New PES Editing Tools

Hi everyone it’s me again, today I want to expand on something I mentioned in my last post which is the new tools available for PS3 and Xbox that allow us to edit things that we can’t do in edit mode. These options have always been available to PC users, and they still can do more than console owners, but they do open up a lot more options to us. Again I would say that we shouldn’t need external tools to do these things, but it is great that there are so many dedicated people who provide these tools that make up for things that Konami have missed.

I’m sorry but this post will mostly concentrate on the PS3 side as that is what I use, but I will post links to the forum threads for both PS3 and Xbox as well as download links for the tools needed for both. These tools have only recently become available for PS3, but Xbox users have had access for a while.

Those of you who are not already aware of these tools will wonder what they enable you to do, so I will explain. Using these tools you are able to convert your option file to PC format so you can use one of the many PC editors to edit your game, this means the ability to bring back old preset faces, edit hidden teams, edit licensed kits or just edit your game on your PC when away from your console.

First up you can bring back old preset faces by relinking them with the editor, Konami rarely remove players presets from the game so they are still in the game just hidden. In the PS2 days it was just a matter of selecting “Special” then the number of the players face, but this is not a option on next-gen, but the editor allows you to do this so for example if you have created the Championship you can add the faces to players like Kevin Davies or Sam Ricketts that were removed.

Next up comes the hidden teams, not everyone will have noticed these but there are 4 or 6 (we are not sure yet) teams that appear when playing ML/BAL that appear in the Europa League that are fake teams with fake players. The editor allows us to edit these teams/players to real teams, adding to the realism of the game.

Another great option is the ability to unlink licensed teams kits; this means that when Barcelona or Milan change their kits for next season we can edit them just like a unlicensed team. It is also god for licensed NT’s as Konami haven’t been as good at updating these in recent years as they were previously.

There are other little hidden gems like being able to edit the staff members that appear in ML and import players from Football Manager which are all nice additions.

Xbox users are also able to convert kit and face PNG’s created on PS3 so they can import them into their game as Microsoft still don’t allow them to add PNG’s to their console like PS3 users can.

Here is a video I made of the process of converting a PS3 option file to use with the editor, then converting it back. If anyone knows of a similar video for Xbox let me know in the comments.

Here are some useful links for more info on using the tools



Download Links for Tools

Have you been using these and what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, Paul

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39 Responses to New PES Editing Tools

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know when the new data pack will be released?

  2. Paul says:

    No date has been released yet, I would say going by previous years that it 14th/21st March

  3. nazar says:

    Paul,in pes 2013 on ps3,barcelona don’t have the really fonts on the kits,can be solved?

  4. Paul says:

    @nazar you can unlink licensed kits, so that you can edit them in game just like with the unlicensed teams

  5. Bane539 says:

    HI Paul, I download bruteforce and when I copy savedata to bruteforce savedata it open window (missing_secure_file id.)what must I do , to make this work???

  6. nazar says:

    Paul,i don’t understand why konami don’t put the really fonts for barcelona:))…in pes 2012,had same problem,but in real madrid’s fonts,but in first dlc from konami,this problem was solved,in pes 2013 with dlc 3,this problem was not resolved…

  7. nazar says:

    How do I cancel my license shirt Barcelona to edit as unlicensed equipment …. or like you said, if you could explain to me, I’d be grateful

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  9. Paul says:

    @Bane539 I didn’t get this error so don’t know how to fix it, but I know the answer is in PS3 thread I put a link to

    @nazar you can unlink their kit by going to team in the editor & clicking the little yellow shirt

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  11. nazar says:

    Paul, if I unlink the license for barcelona, ​​kits are simple, without the emblem of Barcelona, ​​without nike logo, just like the kits from the Premier League, before applying your option file. Right? … And even so, I don’t have the real fonts, I mean the original ones, like computer patch … Thank you, and remember, do an excellent job!

