PES 2011 Update

Busy day on the PES front! The reviews are out and all the major players have had their say on what is the final code of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. Below, I have included the official links to all the major publications and websites that have reviewed the game today, including a link to PES Fan’s review. My own personal review will replace this week’s Interfering With Play on Tuesday, and will be released late Monday evening, as to give me a second full weekend with the game.

Due to’s partnership with Soccer Gaming, I am hosting a comprehensive Q & A, starting Friday 1st October for any gamers who have any questions surrounding PES 2o11. It could be related to stats, edit mode or simply the gameplay itself, and I will do my best to answer all questions. Head over to to get your questions in!

The Reviews



EDGE Magazine:


God Is A Geek:


As mentioned, these are the mainstream reviews, there are no doubt others on the internet. As an overall view, there are some real contrasting opinions on PES 2011, and the feeling arguably stems from which game the reviewer has been playing for the past 12 months. PES fans are going to really enjoy Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, and from a personal point of view, I am anything but disappointed! I assume Double D will be posting his review too over the next few days, but until then feel free to visit Soccer Gaming to have your questions answered!

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24 Responses to PES 2011 Update

  1. peswarrior says:

    Am i the first? Yay…

  2. James Goblin says:

    It’s ironic how the CPU has control over the first movement from every match in a game whose motto is ‘engineered for freedom.’

  3. igor1 says:

    just bring the game on already, all this is making my head spin.
    all i can say is i am defo getting game as its better than the other rival. also can anyone give me a heads up on how to put the updated kits in my ps3 as im a noob to this sorry for the blond moment lol

  4. peswarrior says:

    i stopped playing pes 2010 after 7 months, cos online was horrible…from the little i’ve experienced playing the demo, i dont think pes 2011 will be coming out of my ps3 till laate 2011…

  5. igor1 says:

    I do agree the online drove me to near insanity last years game, just hope well pray this years online will be better, ie no lagging cos thinking it could be a sticking point might rent it to see first but defo love the feel of this years pes11 , ive kept on playing the demo of fifa to see whats all the fuss about and i just cant seem to get it .pes11 is king imo

  6. BigstickRic says:

    Geez, some of those reviews wer not too good… if the online is playable i will be getting though.

  7. DieHardPesFan says:


  8. gamer says:

    the master league online mode looks exciteing

  9. Brian Bayes says:

    Konami have made a step in the right direction but not enough to warrant > £30 of my money. If my opinion had to be swayed by the the fans of the series via comments that they make I would have to say that this would put me off more: the majority are illiterate (and somewhat ignorant – I don’t mean that in an offensive way, please define ignorant on on any search engine) contributors towards the PES community. Having paid < £20 for FIFA 10 not long ago I have to say based on the gameplay I have no choice but to stick with/upgrade to the current version. I have fond memories of PES and maybe I will pick up PES 2011 at a lower price or in the next instalment of the series. I bid you farewell Pro Evolution Soccer and I do sincerely hope you return to your former glory however Konami & Sea Bass et al have a long hard and expensive road to trek. Goodbye Ivarov, Valeny, Jaric, Stremer, Dodo, Iouga, Espimas, Ximelez, Minanda, Ordaz, Castolo, Lothar, Zamenhof, Ceciu, Libermann, Ruskin, Giersen, Stein, Macco, Fouque, Burchet, Hamsun, Huylens, Baumann, El Moubarki, Van den Berg, Ettori and Guiterrez.

  10. torrent says:

    in the god is geek review
    ‘As of September 30th the online modes in PES 2011 are up and running. Online on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 seems to be running quite well, with little or no lag at all in the majority of matches.’

    thats music to my ears!

  11. Brian badonde says:

    @ peswarrior it took you 7 months to realize pes 2010 was crap online?. Where is good old TERRY TIBBS (talk to him) ps3 version of pes looks crap compared to the ultimate online gaming machine thee 1 an only xbox 360 I own both and xbox 360 is better DEAL WITH IT BERRY BIBBS BAAAAAAAAAAA!

  12. masi says:

    Attacking reviewers is wrong IMO. Its no different from Dan Bolas or DD being attacked for some of their opinions and labeled fanboys. Reviews will not say the hardcore who visit these kind of sites. They are meant for the many people who dont show loyalty to any series and buy the better football game.

    Having read the reviews, they seem to be having almost similar praises and critisms of the game. Best PES2011 this gen, improved animations and gameplay, AI not making good runs, lack of atmosphere etc. Only the scores are different. Goes to show we put too much emphasis on scores.

