http://adf.ly/36YR9)http://www.pespatchs.com/wp-content/uploads/filesonic-download.jpg (http://adf.ly/36YRp)

10-10-2011, 00:54
mediafire please

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