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the Versatile Solari
12-06-2003, 07:57
Hey, can anyone tell me how to execute this both foot feint? It says in the manual that the appropriate players can perform this move by pressing fwd-left-fwd-right (so kinda a forward zig zag right?) repeatedly in relation to the direction they're dribbling. I've tried this a fair bit but all they do is dribble in those directions, no feints at all :confused:

can anyone get this move to work?? What's wrong with my technique?!

12-06-2003, 09:14
well say your running towards the screen....like not left or right but down....if your holding down on the d pad and go left and then right real quick the player will bring the ball from one foot to the other ....i think this is what you are talking about....when u see it, it will be clear

12-06-2003, 16:53
Tottiii, I think you are talking about something else.

The BFF is done as so:
Running to the right. Approach a defender.
Quickly go to either diagonal up/right or down/right and then quickly back to right again.
Player puts ball slightly wide of player and knocks it forward and chases after it.

It is do-able using R1 or R2 or neither with various difficulty differences for each.
The player must have the special skill star to do it too!

It is hard so requires practice.
Try the training ground.

Hope this helps.
It's tough to do in a match but once you master it, it should be OK.

12-06-2003, 17:49
oh yeah i know what move you are talking about now......thanks.....i always do that move but most the time i mean to do it but i dont really know exactly how.....its more of just my reaction thats makes it work

30-06-2003, 12:48
It is a nice little move when you get the knack of it and can be used to create alot of space for yourself.

Some people say that it should be taken out of the game because people often do it by mistake, and then they lose the ball.

I disagree, it is a cool little moved that should be in all the PES games to come!

02-07-2003, 13:51
try this: (using a player with the skill star already)
just run normally, (without sprinting) and run in a diagonal line. Say you are running up and right (i.e towards the top right of the screen, keep tapping up/right on the d-pad (i.e up and right together/diagonally up)
sorry if that doesnt make sense