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17-04-2004, 01:29
Patch Info:

New Kits for some club and national teams
Updated database
Updated looks
New shoes (Nike Total 90)

And all others stuffs from Wendetta WE7 Patch

How to make an ISO image:

- Insert ORIGINAL DVD in DVD-ROM reader
- Load DVD Decrypter tool [you could find last release here : http://www.dvddecrypter.com/download.asp
- Go to Mode -> ISO -> Read R
- Select File Name
- Go

How to apply the patch:

- Load PPF O Matic
- Select PPF
- Select ISO WE7i image
- Apply

Burn ISO image:

- Load DVD Decrypter
- Go to Mode -> ISO -> Write W
- Select ISO Image file name
- Burn


First time operation: load the game - select japanese language - create a new option file - reset your PS2 - select your language.
This sequence has to be done only once! In this way you have all japanese call names of teams and players but other languages audio files aren't modified yet.

Maybe next coming release will have english commentary.


ftp://we.holland.tk:[email protected] game-server.cc:21

ftp://we:[email protected]:21


07-06-2004, 05:36
I want to know do I apply each patch one by one to the iso, help me what do I do?? :confused:

07-06-2004, 16:06
http://forum.pesinsight.com/showthread.php?t=3332 - Check here for more information as it is the place to request help. :) Also, USE the PPF-o-Matic to apply the patch to the DVD iso made by DVD DECRYPTER. Its very simple!

http://www.paradogs.com/download/pdx-pom3.zip PPF O MATIC LINK!

17-06-2004, 04:30
did u noe a patched we7 game was sold here in singapore under the name WENDETTA WE7. S$10

21-06-2004, 03:16
Is the Nike Total 90 III editable?