PES Matters 11th March 2013

I would like to announce that as of two weeks ago, I uninstalled my copy of PES 2013.
I’ve had enough of it. For too long I’ve tried to convince myself that this is football as I want to play it.
The animations, the gameplay, the atrocious refereeing – no more for me.

So where do I go from here I hear some (artistic license applie sparingly there..) of you say?

Well to help explain where I am now, I’d like to draw on a bit of an analogy to help explain my state of mind.
Imagine you spent a couple of years with a great girl, only to find the relationship hit the buffers. You move on, but over time you realise you’re spending more time thinking about that girl. You’re comparing girls since her to her, and at times almost convincing yourself that the current girlfriend is great.

She understands computers, and hell she even plays the odd game with you. But even then you long for what you had with that one girl whom you now consider very special. So instead of continuing on to live a lie, you finally decide that you need to be true to yourself. You think back to when you were happiest – with whom you were happiest even…

There endeth the analogy: I’ve gone back to PES6.

There it is. I’ve shunned the last 4/5 years of PES incarnations for the one game where I felt truly happy.
A game where I felt my footballing abilities can be fairly judged. A game where I feel in charge of my players and team. A game where I dictate the play.

I first pulled out my old 360 copy of the game, which admittedly has a bit of a dated look, but I was up and running. But then I managed to find myself a PC version, and a very special thanks to DoubleDipMatt for guiding me towards a great option file to get cracking with.

At this juncture, I’d like to open the floor to any questions you guys may have about why I’ve done this.
I’m still acclimatising to the gaming mechanics so getting to terms with how to play it all over again.
I will be writing about how I’m getting on a little later. But for now, do you think I’ve finally gone nuts, or do you understand where I’m coming from?

Thanks for reading


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29 Responses to PES Matters 11th March 2013

  1. MOATSTAR says:

    i think you have gone nuts doug. in all seriousness m8 if you dont enjoy it then i can understand why you stopped playing 2013. at the moment im playing online ranked matches and really enjoying it i have to admit that most players pick real or baca but like barry says below thers nothing like beating captin spammer by passing . tbh i dont mind playing with the top teams i would prefer to play medium or small but i still enjoy the games. if u or any1 else fancys a game with the smaller teams jst msg me im on psn name same as post. good luck on pes 6 m8

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  3. billy says:

    Dougie you sound like a complete ****, getting owned on pes2013 so you uninstalled it hahaha and what are you going on about having a girlfriend hahaha as if that ever happend.

  4. footie mad says:

    I completely understand where he is coming from . The current game changes in style weekly and is atrocious online currently. Its biased unplayable as the animations have gone backwards since the update . The AI is all over the place . Thats almost it for me too unless they change it back to how it was before the data pack

  5. kubi_kz says:

    What I have endured over the past years:

    PES 2008: Body balance was overrated, players like Ibra and Adriano could literally dribble through everyone like a plowing truck and score.

    PES 2009: Unrealistically acrobatic turns while dribbling by players like Messi. They could turn 90 degrees without even slowing down. They could turn faster with the ball than without.

    PES 2010: Defenders would stop for no reason while a long ball passed over them, allowing for attacker to sneak by all the time.

    PES 2011: The only game were defending was favored. The only game where speed was not overrated. The only game since 2008 where a was rated 700+ again.

    PES 2012: Defenders would not react to loose balls also the offside was always nullified by sidebacks.

    PES 2013: Finally was rated +700 until the last patch. Defensive line always runs to half field even though set to deep. Long ball spammers have the advantage. There is only that much i can save by manually playing sweeper.

    There is no way I will ever switch to FIFA, I would rather quit footie games and concentrate on Star Craft 2 now. Much more rewarding, and the updates actually make the game better.

    Here is one little and simple thing that would make me embrace PES again:

    LET ME AVOID PLAYING AGAINST BARCA AND REAL ALL THE TIME ! I do not care how they implement this, there are so many excellent suggestion by the community, but Konami do not listen because they do not play the game. I am pretty sure PES 6 was the last good one because the producers were serious players then.

  6. HabeebBayya says:

    I think konami should just give up on trying to make a football simulation and just go for a full blown arcade football style like the virtua striker series with super shots and power ups during the game…etc.
    Having said that… I am giving them one more chance with the so called “new engine” that they are suppose to develop…and I will wait and see how the next gen will pan out. ONE more chance konami. And believe me there are many who are giving konami just one last chance.
    It’s a make or break this time for konami .

