So we’ve had the marketing talk on what to expect from the forthcoming  edition of PES. Here’s my initial thoughts on the features: Goals I thought we always had a variety of shots available.  There were question marks over the …

Mc Görk says:
@ Joeseph Jones yeah because FIFA14 has more new things to offer than PES14.... more
Anonymous says:
I’m slightly more optimistic because it has been co-developed in Europe.... more

Not sure if you guys saw this or not by Adam confirmed on twitter that the Stadium Editor will return in PES 2015. He also confirmed that 2nd divisions will be in PES 2015 along with licensed managers. Not sure …

AFRICA says:
guys it been a long time trying to download pes 2014 plz tell me how to... more
Noelsnose says:
@kingsaurez. We hear this very year. “This is it, this is the year for... more

  Konami have released the first official details for PES 2015.   PES 2015 aims to recreate that heart-in-mouth feeling associated with being part of a crucial top-flight match and is centered around the slogan ‘the pitch is ours’.   …

Banayoti says:
True . The gameplay is what matters of course. But if it’s half of what... more
Anonymous says:
Poetry in Motion ? more like ..need toilet paper ?! looks like pes 2014..jus a... more

Here you go fellas, it’s the first official trailer:   PES 2015 Trailer We’re getting the marteting spiel on the new features on the 3rd of July. Sit tight till then…   Dougiedonut  

christos21 says:
DD tell me your opinion. more
christos21 says:
Check out this gameplay and tell me what reminds you of.... more

Fifa 14 – The Online Experience

Sorry for not posting in a long time but I have been busy. I thought I would take Dougie up on his offer and right about the online experience for Fifa. Generally it is a very good experience. For the …