MLO: One More Chance


OVER the course of my gaming life, there has been few games that have gotten the better of me. Alex Kidd was my first rage filled experience, followed by the maddeningly frustrating Soul Caliber. However it wasn’t until PES 2012′s MLO that I fully embraced my inner Hulk.

Looking back, even through rose tinted glasses, PES 2012 was a major let down for online gamers. I have defended Konami for years but I’m not going to lie when the evidence is so clearly laid out. Why I hated PES 2012 boiled down to the fact that it just couldn’t be played properly, no matter how skilled you were, how much time you put in or what players you had. The game was fundamentally broken online – end of.

I still accomplished my goal of making it into the top 10 players in the world but to be honest, the end result didn’t justify the effort. In hindsight, with all the problems that PES 2012 suffered from, I can understand why people cheated and played cheaply. I can accept why ‘PES fans’ turned the community sour and bitter. I can even see why some longtime players turned to the rival game on the market. But for all those frustrations, for all the lag quits and abusive messages that PES 2012 brought, nothing has upset as much as PES 2013.

PES 2013 is a wonderful game and while offline still remains king (boots scandal not withstanding), MLO has been ruined this year yet again. But what’s more upsetting is the fact that for once, Konami aren’t to blame. You can complain about the matchmaking or the much maligned server issues but by and large, PES 2013 has fixed most of its predecessors problems.

Competitions offer more variety and the rival rankings really add life to the game. I find myself logging on to amass enough points to win the top prize money every week without fail. Most importantly, speed has been reduced. This was a huge area of the game that threatened to kill off PES once and for all. Skilled defending can give players a huge advantage and even the latest patch updates have improved the matchmaking, especially in regards to manual settings.

Yet for all these additions, tweaks and changes, the PES community has gotten worse. For all the complaining these so called ‘fans’ did when PES ’12 failed to live up to expectations, they are the ones now ruining a perfectly worthy game – the first complete package from Konami in years.

I mean, it’s funny really when you think about it. PES has a small but passionate fan-base which follows Konami out of sheer love and nostalgic memories. But it’s ruined by a select few who cannot accept losing in a video game.

I’m not claiming PES ’13 is perfect, far from it. As I mentioned above, speed is still too prevalent and spamming through balls is nearly impossible to defend against without tactics. Saying that, the game doesn’t have to be played that way. I always find it hilarious to play a team of speed freaks and simply destroy him by passing it around, creating space. PES rewards skill as much as patience, it’s just harder to execute.

After a five week break from MLO, I returned to PES online for one last adventure. It’s not do or die for me with the PES series but online is a frustrating playground that requires a calm personality – something I lack. Master League will always be worth the games price in my opinion anyway but for now, I’m concentrating on MLO.

If you have given up on PES 2013 this year or you’re just curious about my progress, please check it out. I aim to play a different style, expose cheaters and try out most of the top players in the game.

To start, I have €250 million to spend so let me know your favourite players and hidden gems (muniain is the best player in he game IMO).

More importantly, over the next few weeks, I plan on discussing PES 2014. Obviously take this with a huge pinch of salt, but I’m hearing rumours of an earlier release date which will coincide with the new football season. There’s also a few more nuggets of information but I’m afraid you will have to wait until my next post for that!

But the real reason I want you all to check out the vids and get in touch below is feedback. I want to hear it all because my two next posts will be dealing with changes to both MLO and Master League.

So that’s your lot, updates will be more frequent now so do get in touch and ill talk to you soon!


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14 Responses to MLO: One More Chance

  1. Seabass Out says:

    We hate Pes, sack them all. We love Football Manager. They might b bringing Pes 14 out early again, so they can milk us again, coz a month later new consloe comes out, Pes finished due 2 tesco signals online.

  2. James Goblin says:

    I´m finding it harder and harder to spot differences between Konami execs and mexican politicians.

