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26-04-2004, 16:06
(Beta) English Premier Patch
>>>>>>>> For WE7Int. English commentary <<<<<<<

I have converted Jandl70 PES3 PC patch to WE7Int. PS2 English commentary (data_e.afs). Due to the conversion all players names and stats are right but looks might be wrong, I havent finished them all and i will have them finished ASAP.

I have reworked his player database so the master league Northern division includes all Premiership teams (without Rangers & Celtic) & division 2 includes Nationwide teams (Eastern division also includes all scottish teams).

Contents of patch -

New updated over.afs converts all player names to English and all correct National & club team names.

Teams list -

Some National teams are messed up due to editing players for the club teams as these replace the players in the National squads.

Premiership teams (squad lists up to 6/2/04, numbers, Stats, team flags and kits)

Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Bolton Wanderers
Charlton Athletic
Leeds United
Man City
Man Utd
Newcastle United
Tottenham Hotspur

Scottish teams (all newly edited with up to date squad lists (inc. Celtic & Rangers), numbers, Stats, team flags and kits)

Dundee United

Nationwide teams (all newly edited with up to date squad lists, numbers, Stats, team flags and kits)

Bradford City
Cardiff City
Coventry City
Crewe Alexandra
Crystal Palace
Derby County
Hull City
Ipswich Town
Norwich City
Nottingham Forest
Notts County
Oldham Athletic
Oxford United
Port Vale
Preston North End
Sheffield United
Sheffield Wednesday
Stoke City
Tranmere Rovers
West Bromich Albion
West Ham United
Wigan Athletic

New Kits - All teams have REAL kits with fixed collars & numbers.

New shirt numbers - Premiership numbers for kits.

New 2D Kits - Correct for all teams by WEman.

New Flags - Correct for all teams by WEman.

New boots - (Bootsx9)

Editables -
0 - Nike Mercurial Vapour
1 - Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II
3 - Puma King

Non Editables -
4 - Adidas World Cup
5 - Adidas F50
6 - Adidas Predator Pulse
7 - Adidas Predator Pulse (Gunmetal)
8 - Lotto (Black/green)
9 - Diadora Ativa

(8 and 9 assignable only with editing software, NOT ingame)

New balls - Nationwide ball (by WEman) & Premiership ball (by Ztingerviper)

New gloves - WE7 glove pack by Gavingriffin's.

New chants - Solidus' chants 2 with correctly linked callnames.

New stadium choice pic - Correct for all stadiums by WEman.

New cup presenting ladies - Sexy but not naughty dress wearing Cup presenting ladies - Lucy Liu/ Lara Croft/Liz Hurley faces by Open dresses by Jonboyo.

New referee kits - EPL/NAT/SPL official kits by WEman.

New advantage pic - Collina pops up for advantage by WEman

Music - U2, Daft Punk, Badly Drawn Boy, Franz Ferdinand, Queen & many more.
(& NO complaints)

New Adboards - EPL/NAT/SPL adboards by WEman.

Stadiums -

Danrell 's Stadiums -

San Siro - AC Milan & Inter Milan
Kashima Soccer Stadium - Deportivo L.C. & Valencia
Amsterdam Arena - Ajax
Olympiastadiom - Bayern Munich
Stade Louis II - Monaco
La Bombonera - Newcastle & Tottenham Hotspur
Bloemfontein Rugby Stadium- Fulham & Leeds
Nacional de Santiago - Parma & Chievo
Nagai Stadium - Leverkusen & Dortmund

Dr.XRAY WE7 STADIUM PROJECT Pack 1 and 2 includes - ANFIELD, Santiago Bernabeu (originally Porto Folio), Stamford Bridge(Chelsea), Anoeta (Real Sociedad), Ali Sami Yen (Galatasaray)

Highbury by Waterloo - fixed

Millenium stadium (Cardiff) & Goodison Park (Everton) by Jonboyo.

Nou Camp (Barcelona) by Mhut.

3 new Portuguese stadiums from Euro2004 (Alvalade XXI, Dragao, Luz) by Mauras.

