PES Matters 31 October 2012

PES 2013 is the best version on the current generation of consoles. But is that enough?
I mean, I’m enjoying playing it, and with the plethora of patches available for the PC version, it really does add so much more depth to the look and feel of the game. But is the game heading in the direction you want to see it go?

After the surprise ommission of the League mode, community modes and the RPG elements introduced into ML, are we really being heard by Konami? Who did they think they would please with these changes? I for one do think that perhaps if they cut out modes not needed, then that has to be a good thing. But where was the consultation on what we think should go? We’ve been asking for the old school training modes – where are they? Instead we have the guides to show off new features, which whilst are useful, aren’t enough.

How many of you use the new features such as nutmegging keepers? Many of us have been asking for scenario modes like the old ISS games used to have. How hard would it be to give us what we want?

There are so many existing N64/Playstation era elements in the current game that it is being held back by them – but do Konami listen and care about what matters to us? I have a direct line to Konami, but many of my questions go unanswered.

I’ve asked many times about the online monitoring system to be explained. How/when do we know cheats are being monitored and punished? How many of us have been affected by online cheating to the degree that you think twice about playing online?

I know of more prominent PES fanatics who are shunning the game now. It’s lost touch with many people now. Perhaps they’re all growing old, but guess what – they still play games. I don’t need to tell you which footballing series is now their preferred game.

A lot of this has to do with the direction of the game. We’re being steered into the unknown with PES, and in this modern age of open communications, there’s no excuse for us to not be in the loop. How many more facts do Konami need about the dominance of FIFA to realise that something drastic has to change about the game? We’re being told tidbits about the new Fox Engine and how Seabass is working on that for the next iteration of the game. Just how much confidence do you have in what will be produced?

Will we still see the same old online issues? Will referees still turn a blind eye to a running two footed maiming off the ball?
Do goalkeepers suffer mental retardation which require them to stand totally still for ages before deciding they can move to release a ball? Does it really take them as long as it does to put the ball down in front of them? I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

I am looking to put together some videos to highlight the core problems with the game and would appreciate some help compiling them from you guys. If anyone is interested in helping me, please email me and we will talk. I’d like to spend some time showing the poor elements for all to see. As contrary as it may seem to some, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel with PES.
I’d like to shove some cold hard facts in their face and try once again to get some acknowledgement and hopefully proper action for the next game – which will be critical for many.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. declan says:

    The reason they omitted League mode etc this year imo is to condition the community for purely online play next year, It’s the only reason I can think of why they would leave it out. They are even prompting you to go online in master league offline, why don’t you get on to your direct line and ask them?

  2. Jay says:

    While I can see what you saying, surely they have started to go in the right direction? for the first time in years i’ve seen some reviews saying it’s better than Fifa not that it makes a difference to me but it goes to show people are starting to notice PES again.

    In terms of online I play almost everyday I don’t encounter many cheats and I find compared to previous years theres not much lag and pretty smooth i’ve broken a few remotes due to serious delays when playing online in previous years.

    While I certainly think there’s room for improvement I find myself sitting at work thinking of ways to make my gf fall asleep earlier to get more time to play cause it’s bitten me that badly.

    so they must be doing something right? and i’m pretty sure if they fixed things you mentioned there would be something else people aren’t happy with.

  3. Beck55 says:

    Love Pes2013. The only complaint I have is the player development on Master League. I’m on my 8th season with Académica and at this time there are over 100 players with 95+ rating which is insane. The players should have another development tool besides early/normal/normal lasting etc… They should add to that something that determines how high the players numbers get. For example:
    PLAYER A –> (1)Normal development (highest point of his career when he’s 28 years old) and
    (2)Above Average Player (which can mean that this player, on the highest point of his career, would have a rating 85+ but less than 90);

    Real player example:
    RONALDO –> (1)Normal Lasting (career pick at around 25 years of age and maintaining his form until he’s 30);
    (2)Super Star (reaching 95+ in player rating);

    This will prevent rating of 105+ and salaries of 30 million euros.
    One other thing, when players get older and their rating starts to decline their salary should start to drop to.
    With this we will be able to maintain good players in our squads for years in some cases until retirement.

