PES Matters 14th May 2013

Well what can I say other than the response to Operation PES  Feel Good Factor in my last article was phenomenal!  I was truly overwhelmed with the range of heart-warming stories charting how the game created truly mesmerising memories in PES for many of you.

I could spend months picking out elements from the many stories submitted in comments, but it wouldn’t be fair to the people I was unable to pick out.  Many of the stories had me laughing, crying and downright sombre on occasion.  PES has always managed to pick at so many emotions in so many of us.  Anyway, I decided to use a scientifically approved model to find just one story to comment on, and that will be for…. James Goblin!

For all those disappointed to have not been picked, I can only apologise.

Anyway, James Goblin – I hear what you’re saying, and I have to say back in the day I had my favourites from the default bunch of players too.  Castolo was my perennial up and coming striker who would embarrass the stars that I would buy, by putting in performances that meant I just couldn’t leave him out.  At one stage in one lifetime, the great Batistuta couldn’t oust Castolo from the first team, and eventually sulked until I sold him.  Such was the strict regime of not pampering to overpaid primadonnas that I employed.

Right, with nostalgia clearly not weighing heavily on people’s minds, I thought I’d change tack and ask whether we felt that Konami’s post-sale service (primarily focussing on DLC delivery) was up to scratch.

Now I for one have always applauded how Konami have never ventured into paid DLC territory.   It’s refreshing to see, and means they focus on trying to give us a complete package over the course of the game’s general 12 month cycle.

However, as Paul has highlighted, there does seem to be some discrepancies with DLC delivery of squad updates post transfer windows in particular.  I’ve always used PC patches which incorporate squad updates, so haven’t really applied them per se.  Since I haven’t ventured online this year, the updates are meaningless to me.

But that’s just me – I’m sure the majority of you do depend on timely squad updates.  Are they handled in an efficient enough manner?  Are the updates delivered in a timely fashion?  Please have your say on Konami’s after-sales service and let’s see if we can get some salient points to deliver to Konami.

Thanks for reading.



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  2. Rob says:

    Gone are the days when PES was a pleasure to play! PES 12 & 13 are just shadows of former PES games.
    For me the series peaked (on the PS3) with PES 11, the lighting,turf,nets,gameplay,and general ambience were great and Konami had it nailed (apart from the stumbling animation and the dopey penalty system)and then went and RUINED it all with PES12 &13.

    I hope PES 14 is as good as it is hyped up to be otherwise I for one will not be investing any more of my hard earned money in ANY future PES games. I wish Konami & FIFA would get together to make the ULTIMATE football game and they could both share the profits from it, all it would need after that is a downloadable update (for a nominal fee) of squads and kits every year.

    It’s also a pity somebody does’nt see a gap in the market for another football game maker where no licences are required just a substantial editing suite to create your own leagues/comps/boots/balls/stadia etc.

  3. Gola says:

    dlc’s come out too late. next transfer window nearly open before they are released. lazy stuff in relation to the average size of a DLC. Switch some players, update a strip, add some more clown shoes etc.. its hardly rocket science…. or is it???!!! LAZY AND INEFFICIENT

  4. Amateur says:

    @ Rob


    I wish Konami & FIFA would get together to make the ULTIMATE football game and….


    Rob, no offense, but who invented that irrational sense of logic? It’s not just you, but quite a lot of people who are under the impression/delusion that FIFA + PES would amount to the perfect video game…. I mean, PES is not good, PES11 was not good, PES has never been good on the PS3 or 360; and FIFA, well FIFA is a pick up and play game for the people who do not care about lack of depth enough for it to be a game breaker; so really, how come PES + FIFA make the ultimate football game???

    It simply makes absolutely no sense…. And what’s worst, is the fact that some people think that FIFA + PES would be as good as it can get, when the actual fact is that neither PES nor FIFA have scratched the surface of what football simulation can be. It’s quite a disappointing thing, how fans like you will inevitably slow the progress of this genre.

    What you are suggesting, is similar to me saying that Mortal Kombat + Street Fighter would make the perfect fighting game…. not only would it completely destroy the competition that drives the industry as well as the genre, it also makes no sense in theory, because the two styles combined would not really create something better, instead an undefined video game with no identity or “soul” would be the result, much like what happened to PES since it jumped to the PS3 console.

  5. Seabass Out says:

    Fifa + Pes shooting – super game.

  6. Rob says:

    Ok Amateur!, I was merely pointing out that a hybrid might be better than the two iterations we have now.
    According to your logic petrol and electric should never mix in a car,but it does,and to me it’s the way forward.

    As for PES11 being poor, again, I was pointing out that I thought it was the best of a bad bunch.

  7. PES Online sucks says:

    @Rob, what u r asking for is to combine the only two options we have into one and kill any competition there is. What do u think they will start developing brilliant games? U have to keep in mind that the primary goal of these companies is to make money. Without any competition they can produce the ****tiest game ever n ppl will still have to take it. Sure, u can complain even harder, but where will u go then. Remember, competition is always good for us consumers. Don’t ever wish for something like that, not even in ur dream… :D

    Anyway, I m sick n tired of this ****ty online play, most of the time laggy, RM is the god team, everyone playing as RM. Most of the games suffer from lag. Although u may not notice it, ur gameplay is affected and u don’t feel like u r playing ur best. If u observe it closely, everything feels heavy, ur movement, direction changes, button presses. I m sick of it. I may be changing ship next instalment. I can’t enjoy it anymore.

  8. Gola says:

    Is there another DLC on the way,? Number 6, or did I just dream that. I’m pretty sure it popped up just before the title screen.

  9. Data pack issues says:

    Anyone else having trouble installing d.p 6?

    It downloads but does not implement

  10. dennisBergkamp10 says:


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