View Full Version : PES 2012 ML Editor

30-10-2011, 21:58

This tool allows you to edit player stats etc. directly in your ML save.

Condition: EDIT.bin file is needed. The file saved at Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\save

1. click "Open EDIT.bin", select the "EDIT.bin" file

2. click "Open Master League Bin", select the FL**.bin

3. select a player, click "Edit" button center bottom, and than edit his properties, click "Done" button after your finishing editing.

4. click "Save Master League Bin" to save your change.

5. return to PES2012, read the modified save.

6. if you need to change the item with symbol "*", do click "Save EDIT.bin" button and select "EDIT.bin" file after your edition.


19-11-2011, 17:18
Does this includes in Ultimate Editor as well? Cuz i'm unable to download this but i can Download Ultimate Editor