community session now on!

I understand that many of you have probably been busy with Christmas and the new year. But now that we’re into January proper,
I’d like to try to generate more interest for my community mode mission.
I’m going to be online right now (sorry for short notice), so please do come and join me.
I’m on the PS3, and will be waiting for games. Please message me (tag: dougiedonut) if you’re available, and let’s try to get this going.

As a PES community, we have to give the mode our best shot to be able to understand it’s positive points, plus it’s limitations.

Please help make PES more enjoyable – we don’t have to tolerate Barca boys!

Thanks for reading

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10 Responses to community session now on!

  1. Drew says:

    The lack of 3rd kits in pes 2012 stinks. Get some horrible kit clashes that cant be avoided.

    Can we lobby for them to patch it?

  2. ability says:

    “unable to enter room”

    For fooks sake konami!!!!

    WTF!!! This is bullllshiiit

  3. Seabass Out says:

    Every 1 just given up, on this lazy product, past it sell by date.

  4. ability says:

    why ppl always want to use ability to say **** hahaha u guys are stupid

  5. MagicaRoma says:

    I am done… For good now :(

    I have TRIED to like the arcady game but just can’t and after I got kicked out 5 games in a row because apparantly “Konami servers are not available”.
    but still my WHOLE team lost 5 games of their contracts, meaning I only had 9 players left. FFS, Konami cant get a server running in the year 2012 and the gamer gets punished for it? What a laughing stock these Sushi boys (THATS why you are called Seabass, not???).

    And everyone that calls it realistic: Yes, THAT is why this years MLO edition NO ONE buys Van Persie or Di Natali eg, people buy Piatti or Lavezzi instead. Not because they are better overall, but because they are QUICKER!! As THAT is almost all that matters, I was buying Pato, Eto’o, Walcott etc as well instead of V Persie or Di Natale, purely because you NEED that speed to compete.

    Back into time, instead of progress, KONAMI managed to regress to past years…. Bye bye Konami, I bet this year will see the last PES, as I think the plug will be pulled after all the bad sales and stagnation…

    What a shame, never liked FIFA so Skyrim and maybe FM2012 for me now, no more footy games unless a 2K or so starts making one…..

  6. Fran says:

    Hey, what’s the name of the Community?

  7. Dan Bolas says:

    The community is called PES Gaming

    There is also one called PES

  8. moatstar says:

    just 2 chek is this comm on ps3 because i crnt find it anywere

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  10. brenda says:


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