PES Matters 15th August 2013

As you guys will have noticed we’ve managed to get a few new writers for the site.
I’m hoping that between us we will be able to offer a diverse range of views and opinions.
So please do welcome them and I’m sure they will engage you guys in all areas of the game.

So word on the street is that the demo is on the verge of release, though my money is on it being released closer to the end of the month. I’ve not managed to get official word on the date either, and not sure which platforms will see demos released. We’ve not generally seen PC demos released, so I don’t expect one now either for it.

Would I be correct in assuming that to date there hasn’t been enough information about the game released, compared to previous versions at this stage? Or do you think there has been sufficient information?

With Gamescom due to run from the 21st to the 25th of August (21st restricted to trade and media visitors), I’d expect an explosion of gameplay footage, and the announcement of the demo go live date.
If we’re lucky, it’ll be out at the same time as Gamescom, so let’s hope that happens.

So given we’re a stone’s throw away from release, how are your excitement levels for this new version of PES? With a new direction, and several key features being touted, this could be the moment we’ve been waiting for, since the brilliant PES6?

I have to say that whilst no one single version of PES since has truly satisfied as much as PES6 did for me, there’s been enough in the way of changes to PES to not enjoy PES6 any more. The limitations of the engine have since been fully exposed, and there’s no going back.

So the question is, will this new engine drive the game forward positively? I just hope the focus on gameplay is maintained over the more superficial elements of the game, such as shirt textures, and sweat pouring off faces.

I have to say one of my biggest concerns is also refereeing. In my eyes, a broken referee equals a broken game. If we have to resort to learning how to manipulate the ref’s decisions in order to get away with dirty play, then it’s a game breaker in my books.

If you agree with me on this – please shout loudly in the comments section and I’ll do my best to make sure the right people hear what we’re shouting about. Unfortunately it’s one area which tends to get neglected, given all the gameplay focus we see every year.

Thanks for reading.


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8 Responses to PES Matters 15th August 2013

  1. BK says:

    Yes! The referees need a major change. For me, FIFA’s referees are good enough for me. Though I think Konami can do a better job in all aspects!!! Can’t wait for PES 2014!!!

  2. cmsmithjr says:

    Hey. Does anyone know if the physics of the way the ball hits the net have changed? cause since pes11 its been bad and not realistic and its worse in fifa. Go back and look at the way the ball hits the net in Fifa09 that looked great when you scored a goal, looked like what could happen in a real match, like a low shot into the goal should hit the bar at the back of the net and roll up the net, you know. Its a simple thing i know but if it looked realistic scoring goals would look better and feel more satisfying. Im happy with the cameras. Anyone know if you can combine the home and away kits like in PES5 that would be easier than 3rd kits

  3. Andy Hoj says:

    Good article Dougie! I would have liked more information at this point but that’s just me being greedy, I’m hoping the information we get at Gamescom makes up for the lack of recent info.

    Having said the news about Chilean League and the Copa Sudamerica is fantastic news (the latter was a great suprise) allowing a diversity in teams and styles that Fifa can only dream (all teams play the same don’t they on FIfa whether it’s Barnet or Bremen). Can’t wait for the game, hopefully gameplay is king this year!

  4. Jimmy says:

    Good job ! I have this site in my favs, so good to see more opinions and writers. Maybe, in time, you could expand the numbers, diversity is the greatest :)

    PS: That’s why is nice to see KONAMI vs. EA :)) We all have here a win-win situation !!!

  5. Rob says:

    Yes they should bring in a net editor to go along with stadium editor don’t care about textured shirts

  6. ability says:

    we need new commentating.

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