  3. Dave O says:

    Great article. I don’t entirely agree that it’s not Konami’s responsibility however to combat this. I just think it’s hard to say that when they have done nothing to tweak the through-ball issue at all, and it would be relatively easy to fix, in any number of ways. If they did, the game would be ten times better in my opinion, and it’s really sad to see that they haven’t, in fact, I really can’t understand it. I would say that it seems like they REALLY aren’t listening to the feedback from the fans at all in this regard, and that, in and of itself, is disappointing enough for me not to be very excited about PES 2014 I’m afraid.

    Also, in my opinion the through ball issue cannot be “fixed” by players using tactics as you suggest. It can be improved, but the bottom line is that even when you design your team perfectly to be able to combat the through ball spammers (80-90% of players it seems) you are still not really fixing the issue. What’s still broken is A) the fact that the people you play against are being, essentially, encouraged (or rewarded) for playing something that doesn’t look at all like a real football match (hoofing it up the middle for a breakaway every time you get the ball), so in other words, even if you combat it well, the game itself still ends up being ugly and unrealistic, and B) Even the player who is adjusting his team to try to combat this has sacrificed realism, in that your squad is not really a “dream team” or a team they have been able to be creative with in terms of any sort of unique strategy or tactics, it’s just a team designed to counteract (or take advantage of) a flaw in the game. Do real football managers design their teams mostly to avoid ONE tactic which they know the opposition will likely be repeating again and again and again? If so, Perea would be the highest paid player in the world. This just isn’t football, and for that, I do blame Konami because they simply have not taken the necessary steps to improve it.

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  5. trim says:

    Galaxy S4 Release Date Is Not MWC 2013 – Confirms Head of Samsung Mobile

  6. Barry says:


    Perfectly summed it up man. You are entirely correct. PES 2014 needs to change things. I would be interested to hear some suggestions. Would you be willing to take part in a podcast or something sometime?

  7. Dave O says:

    @ Barry – Yeah, Maybe. It could be fun, but right now I’ve just lost a lot of heart/interest in the game. The one thing I will say however is that perhaps some of the lack of support we are seeing for PES 2013 is due to the fact that it has always been admittedly an “off year” for Konami because Seabass and others are working on PES 2014. So, maybe it’s to be expected that the support for online gameplay wasn’t up to what it was in the past. Still, it’s sad because PES 2013 is so close to being a great game…

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Barry says:

    Lmfao u Internet coward. Grow a pair before you talk to me. I’m sorry you can’t understand English, it must be hard being a troll when nobody cares about hateful ppl like you. Enjoy ur ban! I have u IP address you know lol. Banned :)

  10. Barry says:

    Haha look at you posting in different names having conversations with yourself. Sad lil loner. Billy and robb lol

  11. James Goblin says:

    Banning people?
    What is this? WENB?

  12. Barry says:

    No mate but this guy is attacking me personally by email and stuff so I’m sick of it. He’s complaining that he was ‘unfairly’ banned by konami but he’s a known cheat to them. I want to make this a better site and while I’m all for free speech, I won’t tolerate abuse or troublemaking

  13. TC says:

    Hi there,

    I haven’t been on this site for a few months & used to check it out at least once a week, normally more. I can sense you guys crying out for feedback but it seems I haven’t been the only one losing faith with PES. This is the first year of me jumping ship to the enemy, something I thought I never do. But after years of rubbish online play & poor excuses I gave up, at the end of the day why was I being faithful to konami? That is the one thing I don’t really understand, I suppose I was hoping that they would finally sort there **** out & give us a game that plays like a dream online…. At the end of the day that’s all I played was MLO, the concept of it is much better than what FIFA have to offer but it has always just failed to deliver. So I finally gave up last October & as I said went to FIFA, which although at first I really got into doesn’t have the same longevity as PES & comes up short on the ranking side of things. The thing is all my mates gave up on PES way before me & I think that is what Konami are up against, they sold us out for too long saying they were always concentrating on the following year & delivered 80% good games & so many of there customers just gave up & jamp ship, who’s to blame them!

    I genuinely hope the next PES is everything a footy game should be, but I have been hoping that for about 7 years! I hope this site keeps fighting though & I know I’ll be back on in a month or so to hear the PES14 rumours… Good luck guys

  14. Through balls suck says:

    Would everyone be happy If the game went fully manual?

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