Gameplay feedback

Thank you to everyone who responded to the goalkeepers feedback request.
Next in line for feedback is raw gameplay:

* total 100% control over a player under your control – still too much automation in play
* no auto correcting players to where high/long balls will land – let players have to judge where to stand/jostle
* free kicks – allow all free kicks to be taken quickly if you want to
* free kicks – allow teams to try to push in less than 10 yards for a free kick, at the risk of getting booked
* allow players to stand in the way of quick free kicks – at the risk of getting booked
* force players to have to control EVERY single ball that they want to take
* instant reaction times for players on the ball
* stop giving totally unrealistic stats for players – some players’ stats are so low that they’re ridiculous.
* cursor control to allow players to intercept the ball if they are close enough, but not the intended recipient.
* allow you to poke a foot out to redirect a ball, rather than place a pass as you normally do
* allow flicks/dinks in tight spaces to get past a player/play in a team-mate
* more realistic tricks and flicks
* more quick break counter attack moves when teams are pushing for a goal
* more variety with headers – should be able to flick a ball on, loop a header on, head down at will. timing your jump and heading must be how to head.
* players take far too long to react after a collision/tackle – way too slow
* more realistic passing – lower passing stats should mean accuracy is lost quicker when attempting longer balls.
* introduce another passing height between curent ground and high balls
* realistic mechanics for running with a ball – the faster you run, the further the ball should go from your player when in full flight

Over to you guys.

Thanks for reading.


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16 Responses to Gameplay feedback

  1. Gola says:

    Well I’m off to black ops 2 for a while. Patch this game and give me my 2v2 that I paid 50 bucks for….. What a rip off!!!!!!!

  2. Moshstar says:

    Think if they just ducked the Spanish off on their own server it wound solve half the problems, time after ****ing laggy time year after year they ruin the online game.

  3. ability says:

    i have finally stop playing MLO today because of all this laggin cheat that ppl pull off when u winning in the 80th minute.

  4. hoangel says:

    i had quit MLO a week ago. It seem like Konami do nothing against these cheaters, this is a big fail for them, 3 years with the same mistake, no wonder why they lose lot of costumers.

  5. Seabass Out says:

    Pes 13 trade in value £16.50 at game, yes pls, online worst it ever been, it always been bad, but this year all my games slow motion, finished with konami & Pes, until it bring a fair online game out, if my connection good yet my opponent poor, why should I b punished, it about time will bounce off Konami server instead of bouncing off each others connection.

  6. Boombox says:

    * I’ve been playing Master league for three weeks now and so far attacking down the middle doesn’t seem to exist.
    I’ve tried all kinds of variations, tactics, line ups and formations and all that happens is my players insisting on goind down the fcuking wings. I have to spend a whole match trying to lure my players to go down the middle by basically thousands of short passing that eventually end up useless since NOBODY makes a forward run.

    * The only players that make forward runs are the retards on the wing. Even when I’m attacking down the middle trough a counter, retards insist on going down the wings

    * All the oposition teams attack and defend in the same exact way no matter line ups and tactics wich makes this game very, very boring, predictable and limited

    * Players stoping, slowing down or freezing every time they pass the ball

    * You win a throw in down the cornerflag in the opositions half, you know your player will freeze and allow the computer to clear the ball

    * Goalkeepers. Complete retards.

    * The computer not allowing you controll of the player closest to the ball when defending, no matter what part of the field your on

    * I could propably live with all this if only the players made forward runs. If only it was possible to attack DOWN THE MIDDLE!!!

    So yesterday I went back to the store and swaped this joke for a football game for the pes12. Not that it’s so much better, but at least in that one you can attack down the middle and players sometimes make forward runs trough the middle

    My advice to Konamy is this: Either sell this product to a company that actually want to, and care about making it better, on every level, or start watching fooball matches. Real ones. You could learn a thing or two about the game

