PES Matters 7th January 2014

A belated happy new year to all our readers from everyone here at PESGaming!

I’d like to begin by thanking Amateur for his very detailed comments on where Konami are with the series.
He raises a good few points on where the current failings of the series are. The bottom line seems to be the concept of freedom for me.
We’re still very much reigned in by the game’s engine, limiting what we can do, and how we can do it.

I’ve said this before, but we’re in a power struggle with Konami over just how free the game’s controls should be.
They’re trying to balance realism with fun effectively. The game has to be fun to play, not a chore, which perhaps realism would lend itself towards.
If people struggle to carry out the basics of running and passing, they’ll switch to FIFA, which will have a better pick up and play factor.

However, the hardcore amongst us really feel we’ve exhausted the gameplay mechanics that have dominated over the last 20 odd years of football gaming.
We’re ready for a real challenge in how we play football games. We’re not held back by technology anymore, but are now restricted by mindsets which refuse to move on and harness the technology available to us.

Would having to relearn how to dribble and pass more realistically stop you from playing PES? Would you yearn a return to the current strait-jacket system which gives you limited freedom to play instead? I think right now, Konami would see this as a massive gamble, and clearly, it’s one they’re not prepared to take.

Playing PES should be fun, and should allow us to express ourselves with our players and teams. In truth, it’s a frustrating experience as you move within the confines placed on you. Would true freedom come at the cost of playability and fun? For many, I think the answer would be an emphatic no.

In fact, I think many would applaud the effort to break away from the current control system and look to embrace the new system. We’d happily provide feedback to improve it, happy in the knowledge we’re moving onwards and upwards.

The next game is going to be very important for the series as we see what the new-gen capabilities will allow the series to do. Will Konami play it safe and just offer an aesthetically pleasing experience, or will we see some hardcore changes which break the shackles that bind it? I’m hoping for both!

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  1. DMA64 says:

    Reading through this forum I`m having a hard time to belive that going for a more free approach would help the game. Look at the topic “PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?” people are already stumbleing with such simple tasks or are screaming the game dies because you can`t score by simply holding a button down.

    I for myself would go for it. My idea would be to have some kind of “fog of war” where you can only see what your player can see. Then use the right analog stick to look around ;)

  2. DMA64 says:

    Sorry its me again, I`m not able to post in the forum, I only get this message
    $bbuserinfo[username], you do not have permission to access this page

    Can someone help?

  3. Paul says:

    They should try to advance the game to take advantage of new technology (as I personally believe they have been trying to do, with mixed results). They need to decide what they want to do & listen to fans a little bit less, I know this might sound stupid, but at the moment they are trying to please everyone (which you can’t do) rather than just go in one direction with how they see the future of the game. I don’t want to ramble on too much here as I can probably post my own blog post on the subject in the coming days.

    @DMA64 you need to create a account to post on the forums, when you access them you should see a box asking to log in or sign up ;)

  4. Amateur says:

    @ DMA64


    Reading through this forum I`m having a hard time to belive that going for a more free approach would help the game. Look at the topic “PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?” people are already stumbleing with such simple tasks or are screaming the game dies because you can`t score by simply holding a button down.


    Reading through this forum? Tell me, what is there to read, in this forum? I’m asking because frequently visit this website, and almost nobody bothers commenting on PES anymore. The funny thing is that most people who used to comment on the PES sections, are now commenting on the FIFA section of the forum. So considering that last bit of information, I am certainly interested to know what it is that you have “read through this forum”.

    Furthermore, I think your statement is incredibly condescending. To begin with, you are openly neglecting the fact that a lot of people who used to play PES no longer play said video game or have not bought said video game in the last three years or so. So the comments that you are “reading through this forum” are certainly not voiced by the people who no longer buy and play PES. Neglecting such an obvious truth is not only condescending but also rather naive, how much credibility do you think your opinion merits when you openly neglect well established facts?

    This is the simple fact: PES earned a great reputation on the premise of being a “hardcore” video game, and that’s what most PES fans expected, a hardcore video game that would continue progressing, and that’s not what Konami delivered, and that’s why FIFA sales have increased and that’s why PES is widely seen as a video game that is trying to get “back on track”. This is not a matter of opinion, this is a fact, the market has spoken loud and clear: PES declined, FIFA improved, why did that happened? Because PES remained a simplistic d-pad video game at a time when FIFA already was offering analog passing, and a large chunk of the PES fanbase ditched PES right away. Wanting to remain “simple” was the biggest mistake by Konami, it allowed EA Sports a head start, and Konami is still playing the “catching up” game.

    The fact that you think PES should not go for a “free approach” is proof of the fact that you are completely clueless on this particular subject. Furthermore, the idea that dumb people (who want and expect the video game to play itself; who apparently are too dumb to understand anything that requires any thought process at all) should dictate how a “hardcore” video game franchise evolves, is precisely what went wrong with PES.

