PES 2014 – New E3 Trailer

Konami have released a new trailer for PES 2014 & here it is


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  2. Amateur says:

    Just watched both the E3 trailer and the gameplay video, and I’m already pretty cure that I will buy PES 2014, the game has changed so much in terms of animations and apparently in terms of off the ball movement, that I’m just curious about how much better PES 2014 might be, when compared to either PES 2013 or FIFA 2013.

    Also, the graphics look similar to FIFA but without the cartoon-like faces, so I think that’s another positive. The new engine looks like it can evolve into a great game, hopefully the demo won’t disappoint.

  3. Banayoti says:

    Looking gooood. Very promising. Can’t wait to see a complete match running.

  4. Banayoti says:

    There IS an extended gameplay video. Thx Killer Tomatoe. I’ll watch it now

  5. Banayoti says:

    Pes always looked good in a close up. Pes 2013 looked good also. However in this year Pes close up I can see the difference between player and ball interaction. The ball bounces off players feet and glides on the turf better, animations much better. I particularly like the throw ins and shooting animations. And also the headers( the part when the santos defender climbed over Ribery I think and headed the ball away. A lot of subtle improvements everywhere . Oh and the way Robben runs and shoots is smoother than prs2013.
    However, I feel the nets are still the same, looking more than spider webs than football nets.
    Don’t know about you lot, but with a brand new engine I expected a bit more. But hey, am greedy.
    Konami are moving in the right direction I think.

  6. zz400 says:

    Steups..really fellas ? i find it looks like the same as before…come come konami lets see sumting better na man..steups

  7. BubsyFalocelli says:

    Yeah. To be honest, this looks more of an update than a new engine . Albeit a good update. I agree with Banayoti, I expected more , much more . But still, this is an early demo. Am sure it will improve .

  8. dennisBergkamp10 says:

    Expected a little more from the new engine.

    Seems like PES 13 with a 50% upgrade, the keepers still look dodgy. Menus look cool though, not too sure about the cursor like feature.

    I also expected more from the crowd and atmosphere.

    I’ll still get it though….hahahahahahaha!

  9. Amateur says:

    I just hope those little arrows are not an actual part of the actual game; it’s a stupid idea to have an arrow exposing the exact direction in which you intend to pass the ball.

    Furthermore, I just watched a gameplay video of both PES 2013 and PES 2014, and in my opinion the difference between the two is clear. Having said that, PES 2014 seems to revolve too much around running for my liking, FIFA 2013 from what I’ve seen offers better close control over the ball, so this does suggest that PES 2014 will be well behind FIFA 2014 at least where “close control over the ball” is concerned.

    The graphics look better in PES 2014, bit if there’s anything that disappoints me about what I’ve seen so far from PES 2014, is that in spite of the FIFA-like fluidity of the new animations, I have not seen any examples of the subtle close control that FIFA 2013 does offer (albeit in very small and limited measures).

    The graphics and the animations are looking good, but I think Konami still has a long way to go, if they want to produce an original product that offers what the “hardcore” gamers want. For as long as FIFA offers the best and the more subtle control over the ball, the hardcore games will continue choosing FIFA over PES. The “hardcore market” has shown a clear tendency over the years to buy, not necessarily the best video game, but the video game that requires the most skill. For all I know, PES 2014 may well be a better video game than FIFA 2014, but FIFA 2014 will very likely offer more subtle control over the ball, and that subtle control over the ball is the main reason why hardcore gamers started buying FIFA in the first place.

    I don’t enjoy to be the bearer of bad news (for PES fans), but FIFA 2013 offers better control over the ball than anything I’ve seen from PES 2014 so far, so FIFA 2014 working with a new console (PS4) and a new engine should once again comfortably beat whatever the fox-engine-based PES 2014 has to offer.

    The biggest positive for me, is the fact that Konami finally looks like they have an actual direction that they’ve decided on, I just hope that with PES 2015 and PES 2016, we begin to see the evolution of a product that isn’t so similar to what EA Sports is offering. And of course, yes, it could well be that I’m criticizing PES 2014 a little too early, but to be fair, if PES 2014 offered better and more subtle control over the ball than FIFA 2013, wouldn’t they have shown that by now?? Wouldn’t that be the very first thing that they would’ve shown?

