In recent years, gamers have witnessed a FIFA-type boom and as a result an altered perception of Pro Evolution Soccer. Obviously, there are always valid reasons for a certain type of opinion. The contrast between gameplay is clear to see, …

jimmy says:
Sorry PES… FIFA all the way.. At least, this year ! more
Mc Görk says:
I`m glad I`m not the only one who see it that way, hope Konami is reading your... more

Thank you guys for the few responses I managed to get about FIFA being pretty much a lag-free experience.  If someone from Konami is reading this – please take note. Frankytwothumbs – you raise a very interesting question about brand …

Shonda says:
The first thing you need to do is find a replacement spring. You are also... more

I’d like to thank Ezio for his short post on playing PES on the PC.  Having switched from consoles to PC myself, it’s good to hear more positive things being said about the PC version. But a key point made …

TrueGooner says:
Has anyone tried the new FIFA world cup demo? I’m kinda liking it though.... more
McGörk says:
The new patch is a step back, while I like the AI they seem to have completly... more

How I learned to like PES again First of all let me apologize for not posting anything in a long time. I have been dealing with some issues the past couple of months and was not able to contribute. I …

Claudelu says:
plus….where is the snow when u play in the winter period? especially... more
Claudelu says:
I admit that the game has improved online and offline. this is great! problem... more

Why Do You Still Play PES 2013 Over PES 2014?

Hi guys, over the past few months I have found from requests on my OF blog and from reading the forums that many people are still playing PES 2013 as they dislike PES 2014. Personally when a new version comes …