  7. Grahampesking says:

    IMO pes on the play station 2 was much better , ok the graphics were far from the ps3 but it was more like a computer game , Konami forget that it’s a game not real life .
    I remember on most of te years gone by that the goalkeepers still make shocking mistakes , which online makes you want to smash the tv . For this I decided to phone Konami in America , of which they replies “the mistakes by the goalkeeper are deliberate as this makes the game more life like ”

    Again it’s a game it’s not real life , a goalkeeper has never spliced a ball rolling 1mph into his hands .
    I have to say if I was to buy FIFA it would be like cheating on my bird .
    For some reason I’ve been playing terrible online as I’m usually around the 560 mark but this month Ive been down as low as 412, and it seems harder to play against someone who can’t even play the game , long ball tactics ?????

  8. MaisoonMadiera says:

    I understand you DougieDonut , I think you are looking to play the perfect football game of Pes. I did the same when I got frustrated with the latest fifa , I went and bought back fifa World Cup 2010 . That was the game that converted me to fifa in the first place. There is nothing wrong with gettin frustrated and seeking that happiness , fulfilment and enjoyment that you once felt playing a football game….newer does not mean better. But trust me, you will be back again to the new game again and again. In fact , you will learn to play both and appreciate their advantages and tolerate their shortcomings in equal measures…no game is perfect.
    I like Pes 2013 , and I think konami are getting closer to their heydays albiet very very slowly. They need to iron out the animations big time for starters , but they showed they can with player id. And online of course. Until then , don’t be afraid of trying something new, old Pes, fifa, old fifa…. And remember…it’s a football video game for f&@# sake not a girlfriend ….so no…you are not going to be cheating!!!.

  9. ockrass says:

    Sheeittt….even Dougie has gone over the edge with PES. I could never play PES 6 ….too outdated.

    I laugh when I see idiots here make comments like ” …PES 2013 suck balls but I will never play Fifa”

    Like Fifa is begging them to play. To each his own Dougie …

    Fifa rules the world!

    EA…its in the game.

  10. ConteMichaelos says:

    Why oh why are Konami focused on graphics and ignoring animations?!! Forget photo-realistic graphics, animations is the problem here, you need much more animations sequences per move than what it is now, much more. Even this player id thing, while its good , it’s still no where near perfect.
    Konami , please please please, save the hardware resources you will have with next gen in perfecting the ANIMATIONS not graphics . Obviously both will be perfect. But animations first and foremost.
    I have great faith in konami and the fox engine to be able to turn the corner.
    And I can’t wait for the next generation hardware and Pes.

  11. Makkak-Yema says:

    I don’t understand this blind loyalty when it comes to football games…or anything else for that matter. Why is it easy ,or easier, to go and buy two different third person shooter games like uncharted and tomb raider or two first person shooters like the brilliant far cry 3 and say the syndicate or something , but a taboo to buy fifa and Pes at the same time.
    What does blind loyalty serve?? Are EA or Konami going to save you when or if you are down in the gutters??!! No, do they give a damn arse about you, no, about your money yes but not you? I hear someone say yeah yeah we know all that crap. Well ok then…. Why the **** are you doin this?
    It’s a product, not a real football team you are following…a product…so get the best one that suits you .
    Thanks god we have choices and competition , otherwise we would’ve been stuck with a far far worse product!!
    And to be honest, both fifa and Pes had better days. We need other players in the mix whom are both brave and bold enough to take up the difficult challenge of creating a football sim that will give both EA and Konami a run for their money. Anyone outhere??? Anyone at all??! :(

  12. kubi_kz says:

    I just cannot see myself playing FIFA simply because I cannot be bothered to relearn controls, just do not have the time with nearly 30 years of age. Fair enough, with every PES, I do have to learn many new things, but at least the game is somewhat familiar so the learning curve is not too steep.

    I tried playing some FIFA, it is just too different. For me too reach the same level of play as I currently have at PES, it would take too long.

    As for first person shooters, I cannot say anything as I have not played them since Counter Strike 1.6.