    My opinion so far is, a step in the right direction, perhaps the most convincing step in the right direction that we’ve seen in the last six to eight years; but still, I think it fails to do what Konami has been trying to do ever since PES 2008, which is to win over those “hardcore” fans that haven’t come back yet. The future looks promising, at least.

  10. Amateur says:

    Just watched a couple of videos of FIFA 2014 “Next Gen” and, funnily enough, PES 2008 “Current Gen” looks more like a next gen game than FIFA 2014. In my opinion, FIFA 2014 the PS4 version, is just FIFA 2013.05.

    Having said that though, the videos of FIFA 2014 (PS4 version) do not show the very subtle L1 dribbling that FIFA 2013 offers. That’s the only obvious advantage that I can give in favor of FIFA, the subtle L1 dribbling; and considering the fact that the FIFA videos do not show the L1 dribbling feature, I hope that PES 2014 offers a similar dribbling feature, an alternative to FIFA’s L1 dribbling feature, which I am convinced is one the main reasons why so many “hardcore” gamers buy FIFA in the first place.

    Has anyone else watched the FIFA 2014 videos??

  11. Paul says:

    Just a point on the arrows, I haven’t played the new game, but I would say they are like the ones on PES 2013 in that when you use a manual pass the arrow shows. This can be disabled in 2013 & I see no reason why it shouldn’t be the case with 2014 as well.

  12. Amateur says:


    Just watched a couple of videos of FIFA 2014 “Next Gen” and, funnily enough, PES 2014 (I said “PES 2008″ in the previous post) “Current Gen” looks more like a next gen game than FIFA 2014. In my opinion, FIFA 2014 the PS4 version, is just FIFA 2013.05.

    Having said that though, the videos of FIFA 2014 (PS4 version) do not show the very subtle L1 dribbling that FIFA 2013 offers. That’s the only obvious advantage that I can give in favor of FIFA, the subtle L1 dribbling; and considering the fact that the FIFA videos do not show the L1 dribbling feature, I hope that PES 2014 offers a similar dribbling feature, an alternative to FIFA’s L1 dribbling feature, which I am convinced is one the main reasons why so many “hardcore” gamers buy FIFA in the first place.

    Has anyone else watched the FIFA 2014 videos??

  13. Amateur says:

    @ Paul

    Thanks for that info, glad to know that such a bad idea can be disabled.

  14. BubsyFalocelli says:

    Fifa new gen shows nothing more than better graphics far. There is a two minute gameplay of fifa 14 on you tube. And to be honest it looks good. But let’s face it. Konami’s decision not to release the game for the next gen should at least be followed by a total overhaul of Pes . I don’t think most gamers care much about better graphics or realistic crowd . But konami just updated pes2013 instead of blowing us away with a revolution of a game as the indicated in the early days.
    So 1- there is no new and fresh gameplay revolution.
    2- no next gen game
    3- ???????what are they thinking?
    Help me out please.

  15. Banayoti says:


    Only Konami can answer that. We can only speculate. I think may be our expectations were so high. New engine and all that jazz. But if we haven’t been told that there was going to be a new engine, I think most of us would be happy with the outcome.

  16. Amateur says:

    @ BubsyFalocelli

    I can’t agree with you mate, as I think the difference between PES 2013 and PES 2014 is massive…. Having said that though, I must agree with your general sentiment, because I also think that Konami has not done nearly enough to really set themselves apart from the FIFA series; you look at PES 2014, and it looks very similar to a slowed down FIFA 2013.

    I think Konami must change their control system in order to offer something original, as opposed to a slower version of FIFA, which is what PES 2014 looks like to me. But then again, to be fair to Konami, this is the first time they use this new engine, so perhaps to expect a new engine and also a new control system, is not a very realistic expectation.

    I can sum up my opinion by saying that I’m definitely disappointed by the lack of changes in the control system and the lack of changes in the way the game is played in general (same old as far as I’m concerned; not a revolution), but this new engine might be the start of a revolution as it looks like it can evolve into a great game, so overall I’m mostly disappointed with what I’ve seen so far, but at the same time I no longer feel like Konami is polishing a PS2 era turd. Still though, the core mechanics of PES 2014 are the same that N64 games used, so the core mechanics are still very much the same as a PS2 or N64 era turd, but the key difference for me is that this new engine looks like it could evolve into something we’ve never seen before. Time will tell.

