PES Android

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released a version of its popular PES 2011 title for Android phone users.

Continuing the series’ expansion on to new formats, the Android version of PES 2011 delivers incredible realism and presentation. A full gamut of passes, shots, through balls and set pieces are all available to the user, while player and opposition AI are used to deliver players that move and react like their big-name counterparts.

The game enjoys an instantly accessible control system entitled True Flow(TM), which allows users to play with a simpler control system, or via a touch-screen joypad. The game also enjoys an amazing level of visual detail, with every move shown in stunning detail, and atmosphere building cut scenes focusing on the match officials or replays.

PES 2011 for Android also is the only game to feature all UEFA Club Competitions, boasting both the UEFA Champions League(TM) and UEFA Europa League(TM), with the UEFA Super Cup Final(TM) awaiting the winners of both.

PES 2011 for Android phone is available on the Android Market now.

Great news for Android phone owners, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’m hoping to get hold of a few codes for downloads very soon, so please pop me an email at my usual address if you’re interested.  First come, first served!

Thanks for reading.



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6 Responses to PES Android

  1. Rich says:

    Great news, really hope it gives an enjoyable eperience. BTW i also emalied you requesting a possible code :)

  2. alppacino says:

    great absolutely fantastic………i cant keep my created player in my master league coz its bugged yet i can play champions league on my android phone that i no longer use… i love you CON-ami

  3. wawan says:

    yes it’s fantastic, I love it.

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  5. dave says:

    Pes 2011 no longer works on my samsung galaxy s…keeps saying it is unable to connect to the server :s

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