Konami addresses PES 2014 Xbox 360 online issues

Fixes to the online functionality of Xbox 360 Version of PES 2014 are coming

Konami Digital Entertainment BV is aware of the current problems preventing Xbox 360 users from playing PES 2014 online, and would like to assure users that the PES team is focusing all resources on resolving the problem. Meanwhile a European URL has been set up to give users progress updates.

At present, users receive a ‘Download File is Broken’ message when trying to implement Data Pack 1.00 having installed Patch 1.01. KONAMI is dedicated to providing the best possible gameplay experience to its users, and is working closely with Microsoft to solve the issue.

In addition to the Xbox 360 online issue, KONAMI is looking to address a range of feedback from users of all versions and expects to release an update shortly, which adds a number of features such as the highly anticipated 11v11 mode.

“We would like to apologise to any users who have been unable to enjoy PES2014 online and would like to reassure fans we’ll be fixing the issue as quickly as possible” Konami Digital Entertainment President Shinji Hirano stated. “In the meantime we’re setting up a special section on the PES2014 site to keep users up to date on issues, feedback and general help with the product. Our customer support team is also providing as much personal support as possible” The special URL detailing progress with the issue is as follows: https://uk.secure.konami-europe.com/

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22 Responses to Konami addresses PES 2014 Xbox 360 online issues

  1. Jimmy says:

    Try the best gameplay patch for PES 2014 !!! Search on Google:

    [Gameplay Tool] PES F1X4R v1.1 by nesa24

    It fixes every problem of the gameplay !!!

    No catch-up bug, no floaty shots with an air balloon, no cursor unresponsiveness !!!

  2. ulven says:

    PES lead commentator John Champion : Nearly, however in football terms nearly is nowhere…..
    This can also be said about pes 14 if they do not correct the players’ faces, goalies and shots on goal etc

  3. christos21 says:

    @ Jimmy this patch is only for Pc users. PS3,XBOX ????

  4. Jimmy says:

    Only for PC, obviously.

    PES2014 File Loader Beta by Jenkey1002

    Kit Loader is new plugin of File Loader, that allows to manage kits with GDB system.


  5. MAK says:


  6. FOOTIE MAD says:

    So the gsme was released on Sept 20th,and Konami only just decide to release a statement now. They mnew there was a problem from day one on all gaming machines but release a statement today. What a load of crap . They specify x box . What they gonna do about ps3 . Nothing mentioned here. I mentioned there was a problem a week ago concerning the patch that came with the game. The facts are they do not know how to fix this,or there would have being a message on the information section in the game . I am currently looking into wether they are in breach of trading rules by selling the game in the way it is ,and if the customer is entitled to a full refund after the 14 day period ,which is actually up today. Enough is enough now as thry hive us the same online s**t every year

  7. FOOTIE MAD says:

    They also state to try and implement 11v11. Hiw the f**k they gonna do that if 1v1 doesnt work . Ffs Konami ,learn to walk before you can run. An investigation in to your game is forthcoming

  8. MAK says:

    so after 11 hours of maintainance is everything fixed ?.
    No still laggy as hell and most games are disconnects,
    I am now a loner online with all my friends jumping ship. they have all lost patients and all gone to fifa 14

  9. FOOTIE MAD says:

    No amount of maintenance is going to do it. We still end up playing with a balloon for a ball,a defence that remains static when the opposition attack on corners and rebounds. No great feel to this game . Cursor still unrespinsive no doubt. Let me see if anything has changed

  10. D says:

    Advanced through ball does not work online for Xbox or PS3, the player receiving the through ball, one touches it away. Is it not suppose to work online? Does anyone know or have experienced the same problem?

  11. Teddy says:

    What a joke!!!! Gimme pes5 anyday!!! I used to have hours, no days of fun in the ladder league and it was so much better than any next gen version.. My only hope is that the new next gen consoles will finally see the return of this once great game.. R.I.P Pes!!!!

  12. Hols says:

    This whole game is bugged, broken, glitchy and unfair

    Very sad :(

    How did Microsoft let this unfinished game through the net??!

  13. Gola says:

    Just got a message on started saying online issue is solved

    Downloading data pack again but still really slow to download. Started 15 mins ago and only at 6 %

  14. Gola says:

    Finished downloading and data pack still broken!!!


  15. FOOTIE MAD says:

    Complain . Thats what you can do .complain. demand your money back for a misold product . Take it back to the shops. When they realise their s hit product is beibg returned in their bucketloads then perhaps konami will take rhings more seriously

  16. PES Online sucks says:

    Its funny.. I used to play this game for hrs n now I get fed up after just 2 games. Soo many bugs n issues its really disappointing. Tried online again after a long break, n it is still broken, full of lags. Have u guys noticed the ball goes straight thru the pitch side advertising boards instead of bouncing back in the online version, where as it bounces back as it should in the offline version? This to me looks like online version is not the same as offline codebase, perhaps the reason why it is soooo oooo oooo broken. Btw, this site is dead too, just like the game. Are the site authors busy working on a new site – fifagaming or soemthing?

  17. FOOTIE MAD says:

    I am getting fed up with all this talk of the xbox being unable to dowload the patch and konami trying tobaddress this. What about the unfortunate PS3 owners who managed to download a patch littered with glitches,bugs,slowdown and catch up. There us no mention of Konami trying to address this. Its the worst online experience since they decided to try going online. What are they doing about it . Its disheartening and annoying ,and I am running out of patience

  18. dennisBergkamp10 says:

    I agree that the game is unfinished and broken. The reason is why? Konami want to or somehow think they can compete with EA for sales!

    After getting hot air blown up their vaginas they think that they could curb the market and steal some sales. Even if you wanna trade the game it still counted as a sale, giving it back does not make a dent in Konamis sales, the only one that suffers is the consumer! We lose out on what we paid for the game and still have to fork out more cash if you want to purchase FIFA.

    Its ridiculous that every year they release an unfinished game but everyone doesn’t care because they can just get an option file to make everything pretty and wait for an update to solve some issues.

    Its gonna take time for Konami to wake up, every year the sales will evenutally drop and pave the way to the end of PES or a new begining.

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  20. Soldes Vans says:

    Do you ever get scared, I ask Small. ‘Pretty much every trip there’s been a suicide bomb and there was a fear that they were actually targeting all Westerners. If you have enough naivety, you can whizz through and, obviously, I am in charming company. But yes, there are moments. It’s scary when you hear explosions at night and helicopters going over and you think, “Where? What is happening?”‘

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