  7. TinklerBu says:

    I add-
    1- more organic and realistic animations overall
    2- I echo more control over placement and type of headers
    3- I echo better switching
    4- 3 kits
    5- more comprehensive editing
    6-I dont play online much…but please ..sort it out will ya?
    7-Scenarios , real or otherwise.
    8-players who are positioned to shoot with their left(or right) foot should not be able to do that with the right foot and vice versa.
    9-The return of the ability of the AI to hold the ball by the corner flags to waist time
    10-The leagues should return
    11-standalone europa league
    12-more varied and imaginative manager reactions,crowd reactions,substitutes warming up..etc.
    13-Shirts swapping,managers shaking hands…basically ..better presentation.
    14-better, comprehensive and detailed commentary
    15-kits getting dirty over time…as in a previous pes game.
    16-short socks option…again as in a previous pes game
    17-shirts…and hair flapping in the wind!!
    18- players look visibly tired or signal to the bench to be substituted
    19-team doctors attending injured players on the pitch
    20-the ability to pull and shove players
    21-the ability to shield the ball out of play
    22-team photos prior to kick in a previous pes/iss game

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  9. Seabass Out says:

    Konami love cheats, this it what they send u when u report a cheat, when u told all the info they need.
    Dear customer,
    Thank you very much for contacting the Konami Support Team.
    Thank you very much for reporting us the misbehavior of a player. We will take a look into the described incident and if necessary, take appropriate actions.
    Unfortunately, some players do not respect the rules of fair play set for PES 2013. We do our best to prevent such behavior in various ways: technical restrictions and monitoring of players. But it is impossible to ensure that such incidents do not occur more. In order to investigate the problem you raise and take the necessary steps, we ask that you kindly provide us with the following information:
    - The name of your player
    - The name of the other player
    - The date and time of connection to the incident
    - If possible, a screenshot of the incident
    - If possible, a screenshot of verbal abuse (if applicable)
    - If possible, the name of the server or lobby affected.
    - The platform that you use to play (PC/PS3/Xbox360)
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Do not hesitate to refer other cheaters. Measures will be taken shortly incessantly.
    Please note that as a method to protect the privacy of each user, any penalty or restriction that may be imposed on the account of a given user will not be disclosed to another.
    Best regards,
    Your Konami Support Team
    They just ask 4 same info u already give them, I bet they never ban any1, crap game, crap company.

  10. John 13 says:

    I feel that the developing team of Konami are aware of certain aspects that need improvement but I would not bet on the fact that they can actually do a lot more. I read every reply and some of the suggestions above simply do not relate to gameplay.
    @ Dougiedonut
    I totally agree with lots of your ideas..allow some comments though..your first two suggestions involve some risk concerning gameplay and popularity. 100% control sounds challenging but how many gamers are ready for such a change? Apart from the 24/7 ones there are so many out there who simply want to enjoy a fun game with friends once in a while and might not be able to adjust to the ”100%control” demands.

    In a thread I started, I mentioned the need for more realistic passing. It is unrealistic to achieve (let’s say 80% success) long 40-50m long through ball passes just by spamming the triangle button and not be able at the same time to achieve a 5-10 m short through pass (let’s say40% success). The percentage rate should be vice versa..right?!

    Totally agree that the header system needs to be sorted out somehow..e.g. last year you could (too) easily score a header..this year seems (at least to me) almost impossible (you can only score when in a corner situation).

    I don’t know if you plan to include refs in a separate thread. I think they are directly related to gameplay and still for one more year they suck. Same dirty tackles from behind are only given a yellow card or no card at all!! Then you just press X in the middle of the field and you get a yellow card for a normal foul! You get tackled in the penalty area but it is almost always legal while an X button attempt to steal the ball might very well be given a penalty..they remind me of tonight’s City vs Real crazy ref!!!

    Last but not least..I think gameplay is a lot in favour of defensive counter attacking players..possesion and number of chances is not a decisive factor in modern football but in this game it is simply harshly penalized..It is much easier to score when using a fast attacker in the counter attack rather than build up attacks and play creative football creating good scoring chances..I think defenders should be able to hold better positioning (concerning depth mainly) during a counter attack..So, in my opinion, technical attributes should not be so underestimated compared to speed attributes.

    Konami should start listening more to the fans..ok..there are AI problems very difficult to solve but what about simple little things that are not fixed? (e.g. league mode absent ,coach mode fully integrated in MLO?!!)
    keep them coming dougiedonut!

  11. TrueGooner says:

    Boombox… You share my frustration. I am not sure I would want to buy this game again. I have had it with these people at Konami. How can a company with a good product not put more into making it better. A lot of things in this game pisses me off.

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