  5. DMA64 says:

    @ Paul Thank you but I have an account that doesn`t seem to work. Maybe I try to create a new one.

    @ Amateur. Maybe you should read again, I said I would go for it – that was in the part you forgot to quote.

    I didn`t say anything about people switching to

    I just don`t think it would help Konami to sell more games/getting more fans and we are past the time PES was using only the d-pad and I think PES is still more hardcore than FIFA. And no I didn`t read through every single post in this forum I just said that when you click on PES2014 and read through, that it looks like the most people allready seem to have a problem with how “hardcore” PES is right now. I having a hard time beliving people are switching to FIFA because it is more hardcore I would rather belive people switch over because it is the better game (not for me). And were I live its mostly “You want your game with Bundesliga in it? Ok here is FIFA”

    For the record I think we are on the same side I like my games Dark Soul-ish not Kirby-ish.

  6. Amateur says:

    @ DMA64

    People are not switching to FIFA because it’s more hardcore, people have been switching to FIFA because it is a defined genre, it is a video game for casuals. On the other hand, PES is now stuck in limbo, neither hardcore nor casual, and most people simply do not enjoy playing a game that feels both undefined and incomplete. Konami needs to make a decision with respects to their vision, they either need to be hardcore or casual, they most certainly should not continue with the same approach of a watered down hardcore game, because it clearly isn’t working.

    And yes, people have switched to FIFA because it is the better game. But even so, being the better game won’t make FIFA any better to people who are not interested in casual pick up and play video games that you can master after one hour of picking it up.

    In my opinion, if Konami goes for a more serious hardcore approach, and reinvents the way football simulation works, meaning that they significantly change the way the controls work, I am convinced that they will sell more games. Here is the market for a serious footy simulation: the 18 year olds who started playing FIFA about four or five years ago, they are now in their early twenties and they will start looking for a more rewarding video game; not to mention the former PES fans who are neither playing PES nor FIFA because of the actual progress that has not been accomplished by either franchise.

    Honestly, that’s just inevitable, the same happened when footy sims were based on the d-pad, when you only had about 7 stats, etc. Consumers will eventually out-grow the game design, and the type of gameplay that PES14 and FIFA14 are still using, will be replaced by a better one. I think it is possible that if PES doesn’t take a pro-hardcore initiative, that another corporation could very possibly take over the hardcore market by surprise, and then PES would be left competing with FIFA for the casual market, which I don’t think would be a good position to be in if you are Konami.

    But maybe you are right, maybe PES will always have a market regardless of how undefined or incomplete it might be. Though no one can deny, that when PES was at its best, it was seen as a “hardcore” video game. I think that very simple fact, says a lot about the “decline” of a franchise that was once widely acknowledged as the best in its genre.

    My opinion is that the hardcore market is there for the taking, and whomever makes a hardcore analog based footy sim will make a lot of money regardless of how many copies FIFA sells.

  7. DennisBergkamp10 says:

    I’m playing the game on full manual controls and its f#@king unplayable!

    I would like to play FIFA but just can’t play more than a couple games until I get bored.

  8. Fraz006 says:

    Hi. I enjoy the more realistic graphic, skill koves, heading motion. But, two days ago, i was shocked to see a replay. Pique skating 270degree in an effort to clear the ball. Thisis bull****, i thought its a glitch! So i checked a few more replays of player runs. To my surprise, they are all skating. Faster players have more slippery skate blade, thats how they beat slower ‘skaters’. Hahahahaha.

    I mean, FiFa this year makes use of step based mechanic, and it sure feels a lot more realistic and we as the gamers will definitely feel more connected.

    So, Konami. Do something if you dont feel like closing shop sooner than you thought.

  9. Fraz006 says:

    Other than the ‘ skater footballers’ issue, i agree 100% on the issues brought up in posts above. Defending control is surprisingly too manual to the point it looks embarassingly schtoopid like it was developed by nerds who never play soccer? Player running next to the ball but not picking up the ball? Through ball receiver can beat the nearer to ball opposite player ? Shooting always to the center unless u set to full manual?

    I mean, come on Konami! Takkan lah ini sahaja yang kau mampu buat? Fikir duit sahaja memang masuk longkang lah.

    - pes Malaysia

  10. Fraz006 says:

    Oh , did i mention about 2mm offside and still can be detected by the linesman. Super linesmen of pes2014, they are the hardest to beat.

    Whats with the first touch knock forward is compulsory before you can shoot?

    I have both fifa 14 and pes 14. So far, fifa has more ‘footballistic’ gameplay ( as of today, pes14 datapack 1.04)

  11. Author says:

    We need better players to be the authors!

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