    Having played the demo I think they are spot on. PES2011 is back, but still has some critical improvements to make to truly be a real next gen title. Always will be a PES fan and will get 2011 since I skipped 2010, but FIFA is still the much better package overall and with good reasons.

  13. hockey nutcase says:

    hmm, the fans’ reviews have me wondering to get the 2011 version for all my gaming units. The 2010 gave me a love for the Manchester unitd of the barclay. Can’t wait to play the master league online. 2010 had too many people cheesing by using glitchy super teams. Look nd see yourself how didn’t use the same set of super teams to win the cups online.

  14. Rawly says:

    Any chance of a reviewer on those websites not to mention the licensing factor?? there has never been an issue for me about licenses and it isnt a factor! gameplay is all that matters and for me PES is always top dog

  15. What says:

    I had to laugh at the godisgeek review.
    After the editor of that site(Asim) had been posting and commenting on WENB for the last 7-8 months and with adam being stuck up his arse for that length of time, the review score of 9/10 did not come as a surprise to me.

    We here all admit that pes 11 is a work in progress title with many flaws still needing to be ironed out.
    With issues of the jog button along with may reports of another epic failure online, how can you determine the mindset of a site that gives pes 11 a score of 9/10 ?

    In one word Asim/Godisgeek…………………………..


  16. MagicaRoma says:

    I made a HUGE mistake….

    I actually BOUGHT FIFA11 this week as I wanted to play a new footy…

    And my goodness, HOW can reviewers give such high scores… It is PERFECT in almost every department, bare the most important one: The LACK of FEELING & EMOTION in the CORE gameplay!

    Have played it for a day and it is PLAIN BORING! AGAIN there are (highest difficulty setting) about 3 out of 4 goals that are one on ones with the goalkeeper and there is just no FEEL in the game, it feels artificial, emotionless and without a soul in its core.

    Waste of money, people who love it or review it high only look at the technical sides but not at the feeling.

    Please, let PES2011 bring the series back to glory, otherwise I won’t play any game this year, but I FEEL that PES2011 (though probably far more flaws than FIFA11) will BY FAR be the most fun and emotional footy game in 2011!

    I compare it with my emotion last weekend: Wacthing Mirko Vucinic score an injury time winner against Inter while I am on a New York terrace in the sun with a beer & going mental??? THAT is that emotion that FIFA can NEVER replicate, PES2011 MIGHT be able to do that!

  17. hockey nutcase says:

    ok not first but NO.17!!! haha Okay now that I got that out of my system.

  18. pes fan frm iss pro says:

    pes fan from iss pro… pes is fustrating me becoz of its lack of licence,its really hard to enjoy the game… have played the demo i feel the demo is too light when i play it. thee same reason i dnt like fifa. i have to say if i wasent a fan from the start i would change to fifa. PES PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT GIVE THE PES FANS SOMTHING TO BRAG ABOUT ITS BEEN TOO LONG. THANKS YOU :-(

  19. pes fan frm iss pro says:


  20. Moe Sizlack says:

    @ 19

    So your a pes fan since iss pro?

    Then surely you must understand about EA’s contract with EPL license. They own the sole license, SOLE LICENSE! Emphasis on the word SOLE please,

    Somebody get this guy 1 bottle of duff beef and a packet of laramies ciggies

  21. beat-tastic says:

    PES has its own ways of being great. Just because the teams aren’t licensed doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game. There are plenty of people out there who edit the option file so you can have the right team names and kits, so why let that problem bother you? Just get the option file, install the bits you want, then play and there are no problems.

  22. john cena says:

    i have one question that i must ask i have a problem that when i try to update my pes 2011 something happens here is the message : the upgrade patch cannot be installed by windows installer service because the program to be upgrade may be missing or upgrade patch need to be updated. verify that your computer have the upgrade patch for the right program

    please reply

  23. oggmeista says:

    It is about time that PES tried to muscle in on FIFA, in terms of it’s licences but I would agree with you Beat-tastic almost all of the licence perks which fifa has can be matched by modding the option file so its a customised and reflective of real as much if not more so than Fifa

    I also agree with you MagicRoma in that fifa feels mechanicaland lacking in variety i know what you mean when you say its souless

    Fifa wins otb on licences on its graphical look and massively in the area of commentary

    PES wins on just about everything else

  24. george says:


    I found a cracking site for installing the Update for PES 2011 on the ps3.

    Hope this helps

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