  12. Paul says:

    @nazar yeah it will make them completely default, the best thing to do is wait for the data pack & see if Konami fix it

  13. nazar says:

    Do you think Konami will fix it? But I’m curious, you knew about this problem until I tell you? …. Does it matter if I install your option file and then I install dlc 3? … It’s the wrong way, or not matter? I think maybe because it has not been updated fonts Barcelona

  14. Paul says:

    @nazar It is possible they will, but we won’t know until the new data pack is released. I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with their kits, but will take a look later. Install data pack 3 1st then the OF, if you want any more info on my OF please post in my thread on the forum so this can be kept just for discussing the tools ;)

  15. Nazar says:

    It possible to convert a OF version for pc to ps3?thanks

  16. Paul says:

    @Nazar Yeah it is possible to convert the editdata, but you can’t convert the kits or player face scans, so you would have to do them yourself

  17. Ahmad says:

    the ps3 to pc converter that i downloaded from here isnt working :(

  18. Paul says:

    @Ahmad, what errors are you getting? If you check the PS3 thread I linked in the post you should be able to find answers to any errors that may be popping up.

  19. Ahmad says:

    well there is too much too read i guessed. it doesnt have the option to convert to ps3 like in your videos.. i download the converter from the link that you gave in this thread. Can you help me mate? :(

  20. Paul says:

    @Ahmad, if you look on the video once I open the converter I click on a tab (I think it is the 4th one) that brings up the option to convert your OF :)

  21. Interisti says:

    Can u make inter shirt have a better color with that tools? And the font is too small

  22. Paul says:

    @Interisti you can edit any licensed kit, but when you unlink it, it will go to default so you will need to add a PNG just like with a unlicensed team.

  23. Interisti says:

    @paul, i really hope u can make it on ur next OF update mate, btw is possible oneday we can make a tattoo and a real face like pc version with wild editor??

  24. Paul says:

    @Interisti I won’t be unlink Inter myself as too much other detail will be lost, just to change the size of the fonts. We will only be able to do faces & tattoos like PC if Konami make it a option in the game itself.

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  27. hey Paul

    you have done a fantastic job…

    but was wondering can these features work on pes 2009 (ps3)….as thats what i play

    as i believe its the best pes….

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  30. Sofie says:

    Typical Konami, here’s what I dislike about this video:* hobrlrie music* not a single game mode displayed is clear, obviously or easy to understand, it’ all vague.* the video is too long and you finish it without much info about ***** online is still crapI used to love PES, and I keep up with their latest, maybe someday it will be good.I honestly think they need to do a Windows Phone with it, (like MSFT did with Windows Mobile), just delete everything and start over, it’s beyond fixing.

  31. Karine says:

    I feel the game is fun but for some typical anonying things as usual. I only play ML offline which I have many gripes with.- The condition of my players is often ridiculously low especially compared to the opposition. I have just played Real Madrid in the Champs League quarter final and all 20 of my players bar 2 were on a blue or a purple. Compare this to RM who had about 2 blues and the rest oranges and reds including Messi on a red with an overall rating of 101! This happens all too often and just makes me think what’s the point. Surely Konami could have made it harder without being this extreme. Totally unrealistic and unfair.- It’s too easy to buy superstars. I managed to buy Ashley Cole with Everton in my first season. My scout must have been Mourinho or something.- They have changed the way in which your players develop. Previously your players that played in a match would receive their experience points after the game and you could see the effect their match rating had on their xp points. Now you just get popups saying so and so has improved his stamina. The old system made we play my crap youngsters so I could see if it made a difference or not. Now you don’t have a clue so, again, I think what’s the point. Another feature I loved changed.- Players transfer to different clubs far too much. Pretty much the whole Real Madrid team has changed within 3 season and they now have 4 Barcelona players. I know I can change the frequency of this but the standard’ setting didn’t used to be this wild.General gameplay annoyances:- The power bar for shooting is pointless unless you are shooting from 35 yards as it just flies over. I have Robinho and I have to tap the shoot button for a millisecond otherwise it is a thunderbolt that flies over. Pretty **** really as this is almost a game breaker for me.- Penalties. I know everyone has complained about them but I am yet to score one that doesn’t go down the middle as they always go high or wide and there is no way of practising them. Just can’t get my head around why they have made it like this.

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  38. What are you stating, man? I realize everyones got their own view, but really? Listen, your website is neat. I like the hard work you put into it, specially with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like everybody here is stupid!

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