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As I stated in my previous blog I was able to get my hands on the leaked demo and played quite a bit of it. I was anxious to see how the “Official” demo played compared to the leaked demo so here are my thoughts.



There were a few gameplay issues in the leaked demo that thankfully are not present in the official demo. The biggest issues in the leaked demo were that players sometimes would over-run a ball and had to come back to get it. Thankfully that does not appear to be an issue in the official demo. In addition, the goalkeepers seemed to be weak when dealing with shot near post. Again this seems to have been resolved. I still did give a up goal the other day near post but it is nowhere as bad as in the leaked demo. The only other real issue right now is the button response on occasion not responding when you hit the button. Hopefully they can tweak this for the release but I can live it with it the way it is right now.


I had some concerns when I heard about the heart feature that it would be overpowered. I played a bunch of games as both the home side and the away side and there is certainly a difference playing at home but I found it depends on the teams involved. What I mean by that is that if you play as Santos away vs. Bayern Munich for example you will find it very difficult. However, if you play as Man U away vs. the same Bayern Munich it is a closer affair and you can steal one. Obviosully, the matches are only 5 minutes so I don’t think we will know for sure until we see how it behaves in Maste league but so far it does not seem overdone.

Sound, crowd and other effects

I believe that the ambience of the crowd and the sounds are well done. For example, if you are playing as the home side and you aren’t playing well you will start to hear whistles from the home crowd and they will start to get on you. By the same token, if you are playing well at home they will spur you on. The commentary is getting stale and needs work but I plan on changing the commentary to a different language any way. Commentay is one area Fifa shines in and it would be nice if they can work on commentary on the next gen versions. Crowd chants are well done as well and sound great and of course you can always add your own to add to the atmosphere. The addition of the crowd making signs in the stands is also a nice touch.


I used to play on Top player but the last few years have played on Pro because I didn’t like the way the CPU played on Top Player. This year, I think the balance is much better. I have played games on both Pro and Top Player to see which one I would start on and there are subtle differences but they are closed. Obviouslly, Top Player is harder but not by a wide margin. Again, we will have to see how this plays out over a ML campaign but the disparity in levels this year is close. Having said that I think on Superstar I think there is too much constant pressure from the CPU so hopefully this can be tweaked.

In closing, I would like to say this is the most optimistic I have been about a PES game and look forward to the upcoming release. We have to wait until the 24th here in the United States but I will be trying to get it early if I can.

So what do you think after playing the demo. Cause for optimism or will be let down again once we put a good amount of time into the game?

Thanks for reading.


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9 Responses to Thoughts on Demo

  1. Saj says:

    At the moment I’m loving every bit if the game. The animation the ball control passing in tight spaces and player movement is amazing. Very fluid and fox engine really does shine. Well done to konami. Really looking forward to the full game and next gen launch in the near firer would be nice. I play on ps3 as my PC is now a Mac

  2. bRz (NYC) says:

    ..the only things that need tweaking for me..the button lag during shooting, where the player takes an extra touch way too much, many times resulting in the defender stealing the ball…. and I hope shooting is improved, a bit too floaty for my liking…why do they keep changing the shooting anyway?? …last year it was very good

  3. ScholesAbdul says:

    Does anyone know wether arabic commentry is available as an option in the European release of Pes 2014 please?

  4. vladjosky says:

    hello i m looking for some non common players and i hope somebody would gently subsidise them to me through FM to. PES converter isn’t it?

  5. Jimmy says:

    Please, buy the game people, it’s only 35 euros in my country… I’ve been saving money for 6 months…

    We must help KONAMI with money to fight back the EA monster with its
    FIFA crap taking over all licenses of leagues and clubs !!!

    PES would become fantasy football in a few years if we don’t buy the game !!!

    Tomorrow, I will get the DVD from pre-order at my door. Original is original, if anybody ever bought the game.

    PS: Amazing review though ! Not that crap gamespot, EA payed, for sure !!!

  6. vladjosky says:

    can someone help me

  7. Valduramma says:

    It’s an absolute delight to see the vast majority of reviews pouring in singing praise for Pes . They just eco my thoughts about the game (demo) . And am awaiting patiently to get my hands on my baby at the early hours of tomorrow morning. And to konami…love you now and always!

  8. Valduramma says:

    This pes2014 review from the web just sums it up nicely:

    “For the most part, PES 2014 plays an excellent game of football, and when it all comes together even FIFA can’t compete in terms of sheer satisfaction and joy”

  9. Tiger fly says:

    Pes14 is a joke what you guys talking about I’ve been playing thus game since iss and I can tell you this am done with pes after playing the demo sorry excuse for a football game konami is going backwards

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