Hi guys, I just saw something posted on Twitter which got me thinking about the weekly Live Updates that have been added to the game this year. I thought I would share my thoughts, but I would love to hear …

Vin says:
Just tried this game. Absolute scripted mess. Why does my defender slow down... more
Paul says:
BTW the above comment is me (in case you didn’t realize), I just forgot... more

KONAMI releases first results from online PES Virtual UEFA Champions League season, as playing numbers and official entrants continue to grow Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced the most successful online PES 2015 players in the first of a series of monthly …

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Hi guys, I apologize this has taken me so long, but I have been super busy with my option file.  I haven’t spent enough time playing the game to offer any in depth views on it (although from what I …

Friday isreal says:
I want to download pes 15 more
Stringer says:
Greats stuff Paul. Spot on with why people are hesitant to take the dive into... more

Sorry for the delay in getting my PES review out.  I’ve had a lot on at a personal level, but have made time to do this article.  I was planning on giving a full review, but I changed my mind. …

Amateur says:
@ V-Foot QUOTE That my friend is why you are writing on such a small scale fan... more
Cristian@ says:
Im in love with the Game!!! totally addicted to the My club mode, Finally the... more

New PES 2015 DLC

Hi guys, the new DLC for PES 2015 is out now in all regions. There is a patch (no details have been released of what this includes and also a new data pack. Here is a quick rundown of what …