  17. Chris99 says:


    Just watched the Gamespot video of Kei Masuda playing PES 2014 and the arrows were not present.

  18. Killer Tomato says:

    Gamespot video as stated by Chriss99

    Anyway.. we should wait the demo before making additional judgement
    Personally I like all the improvement made on the player movement base on the video..
    but this is only my early impression, I’m very eager to try the demo now..

  19. Valduramma says:

    Ah. Its that time of the year again. The anticipation of the new pes, the speculations, the gameplay clips. My favourite time of the year. I love pes.
    The gamespot video indicates a massive change in my opinion in pes.Why?
    Everyone noticed the fluid animations. The passing animations, the running , the shooting, the body movements, keeper animations, keeper throwing animations, throw ins animations, tackling animations, jumping and heading animations, clearing the ball animations.ok enough..ahem.
    Above all that, has anyone noticed how the AI behaves? how the AI repeatedly passes the ball backwards and restarts the attack when they see little options in the middle or down the flanks?
    At one point they even passed the ball right back to the keeper, the keeper waited for a second or two,probably weighing his options, before starting the attack again.
    In pes2013 and previous iterations , the AI always tried to attack down the middle wiggling pass your hapless midfield or defence or both,well at least my players!. Now the AI behaves more human like.
    I can see the elements of the fox engine working clearly. And if this is the first step, then we are in for some pleasant future surprises.

  20. BubsyFalocelli says:

    @ Amateur

    I hope you are right and there IS a massive difference between pes2013 and 2014.
    Pes2013 wasn’t a bad game to start with. But still… I think konami should have made a full use of next gen hardware AND the fox engine to produce a masterpiece. I feel they have a lot more fresh and original ideas than EA on how the game should be simulated. They just need to make better choices on how they go about doing that.

  21. Amateur says:

    @ BubsyFalocelli

    I would like to believe that Konami have more fresh and original ideas than EA, but from what I’ve seen so far, Konami has not done enough to convince me about that. I mean, to me, PES 2014 looks like a slower or less arcade-like version of FIFA 2013; that’s definitely better than PES 2013, and that might even win some or even many of the FIFA fans who are disappointed with the lack of progress that FIFA has made in the last three years or so, but still, as a football fan who wants to see a realistic and serious simulation, I don’t feel that Konami has done enough to really set themselves apart from FIFA.

    But having said that, I do think that the difference between PES 2013 and PES 2014 is crystal clear. PES 2014 even looks better than FIFA 2014 the PS4 version, in my opinion of course. But again, in the next few years I’d like to see fundamental changes to the control system and also to the way the game is played, I think Konami definitely have the skill to do what I think can (and should) be done, so for me is more a matter of; does Konami want to make revolutionary changes or do they just want to offer a slower and more realistic version of FIFA?

  22. Beck55 says:

    One thing I would like to know is whats going on with Master League in Pes2014 (especially the offline version). Am I the only one that was very disappointed with last year offline version? I didn’t care much for the boost that the boots give players or the way players evolve (almost all of my players reach 100 level in a few years) and, when players were reborn, their new stats took away what made a particular player special, meaning that the difference that between players like Messi and Ronaldo would disappear once they were reborn. I would like to see this problem resolved in Pes2014 so that I could have as much fun playing Master League as I once had.

  23. FOOTIE MAD says:

    The usual from konami. As right now the pes2013 online is unplayable. New engine new bulls..t

  24. Rob says:

    Yipeee! league mode WILL be back in PES14 and on that basis I will be buying it.
    I like the new animations and the way the game seems to flow,also the lighting seems realistic, I need some editing information as to whether we can edit shorts/socks/back of shirts/nets/stadiums etc.

  25. Banayoti says:

    League is back? Even better. Hopefully they fixed online. A must purshase for me also . Can’t wait to try the demo. I wonder when the demo coming out?

  26. Anonymous says:

    people i don t know the graphics look to me like fifa… fifa graphics are just **** to me

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