Updated stadiums for Anfield, Highbury, Stamford bridge, Della Alpi, combining new bits from r33, crazyaxel21, Champions League star - Old Trafford (by Montel) playing at night/fine weather and Munich has no snow.

Intro video - ITV Premiership tv intro.


ftp://we:[email protected]/WE7%20International/Patch/(WEman)%20Premier%20Patch/

(Had problems uploading so select the largest file size 141 MB (147,898,033 bytes) ill ask Lomungtung to remove other 2 incomplete files later.)

Installation -

is .ppf

To apply this patch open ppf-omatic and apply the patch - PremierPatch(WEman).ppf size 196 MB (205,545,800 bytes) to the original WE7Int.BIN size 743 MB (779,297,568 bytes) rip of we7i (jap) english commentary. If you want Premiership tv intro video then apply PremierIntro.(add-on).ppf size 67.5 MB (70,780,792 bytes) to your already patched WE7Int.BIN & then Burn cd in Nero - find image/bin and burn as slow as possible eg. 1x ideal or 4x is good,mode 2/2352.

Thanks to -

Jandl70 for his excellent EPL-SPL-NAT-pes3 option file as it was the base of this patch (Great work).
All the kit makers whos kits appear in this patch, especially Biker jim, without his hard work and dedication this patch wouldn't have been possible.
Stadium makers - all listed above with stadiums.
Sound masters - Solidus, Jimmy G, and others.
All the tool makers eg. Kmodicha, Obocomen, Tato, Waterloo and others for all their excellent tools.
Anyone in any of the forums that helped & sorry to anyone that I have missed.

This patch does not include player call names for all Premiership, Scottish and Nationwide teams... (player call name will have to be selected NO or Number).


04-05-2004, 14:21
I see there is also an update patch for this one, size of Update1 = 3.99MB

Any ideas of when the full (non-beta) patch will be released? Will it be a big file or an update to the current one?

Looks good. Depending on due dates, I'll try this one soon.

04-05-2004, 18:50
The 4 mb file is the final version, itīs an update for the beta, we fixed the appearances, height, weight, age, nationality and other details for over 1000 players in this update, also some new teams like Sunderland and Leicester, some kits, thatīs why this update is so small.
Iīll release an updated over.afs with realistic stats for Div1 and Div2 teams probably this week

07-05-2004, 20:41
Is there any way i can patch a full dvd with this as i have swap magic and cant use a cd rip :(

10-05-2004, 23:16
Managed it to complete my update before going on holidays :cool:



Is a RAR-archive, about 2,5 mb, contains an edited over.afs and slpm



1. Apply the beta patch to your WE7:I PIMP rip image
2. Extract the data_e.afs from that patched image with CDMage
3. Apply "Premier Patch update 1" with ppf-o-matic to THE DATA_E.AFS, NOT THE IMAGE
3b. Import fixed flags and numbers if you like, new number pack by WEman should be uploaded tonight, link to the fixed flags is in the 1st post
4. Import the patched and edited data_e.afs back to the image with CDMage
5. Import the over.afs and slpm file from "update2 by gaga.rar" into that image
6. Scan for errors with ECCRegen, burn 4x with Fireburner or CDRWin or whatever you use


- New, accurate stats for over 1000 players (EPL, Div1 and Div2) with CM converting, a bit modificated by me
- Some wrong appearances fixed (eg Les Ferdinand had skin color 1)
- Some bugs in formations fixed (eg Sunderlandīs 2nd keeper was striker)
- Radar colors assigned correctly referring to kit color
- English team names corrected where it was possible (eg Coventry instead of Cvntry)
- More or less accurate stadiums assigned, the teams now donīt play in Munich, Barcelona or Monaco
- Number styles assigned to match the newest number pack by WEman (if you donīt use it the assignments will be wrong most likely, you would have to correct manually with WEditor)
- Back number and back name colors fixed

- Tested with many teams, doesnīt crash ;)
- Despite the hard work there are still accurate stats for a few teams missing (about 5), and a few teams are not completely edited (also about 5), forgive me ;)

This patch works with the PIMP rip and the DVD version, below is a guide how to apply this patch on the DVD version. This guide is about the EURO 2004 patch by JB but it works the same way with every other patch

Credits to Coopz from evo-web:

You need both versions: cd format of we7i jap and a FULL DVD version of we7ijap. If you have that, you can apply any patch on any format.