  13. BrZyTwAa (NYC) says:

    after not playing for about 2 months, turned the game on today, played like 3 online quick matches…REAL REAL BARCA ….fck this game, fck these top team picking cowards…back to NBA2K….at least in that game if someone picks a team i dont wanna play, i do something thats called ‘pressing the back button’ and i do a search for another player…Konami shud learn about that…i know it’s a out of this world idea, but please konami, TRY ITT !!!!!

  14. Max says:

    I still play PES6 too! And there’s a great online network of skilled and dedicated players who still appreciate it.

  15. ockrass says:

    ubi_kz says:
    “I just cannot see myself playing FIFA simply because I cannot be bothered to relearn controls, just do not have the time with nearly 30 years of age….”

    This is one of the first time i have seen a honest reason why a PES fan has chosen not to play Fifa.

    However, the buttons on each game can be customized to reflect the same as the other.

    Furthermore, football is football ….apart from the buttons, the game plays the same way. It only took me one day of
    1or 2 hours to learn to play Fifa. But the game has less problems than PES does.

    I urge anyone to give it a try …it is an awesome game and it does not mean you have to stop playing PES.


  16. Makkak-Yema says:

    Thanks ockrass. That’s exactly the point am trying to make. Me, like many others own both games . And just like any other game and genre , sometimes I feel like playing Pes and other times Fifa. Eventually you will learn to appreciate both games.
    I like the feel of Pes on one side, the thud sound when you pass or shoot, the player models movements and momentum , some of the animations, the master league , in general to be honest , it is fun to play.

    On the other hand, I like the online play in Fifa specially 2vs2. Also fifa is great to play against your mates, I think more so than Pes , it’s got more freedom of control. Although defending crosses is a bit hit and miss.
    My advice is …do not be stuck with one cause you will miss a lot of joys of the other .

  17. WonderyLoximbargo says:

    Whatever goes up will will eventually comes sliding down. Pes had their highs back in the day up until pes6. Then came sliding down at top speed , now in the up again slowly with pes2013. Fifa are enjoying their lofty perches , slightly down now with fifa13 in my opinion …then it’s all down hill from here am afraid.
    I feel next gen will be konami’s time. Although , it will be nice to have two great footballing game titles. Will wait and see.

  18. InakZikaZeo says:

    I hear you DougieDonut , I still have PC copies of Pes 5 and Pes 6. Though I haven’t played them for a while. Pes6 online was absolutely perfect. Flawless. I remember moments when you venture with your centre half pass the halfway line, make use of the space in front of you while your opponent marking everyone else, ventur a bit more , then unleash a thunderbolt towards the goal. More often than not it doesn’t go in but the joy you get out of that is unmatched.
    Those were the Pes days when you were rewarded for your skills, attacking , defending and passing. Not because the AI suddenly feels like its time to score/concede a goal . Like in the fifas and the Peses of nowadays.
    Can’t Konami just bring back Pes6 as is, enhance the animations , the graphics and presentation and make pes2014. Am not a tech wiz but surely that won’t be hard would it?

  19. James Goblin says:

    Question is, Douglas. Why did you even buy it in the first place?

  20. Twitch says:

    What does age have to do with anything? I’m ****ing 40, am a chef, work 16 hour days and I still find time to play. People forget that having some down time is important. Just pick up the damn games and play. Also, I’m one of the people that play both, fifa and pes. I play offline, but with option files and tweaks, I like football, not a particular game, so give them a try, you have nothing but time.

  21. Makkak-Yema says:

    It must be the age thing then. I am 42 and as I mentioned b4 I enjoy both Pes and Fifa. It is the wisdom factor perhaps. It’s called grow up and don’t be a spoiled little child ,people!

  22. Valduramma says:

    I do see the point of some of you about trying different football game…etc. I don’t know about you, but personally I can not stand Fifa. Am not saying its a bad game at all. But for me the players in fifa seem hollow. Don’t know how to explain that. I feel like am controlling feathers rather than football players. They fall easily, stumble at the slightest contact, I don’t know, that’s how I feel. And the ball feels like a bag of helium. Does that make any sense?
    I know the animations in fifa is much better, the licenses , more team ..etc. but fifa for me is like a sexy and beautifull girl with the right dress and and perfect shoes, make up and hairstyle, but shallow , spoiled and with no sense of humour!
    Although the animations and some of the gameplay in Pes is not right to say the least , strange kits, names…blah blah blah. But the way the players feel and move and turn just feel solid. I just have fun with Pes with all its many faults.
    You CAN play a different Pes yes. But a different football game…ie fifa. Well I can not.
    If they get the animations right in Pes . It will be perfect. That’s not all what Pes needs but that is the MAIN thing konami needs to concentrate on. Not fancy graphics.
    But am afraid , from what I’ve heard, it looks like they are leaning towards “amazing” graphics more than anything with the new fox engine. Why?!! Do graphics make a football game?. It must be a Japanese thing may be…I don’t know.

