The Good, The Bad & The Editing

Hi guys, I would have liked to write my own review of the game, but due to my option file commitments (addiction) I have only played 7 or 8 games so any review I wrote probably wouldn’t be objective. Instead I will write a mini review of the one mode I have spent many hours in over the last 8 days, edit mode. Some of you may have read my post a few weeks ago regarding the changes to editing, but now I can give you some proper insight.

Being able to add all the extra PNG’s to kits is great, even if it takes a lot longer to do, it makes the kit look so much more authentic, plus the extra layers help. The one drawback for me was Konami not releasing full details of the perfect sizes for each PNG and leaving it to the hard working kit makers to work it out (although there is still some discussion as to which is best). Looking at a complete kit save file it seems that Konami had originally intended to add the option to add a image for the captains armband, but it didn’t make it in, but I suppose there is always the chance it will be added via patch later.

Following on nicely from kits is the fact that team emblems are now added as individual files instead of part of the main editdata. Originally it seemed this would mean a limitless amount of team emblems, but no their is a limit of 100 when there are 111 teams that need one, so again it is not possible to make a perfect option file.

Both emblems and kits suffer from a big delay in loading, this occured in PES 2013 with kits, and now emblems are individual files it happens with them as well. Also the kit delay is even worse now due to the larger files.

It’s great to see the return of the ability to edit the Copa Libertadores teams and players, it was a big miss for a lot of people from 2013. You can also move teams from these competitions to the fake leagues which saves duplicate teams being created, the only drawback of this is as an example I have moved the three Mexican teams to the fake American league, now if I was to start Copa Libertadores mode instead of the three Mexican teams the teams I replaced them with will be there instead. Not a big thing for me, but it will be for some people.

I’ve always been very bad at creating face builds for PES and have relied on the amazing work of others, the things they have been able to do with the new face editor is amazing and makes the loss of face scans not so important. Once the basecopy feature is patched back into the game I’m sure they will be able to do even more as they will have more hairstyles available. One of my personal favorites of the new face build mode is the improvements in facial hair, it is now possible to get a proper full beard, not the bum fluff of the last few games.

The addition of the extra editable leagues is great and will allow option file makers to make their files very distinctive, the old option of one editable 1st division meant the majority of files (mine included) had the Bundesliga as that league. Now I’m sure we will see a lot more variation, this would have been even more apparent if the three leagues were not locked to regions though.

Even though I have highlighted a few flaws (or room for improvement) the thing that has annoyed me the most is the extra button presses required when doing things like removing emblems from kits or changing the position of the chest/short number. In previous games you selected the option then pressed right/left on the d-pad to cycle through the options, now once you select them you have to press X again before selecting from a drop down box. This might seem a minor thing (and once I’m used to it, it probably will be), but at the moment it is really annoying me.

Overall I’m happy with the changes though, especially in a year where Konami have been focusing on gameplay and it all bodes well for future editions of the game.

Thanks for reading, Paul

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11 Responses to The Good, The Bad & The Editing

  1. Rocky5 says:

    Not to mention, us xbox users get screwed royally :-( half the features we had in PES2013 & why they make custom assets so damn small I don’t know, ingame kits are 2048×2048 the custom strips are 512×512 that’s a third of the size :-@ why not 1024×1024.

  2. Jimmy says:

    For PC users, Edit Mode is ok, except the removed Stadium Editor. We just need more free players (160 editable players is little) and more slots for emblems, logos, kits, stadiums + the possibility to create new leagues and new teams.

    Anyway, there already a few tools to accomplish the missings. Thanks to dedicated programmers !!!

  3. Maxi Lozzo says:

    Can players from Libertadores and AFC Champions League be registered on National Teams ?

  4. Beck55 says:

    For the first time since 2003 I will not buy the PES game. Master League was the main reason I would buy the game every year but, as I read the reviews, this year it’s awful. So, my friends, see you next year.

  5. ability says:

    me too bro its really awful

    i am waitin for next year too.

  6. Geordie01 says:

    Hey guys, I bought pes 2014 on release day, excited by enjoying the demo thinking online battles could be interesting….no online for a week, so traded it in for FIFA 14… it, I’m addicted, don’t be disappointed get FIFA and have a good year of a computer game.

  7. Jimmy says:

    Try the best gameplay patch for PES 2014 !!!

    [Gameplay Tool] PES F1X4R v1.1 by nesa24

    It fixes every problem of the gameplay !!!

    No catch-up bug, no floaty shots with an air balloon, no cursor unresponsiveness !!!

  8. Kudos24 says:

    I love pro and this year is the best by far however konami please sort out online play from day one not three weeks later.

    Nowadays online play is a huge factor when deciding to buy a game and PES is poor (online)

    Also do a day one patch for correct Europe teams as the window closes at the begining of September. Patches(OF) help offline however online it doesn’t. It not about loading team data

    Sort these out and you will win back the customer who jumped over to FIFA however continue to do the same thing every year (leaving online patches and team update patches for weeks/month after release) and you will continue to lose more fan base

  9. TrueGooner says:

    @Jimmy is this for PS3 or PC.
    Do anybody know when will the PC version be release in the US.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Is for PC, of course x:D Try it, it’s amazing !!! PES 14 is a brand new game with that patch !!!

    PS: Kitserver module for FileLoader is coming soon

  11. Jimmy says:

    PES2014 File Loader Beta by Jenkey1002

    Kit Loader is new plugin of File Loader, that allows to manage kits with GDB system.

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