I clear it out on the hand of your euro 2004 patch. After applying you ppf patch, you need 3 extra programs:

-an hex editor (Cygnus Hex Editor is the one i use, it's shareware)
-nero or higher (lower version doesNOT work!!!)

You apply your patch on the cd version of we7i-jap.

You make a directory called 'CD' and a directory called 'DVD'.

With Isobuster you extract all the files of the just patched cd iso to directory CD.

With Isobuster you extract all the files of the full dvd version to directory DVD.

(Now it's all about three files: data_e.afs file (or when you have a jap patch for example Zero's remix patch, then it's data_j.afs),
the over.afs file and the slpm_654.97 file)

You copy the data_e.afs, the over.afs and the slpm_654.97 file from directory 'CD' over the files in directory 'DVD'.

Then in the hex editing program you open the slpm_654.97 file from directory DVD (in this file the dvd/cd check is).
With this program you can remove the cd check and make it suitable for dvd.

In line 000124c0 are 4 values that have to be edited.

(it is in position: 5, 6, 7, 8, you' ll see that by yourself)
000124c0 (cdversion) 01 00 10 24
000124c0 (dvdversion) 2d 80 80 00

So in your slpm_654.97 file (which is for cd version) you have to edit the value 01 into 2d the value 00 in 80, the value 10 in 80
and the value 24 in 00.

Then you save the edited slpm_654.97 file in directory DVD (where you opened it).

Now you open nero or higher. Insert a blank DVD. You chose Nero Burning Rom, New Compilation, DVDROM (UDF/ISO),
no multi-session. Add all the files from directory b and burn as slow as possible (as always).

Now you have jonboyo's euro 2004 patch -which was for a cd- on a we7i jap DVD !!

15-05-2004, 13:09
This is a great patch for most of the British clubs. Everything looks great.

A few problems with national team rosters but I guess we're not meant to be using nationals with this patch?

I'm getting quite good at playing with lower-class teams :)
Had a great go at the Konami Cup and will try it again later on.

21-05-2004, 00:45
haha, there are not only a few problems with the nationals :p
Indeed this patch is for club teams only, I guess itīs almost impossible to overwrite 1500 existing players without screwing the nationals up.
Iīm glad you like it, what do you think about the stats in general ? I think itīs ok that you donīt have to many high stats, especially for Nationwide players, this makes the game harder and more realistic.

25-05-2004, 15:59
If you donīt have the PIMP rip then download the "Premier Patch Full (to data_e) as it should work for every rip, donīt forget the updated over.afs and slpm which is included in the "update2" rar

16-06-2004, 23:05
Some screenshots to persuade more people to download:


16-06-2004, 23:08
EDIT BY GFK: Nice work ash.

EDIT BY LARSSON: Stop edit my posts you stupid dutch bitch :p

EDIT BY ZYG: Shut it you pair of old women! :D

13-09-2004, 23:25
can anyone tell me how to get this patch, the page is passworded and I cannot get this patch please help

13-09-2004, 23:28
Please could you e-mail me the wepremier patch with Bradford city on iy as i cannot get into the page to download it it's passworded and wont let me in
[email protected] co.uk

07-12-2004, 22:41
cannot download this always finishes after 5 to 7 mbs can anyone mirror or send me this most appreciated.

09-12-2004, 23:23
Please can you email me the nottingham forest kits?

I've been searching for them like forever! [email protected]



10-12-2004, 03:29
why do you want last seasons Forest kits?

10-12-2004, 15:26
Mainly because I can't find any forest kits to download from anywhere and am not that good editing the kits myself. I don't mind using last seasons as they are correct and its still forest, only just a year out. :)


10-12-2004, 19:30
fair enough then!
though I like the new one
http://www.jim.brindle.btinternet.co. uk/bits/picture885.jpg

10-12-2004, 21:10
Looks damn good! :) Can't wait for the download.

Do you happen to have the latest ones aswell or know where to get them?


10-12-2004, 22:58
can't wait for what download?
I made them