  4. TinklerBu says:

    @ Jay

    Totally agree with you. As I said before, even though I got both fifa13 and pes2013, I find myself playing Pes 2013 considerably more than fifa13 for the first time in a long long time.
    Yes konami have produced an excellent excellent game no doubt. And like everything else, there are always room for improvements. But for the first time since Pes 4,5 &6, the problems with pes do not hinder my enjoyment one bit.
    Yes improvements here and there need to be made obviously and I will list exactly what’s needed in a later post.
    And by the way, after playing master league for a while , I find myself actually enjoying the new feature with the super boots.

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  6. kingkong says:


    no offence DD but it’s not my job to find faults with the game .Konami will regret not listening to the fans . Its been happening for far too long online cheats , barca boys etc it never ends

    I reported an online cheat yesterday after I lost connection to the server half way through a match winning 2-0..

    Konami want to combat online cheats with the new COURTESY SYSTEM about it online on their site

    It takes into account fair play awards and disconnection rates

    Mine is B which is moderately high ?? People disconnect on me and I get penalized????

    I played over and only got 6 fair play? only 6 – what the fook can they take from this and How do they assess this ?

  7. Cybertooth says:

    I read somewhere that they omitted the League mode because of something to do with aquiring more licenses next year. Either way I probably won’t be getting this year’s incarnation, I might rent it first, been hearing to much about online problems again.

  8. Cybertooth says:

    I wish an alternative footy game would come along, pes and fifa just don’t do it for me.

  9. kingkong says:


    gameplay is awesome not 100% there but best its been for a while

  10. Goal says:

    How do u play 2v2????!!!!!!!!

    For f#*k sake someone answer me!!!

    Can anyone play 2v2?? Is it only restricted on 360???

    Sick s##t of data pack f**k ups and konami

    Answers please!!!!!

  11. TinklerBu says:

    Here is whats needed to be improved on Pes. I shed a light on each area and divided the improvement onto two catogries: Essential and desirable. Note.. online is not included. This is mainly about core gameplay.

    Essential: – fast throwing and droping of the ball to instigate counter attacks.
    – The ability to choose the player to throw the ball to like with goal kicks
    – Make ai keepers pass/throw the ball instead of booting it up the field ALL THE TIME!!!
    -Throw animations need to be realistic. Its a ball not a grenade!!
    Desirable:- More organic animations and actions. Like shouting at defenders or applauding a good goalline clearance or tackle for instance.

    Essential:- Improved sliding tackles like the ability for a top class defender to slide tackle succesfully from behind(if the timing is right of course)
    – The ability to shield the ball out of play(for all players really)
    Desirable:- The ability to pull oponents shirts or push them, specially the pacey ones.

    Attackers(and everyone else!)
    Essential:- Eliminate the tendency to use the prefered foot to shoot even though the angle and the direction the player is facing makes it impossible to do so. Its bizzare and it looks ridiculous.
    -Both shooting and passing animations (outside of player id animations) have to be improved, specially the control shot animations and some volleys.

    Other areas:
    Essential: – switching between players with L1/LB needs to be improved both in loose balls situations and passing. Sometimes the ball “overlooks” another player who is in a better position!
    – Long throw ins need to be taken faster,and short throw ins, to be able to sustain pressure/counter attacks. In the case of long throw ins ,if against a human opponent, its easily read if taken as slow as it is now.
    – Bring back the leagues….for the majority I guess!
    – More organic and lifelike animations
    – Bring back short socks
    – Third kit. Or at least the ability to mix and match shorts,shirts and socks colours.
    Desirable: -Manager cutscenes like the ones in master league showing your created manager reacting to near misses and goals and also shouting at the players are brilliant and should be there in ALL the modes not just the master league.
    – Players warming up (like in training mode) in all modes.
    – A stand alone europa league
    – A world class commentry
    -Scenarios( not necessarily real life ones)
    -Training modes of old iss pro games.
    If all the above are going to be implemented by Konami, am going to ditch Fifa altogether for sure!