  23. BrenBrad7 says:

    Let’s hope the new engine will spruce up PES and bring back the magic!

  24. Cybertooth says:

    I’d like a third option football game on the market, I’m not a huge fan of PES or Fifa, strangly enough I think PES’s graphics are better and Fifa’s game play is less frustrating, computer AI etc. I’d probably prefer a game that was like a combination of both. Why can’t they also have someone from Konami to just release an unofficial patch with all the proper kits etc. I’m not sure about the legality of that one.

  25. Cybertooth says:

    Also a solution that would maybe encourage people to pick the lesser teams online, could be to award them more points for a win if they pick a lesser team and they beat one of the better teams.

  26. Purple Haze says:

    Honestly I think the errors and mistakes in gameplay, somehow make PES more realistic, as you know, there are numerous errors in football.

    So the frustrations are somehow justified, if all that was cut out then that would make the game into FIFA!

    I love PES and will continue to enjoy the thrills and spills of it.

  27. Amateur says:

    I think I understand where you’re coming from, even though personally, I cannot be bothered with PES6 as I find it too outdated at this point. However, I am fully convinced that PES6 is a better video game than PES13 or any PS3 version of PES.

    Ironically (and as it should’ve been expected by anyone who understands the industry) Pro Evolution Soccer never evolved, and arguably, did just the opposite. At this point Konami is playing EA’s game, and EA is simply better than them, when it comes to producing a certain type of product. Few times have I seen a franchise with such a lack of understanding about what it was that the fans liked in the first place. I prefer to believe that their intent was genuine, and that the truth behind the failure, was that they really were at a lost, as to what it was about PES5 and PES6 that fans liked, and how to offer an analog-based concept of what was a d-pad game.

    If that was the case (rather than yet another franchise “selling out”), then it shows that Konami did not have a person with vision on their team. They should’ve known that the PS3 coming out, meant that the d-pad would inevitably be replaced by the analog; yet, they offered “360 degree” passing, only after EA Sports had made the jump a year or two earlier. That pretty much sums up the beginning and the end of PES as far as the PS3 console is concerned.

    And as for “selling out”, there is no doubt in my mind that the PES franchise did “sold out”, however, I prefer to believe that they sold out after realizing just how out of their depth they really were; in other words, out of necessity, rather than intent.

    In any case, and fortunately for us footy fans, the PS4 has been announced and will come out soon…. I think there is a very large probability that, given the magnitude of Konami’s failure with the PES franchise, that a third party should join the game early in the PS4′s life. It would be a waste if no third party joined, seeing how easy the “hardcore market” would be won over by anything that is less bad than either FIFA or PES…. EA Sports and Konami will do exactly the same things they did during the PS3 era: EA will offer a gimmicks fest and then sell it as “innovative”, and then Konami will copy them add some gimmicks of their own and call it “hardcore”. There has never been a better time for a third party, to produce a real hardcore product that can speak for itself and create a niche. Hopefully, what should happen, will happen…. if not…. then I fear the PS4 will be just as disappointing as the PS3, as far as football simulation goes.

    At the end of the day, I think PES lost the plot as soon as Konami realized that they didn’t know how to produce a hardcore analog-based video game, thus then going for what EA was already offering: a d-pad game at the core, with analog gimmicks at the surface, which (as should be expected) doesn’t stand the test of time as gracefully as a solid d-pad game like PES6 would.

  28. Dougie, we’ve done exactly the same. Scrapped all versions and gone back to PES 6. 360 version limited in terms of editing but so the better game on 360.

    Before haters come out please note we said ‘GAME’. The latest versions may be more realistic but as a game PES 6 is far more enjoyable

  29. moe sizlack says:

    Dougie, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you have to imagine you have a girlfriend.

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