PES 2014 – A New Hope?

Hello everyone,

My name is Ezio Fidati. I am 45 years old and live in the United States. I started playing soccer or football if you prefer when I was 8 years old. I played through high school but did not continue playing after High School. However, I do still play casually and also coach youth teams.

As for my gaming experience, I have been playing video games since I can remember. I believe the first game I played was Pong from Atari (Yes, I know I am old). My first exposure to soccer games was Fifa International Soccer on the Sega Genesis. I was exposed to ISS/PES with the first ISS for the Nintendo 64 but didn’t really embrace the series until I got a PS2 and PES3 I believe. Like most people during the golden era of PES on the PS2 I did everything I could to play the game and stopped playing Fifa. The game on the PS2 just captured the game that we love perfectly and had a perfect balance of offense and defense.

Usher in the new era of the PS3/Xbox and that is where things start to decline for PES and Fifa as well in my opinion. For all the praise that Fifa has gotten the last few years that are still things that set the game back. As an example, looking at Fifa 13, the lack of fouls is one area that really stands out for me as a problem. There simply should be more fouls called in Fifa. In addition, for all the praise the animations get in Fifa and how smooth it is, it feels a little too loose in my opinion if that makes sense.

Meanwhile, looking at PES 2013 the through balls killed the game for me this year especially online. I still think overall PES 2013 is a better game than Fifa 13 but both games have their share of problems. With the current generation coming to a close and PES not making an appearance on the next generation of consoles there is much hope that we are going to finally get the game we have been waiting for. To use a Star Wars title we can think of it as PES 2014 (A New Hope).

Konami made an interesting choice in deciding to not release PES 2014 on the next-gen consoles and instead is focusing on the current gen for this iteration of the game.  Personally, I think this a good move on their part especially with the new Fox engine they put in. I know the engine is considered a next-gen engine but I personally fell this is a good decision to focus their resources on the current generation of consoles and not spread themselves thin by working on both current-gen and next-gen versions of the game.

I know we have all been here before but the early impressions so far some seem very encouraging.  Recent news suggests we are going to see a demo for PES 2014 at the end of August and we will get our first taste of the game. I am very much looking forward to the demo and getting a chance to finally play it. Rumors are that we are getting a demo later because they want it to be a later build and closer to the full version. Again, I think this is a good choice because in the past few years we have gotten two demos and there has been a lot of debate regarding the different demos and some people feeling that the first demo was better than the second etc.

So what do you think will it be “A New Hope” and live up to the expectations and finally deliver a solid title on this generation of consoles?


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10 Responses to PES 2014 – A New Hope?

  1. James Goblin says:

    Youre basing this only on the fact that they are not focusing on ps4?
    Im sorry to be the one who breaks it down for yer, but neither did last year, or the year before, or the year before, or the year before.
    This post is a joke, no one should care to comment

  2. Ezio says:

    It isn’t based only on the fact they are not focusing on the ps4. It is also based on some of the early impressions that have come in so far.

  3. jimmy says:

    Nice post ! I like diversity ! And you do have a background in soccer/football, not like others around here who can’t hold up the ball for 3 times x:DDD Don’t listen to haters !!!

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  5. Connor says:

    Warning to James and other posters:
    Dont give Ezio crap or he will assassinate you.
    It is part of his Assassin’s Creed.

  6. Ecdl says:

    James es un estupido

  7. Ezekiel Benedict says:

    Hey Ezio, great to see some of the older gamers represented, like myself. I have been playing football games since they first became a thing – anybody remember Sensible Soccer on the MegaDrive. I have been really enjoying PES 2013 but I have one gripe – penalties – or rather the lack of them. Against the AI I have had one in the whole time I have been playing it – i play mainly master league, or football life as they call it now, and play on the 4-star setting. Apart from that this has been the best PES for me since PES 6 on PS2.

  8. Rapid says:

    PES 2014 isn’t coming out for the PS4/XBOX One?

    Im getting a next gen console so I can’t play PES for a whole year?!

    I have to buy FIFA then.

    Wont Konami lose loads of money not bringing this out for the next gen console. Lots of people will buy FIFA just so they can buy a football game.

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  10. Mahdan says:

    Hello, I’m new here, I couldn’t avoid posting because I just love it here, I’m sorry xD
    @Ezio “too loose” makes perfect sense to me, I’ve been looking for anyone sharing this thought about fifa’s current gen games (specially since 2011)
    Rapid’s analysis is quite accurate, I’m afraid lot of people could do that… They’ll be missing something

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