  12. TrueGooner says:

    They need to make the master league and be a legend modes more lively to mimic real life. It is too stiff and boring. Haave a media style update on how well the player or manager is doing. The commentators should be talking about the player in be a legend mode and the coach in master league. Are they doing good or bad. I hate having to click through millions of screens after every game and that force auto safe just pisses me off. Pice up other aspect of the game to give it that overall authentic feel

  13. TinklerBu says:

    Yes. That would be nice also. Hopefully with the new fox engine and better next generation hardware that can be achieved.

  14. Eric Cantona says:

    I don’t have time to play master league and not only that, If I wanted a management sim I would buy one.
    This years PES plays very well and it’s a crying shame there is no league mode,PLEASE urge them to bring it back as the game feels incomplete without it.
    Some of the ideas on here are good ie: mix and match kits (which,if memory serves me right)they did on PES 5 (PS2) version. Camera angles need revamping, a custom camera angle editor would be good.
    Anyway, as I say bring back the league mode and I (and many more) would forgive Konami for this years “problems” and I’m sure sales would increase.

  15. Moshstar says:

    Good article Dougie & glad you’re still here speaking up & speaking sense. I believe yes this is the best version in many years in terms of gameplay, however (not a but) there are still many many lame issued as you pointed iut that need correcting in the gameplay. The biggest frustration we all have in our community are our own opinions of the good stuff being omitted from previous versions, some you highlighted & many more no doubt you have on the list like we all do…kit changes was one I always liked where could change shorts, shirts etc between 3 kits. Why do refs & goalkeepers always have colour clashes, why do we still not have the refs booking late challenges after playing advantage? Why do players seem to run on the spot til the bal gets to them then sprint into life… the list is pretty extensive. I love MLO & its generally all I play, there are just so many tedious errors in the online gameplay that frustrate. Rival Rankings is good, but why is it based on how many games you play? I cant sit & play all day do why not have it over a maximum number of games & then drill down to goals for & against etc? I actually did come runner up after going on a decent winning streak but finished 100 points behind the winner! Thats like 33 wins & a draw behind him! There are a long lost of things & should I get time to email you Dougie I will, we need some answers from Konami, especially around how many cheats they have caught & banned, personally I doubt they have banned any.

    I personally believe Konami has a real lack of standards, I tell Jon Murphy this often on twitter (by direct message as he follows me back) yet he disappears when there are questions raised about standards or real issues giving negative opinion about the game, he seems to lap up the plaudits but disappears in the face of issues. Not very good for the European Team Leader of the Game.
    Lastly Dougie, get online as not seen you online much of late, you;re still on my friends list & I’ll give you a game when you’re free.

  16. TrueGooner says:

    Is it possible to change teams in ML offline. I have been managing Fluminense but i want to manage a club in Europe, but haven’t gotten any offers. Is this possible and when do i get offers.

  17. Seabass Out says:

    konami should b banned from bringing Pes online, every game slow motion, defence system broken online, u get cheated in comps, Pes only has 200 players aday playing it, & they r all spanish, Fifa as 100000 players aday, if Pes want 2 grow, 1st thing they need to do, is give their customers afair game online.

  18. Seabass Out says:

    PES 2013 is the best version on the current generation of consoles
    Not 4 me Pes 11, was the best, quality online play 4 the best players.
    Pes 12,13, is when they move 2 causal gamers, assisted passing and shooting.

  19. KDDD says:

    took you guys 4 years to realise this .. all the issues with PES have been the same since they moved to PES3/XBOX360 era .. ive seen ppl defending PES to the death early on ..but its good to see everyone is coming to their senses. The game has lost its vision and drive to be one step ahead. No longer innovating and just complacent. KONAMI has shown that it doesnt give a **** .. the problems from PES 2009 or whatever still exist today

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