View Full Version : PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.8

08-11-2011, 23:40
PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.8 Introduction:
Sorry folks, who play with original exes (1.00, 1.01, and 1.02),
kitserver still doesnít play nicely with those.
I may or may not be able to fix that, itís unclear right now.
For the moment, if you want to use kitserver,
you need a NoDVD exe from Reloaded Ė all versions are supported: 1.00,
1.01, and 1.02

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.8 by juce & Robbie New Features:
- added support for game version 1.02
- fixed issue with speeder, where low speed values sometimes didnít work correctly.

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.8 Download Link: