PES Matters 13th January 2014

Hello.  Is anybody out there?

There’s no point in ignoring the obvious, but where are you guys on this site?  We’re getting fewer and fewer comments being made to articles.  Whilst this is a reflection on the general interest levels in the game, we should surely be able to get a bit more interest from people still playing the game surely?

I’m looking for some fresh blood to join my team of writers for the site.  We need to try to generate enough content to keep interest levels up, so if you think you’re up for the challenge, then please get in touch with me – I’d really appreciate the help right now.  I don’t mind admitting it’s very tough going right now.

My personal PES endeavours are at a dead end for now.  I’m on the PC version and can’t seem to get patches installed and working.  I’ve tried many times to re-install the game from scratch, and to accept the recommended patches, but they don’t seem to work.  I’m stuck in a vicious cycle with them – anyone else struggling with this, or know the way to break it? Other than to not bother – before someone comes up with that solution!

I am thinking of just trying to get some pes patches which are available.  PES Edit, PES Smoke and Fire Patch are the most likely candidates.  They not only provide updates but also help improve general appearance as well.  They will be my last resort to getting a working copy of PES on PC! Failing that I’ll try to get my hands on a PS3 copy, but that’s not a choice I’d like to have to make if I’m honest.  I’m committed to PC and would rather stay on it.

In the meantime, I’d like to try to get a few new writers getting involved on the main site if I can.

Is there anything you think we can do to improve our site, or to introduce new elements which you think would help generate more interest, then please do leave comments or get in touch with me – it’d be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading.



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35 Responses to PES Matters 13th January 2014

  1. James Goblin says:


    Ill always prefer this site over WENB, but the series is garbage, not even worth the minute it takes to post.
    I visit the pes sites out of reflex. It saddens me cos i enjoy your posts
    Thas jus me

  2. Amateur says:

    @ Dougiedonut

    I would be interested in writing the occasional articles rather than regular basis articles. My main interest is, in all honesty, not in the game itself at this point, since I don’t think there’s much to say about the game considering how little it has progressed in the last four years or so, but my interest is in writing and making videos about ideas that could perhaps be added to the game. In this day and age, I believe videos, and the support that can be provided for said videos, could potentially make a difference if, say, Konami got to see, in video, the general idea that some of us would like to see.

    But yeah, the lack of activity in the home page and in the forum itself, is pretty much proof of the fact that PES14 didn’t hit the right notes.

  3. NoelsNose says:

    Maybe the decline in comments id ue to the negativity of PES14, certainly the reviews on amazon etc show a major shift from people defending PES to slating it this year.

  4. ahmed a. says:

    The decline of interest in the site is a direct result of the game’s mediocrity. Even Forums’ veterans can be rarely seen on the regular PES2014 forum, although they do have some discussions on “Other topics”, “Other gaming” and even on “FIFA” forums!
    Me personally, I don’t play PES2014 anymore (I sold my disc), but I do play WE9LE and PES3, the two best football games ever IMO. I rarely log to the site just to sigh sadly on the status of modern PES.

  5. James Goblin says:

    Was it lasagna? Was it lasagna?

  6. DennisBergkamp10 says:

    Everytime I put on PES 14 I hope that the game is gonna be different, and everytime I get annoyed at how broken the game is. I have been trying to get my head around playing fifa 14 but I can’t, I even tried putting on PES13 but feel stupid because why the hell did I buy PES14 if I’m playing this!

    So I changed the camera angle on PES14 to Blimp, put the game speed at +1, difficulty at Top Player and passing on 0 bars. Seems to be going well for now.

    I’m not sure what I’m gonna do when I get a PS4 later this year, should I even consider PES if the series is going down this path?

  7. Andy says:

    Your site is fine, it’s the game that’s rubbish. Nobody wants to spend time talking and reading about something they don’t like and don’t play.

    Other PES forums etc. have seen similar declines. I’ve personally given up on PES2014 and gone back to PES2013. I desperately want to like PES2014 but it’s simply unplayable for me.

    My advice is take a break from updating the site and come back in the summer for the build up of the new release. Difficult I know but nobody is interested at this point and you are wasting your valuable time right now.

    Hopefully Konami will get their act together and PES2015 will be stunning. You will instantly start seeing a massive increase in traffic. Until then I would focus your efforts elsewhere.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy pes 2014, it’s sounds like I maybe In the minority, I play only online, never offline, when I’m online I play a very specific way, I try to keep the ball as much as possible, using 2midfield anchor players to spread the ball wide, 70%of the time, a 1-2 with a cb 15% and the remaining 15% a ball Into my 1 or 2 strikers feet, I try to move the entire team up into the opposing teams half to either use the wings, or patient passing around the box to create a opportunity, I win 66% of games, most opposing player I find go for, 70% to strikers feet straight from cb of cmf, and don’t really have the patience for slow build up, clever analogue moventment on the left stick to shift players balance and release accurate passes, very few players seem to have spent time on the training mode practicing dribbling, which I think is genuis in this version. When I play this online. What I want to happen in my footballing brain normally happens, from speed bursting and knocking a ball around the defender and running the other way round, to playing accurate triangles to pull opposing players out of position, training mode has been key to me knowing how to pass, dribble and defend, using 4 players v comp 11 to practice player switching, for a hour the other day sured up my defence, practice makes perfect……

  9. Rob says:

    I must admit I am enjoying the game even with it’s flaws. I loved PES11 and played it more than any other,but,now I find it clunky compared to Pes14. The animations/ lighting/ atmosphere/ turf and general graphics of the game are superb. I just wish they added a yellow ball & overcast/rain mode to the game. I’m sure these things will appear on PES15. At least the patches/DLC are all free!

  10. jimmy says:

    I succesfully installed and playing SMOKE Patch Gold 6 with update 6.1. It has the latest Fileloader from Jenkey and it’s editable for my personal customizations [add my own teams, national leagues, player stats from FM, etc.]

    Indeed, PES 2014 isn’t the breathtaking game. Shooting is ruined. Even with Jenkey’s gameplay tool… Game slows down at times… All players look the same from wide cam. Player ID from PES 2013 really died… Menus, music, and other minor, but annoying problems.

    I tried FIFA. I try it every year, but I really can’t enjoy it. It has something… artificial?! It seems… uhm… lifeless… Sure that it has some great features like real photos for players! or the ability to fully change the gameplay from options! [no extra tools], or the quality of the menus! and others… For me, the last cool FIFA was FIFA 2009 :) The entire series 2007, 2008 !!!, 2009 were great… I came back to PES when FIFA 10 was an abomination !!! And since then I stayed with PES, PES 2010 being the best, the same with PES 2013.

    I don’t know about the future. There are so many little things that can make a football game great, like nice, changeable themes [like skins if you like] because it’s boring to see for an entire year the same slides !!! Real football players pictures in menus would be great for PES ! I hate the actual rendered pictures ! Plus that they really don’t how the reality ! A way of adjusting gameplay for ourselves like FIFA ! Adjusting only speed is completely lame ! We need adjusting AI, shooting / passing power, at least !! Also, we need more freedom on replays, I hate when the game forces me to watch every damn stupid replay for every stupid offside !!! Come on, a fluid game it’s all we ask ! Make a hint appear somewhere on the screen if you want to see a certain replay ! Lucky with Jenkey’s gameplay tool which removes replays ! Ok. I’d stop here. There are many issues dating from previous series and transferred to PES 14. PES 15 must be better, otherwise…

    For me, if a football game hasn’t great GKs and great shooting, then I can’t play it ! GKs and shooting in PES 14 are ridiculous !

    Anyways, I’ve played PES 14 with a friend past week and we really laughed and enjoyed ourselves. PES 14 seems like an offensive game. We always scored. Defending was impossible. Penalties are sweet by the way, it offer so many possibilities ! Great improvement ! Let’s hope they keep something good, KONAMI has a rep of removing good stuff :))

    So, see you, I’m going back to edit SMOKE Patch Gold 6 as I like it :)


  11. Leo says:

    I slated this game big time but I am slowly getting to grips with it. I bought players like Essien and Seedorf and suddenly I can shoot from outside the box. Ilike the pace of the game but when you accelarate the opposition gets your ball to easy. This is something that I’ve wanted to say forquite some time. If a player is naturally strong and robust like the Fellainies and Toures of this world while the hell must I now go shouldr barge a player. I can understand if a Silva or a Xavi needs to shoulder barge because that is not part of their inate abilities. At the end of the day this is a game and I want to enjoy it. If i press shoot it must do so. If I shoot with a Ronaldo or a Falcoa I want my shots to be on target most of the time. If its a defender I expext it to fly over the bar most of the time. F@ck all this realism **** Just give me this: to pass where I want to. To be able to shoot when I press shoot and not to first control the ball first go get balance and **** like that right. Aguero shoots whether he is off balance or not, whether the ball is behind or in front of him or not. Thats what I want. To dribble with players that can dribble. Every com player is a dribbler and your Navas and Neymars are useless on this games. There is so much positves but these little things is what f@cked it up. Get it right. I hope you do Konami because come 2015 edition I am not buying until I have read every site and thread and it must be positive. Meanwhile, screw u for messing this one up but I do play it in the hope that I getbthe right players in master league to make it enjoyable.

  12. NoelsNose says:


    Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    The vast majority of people are sickened at this years PES, certainly everyone on the PS3 platform I know has gave it up already and went back to PES 13.

    To the pesgaming staff, maybe take Andy’s comments into consideration. This once busy forum is dead, and it’s no coincidence that this years PES is by far the worst in the series.

    Maybe take some time away from writing articles and focus on other things in your life just now until the build up of PES 15 – if there is one.

  13. JacksAnkle says:

    I think there are a number of issues why you’re not getting responses;

    1) the game has some key faults – for me the biggest is the cursor issue, frequently changing to the wrong player and so unresponsive that by the time you actually do get the main you want you clicked “change cursor” and you’ve lost him again. I think this contributes badly to the defending (and sometimes forward runs and through balls). The shooting is also not where it was – even trying to have a dip from 30 yards is normally pointless. The advance shooting and through balls are, hard to use and not intuitive. It all leads to a rather unsatisfying experience – which is a shame because underneath I’m convinced there’s a decent game.

    2) The problems with the game should have been fixed by Konami before release but having failed to do this they then took an age to get a patch out that barely improved matters. They had two or three years to work on game (and told us that they had been doing so) and they still went live without 900 faces or so – and then kind of badge it as a gift when it does eventually arrive. Quite incredible.

    3) Despite some improvements of engaging with the fans (I’d prefer to be called a customer and that might help them get their focus right!) this seems to have died somewhat – and half assed Twitter messages that cause confusion (is it a Patch and DLC or just DLC for example) don’t help.

    4) Not being able to factor rain and the loss of so many stadia and the stadium creator just leaves you pulling your hair out.

    In the end, we get a half developed product that just gives us a little flavour of what could and should have been. As ever, with Konami it’s one step forwards and three back. What is the point in us all coming on here and stating what’s wrong with the game when it makes no difference. No one seems to listen – unless it’s to give us square nets or untucked shirts!. Fix the game, fix the keepers, consistent refereeing, some meat on Master League and stop wasting time on power boots and “heart” I mean – do yourselves a favour and concentrate on the flaming game!!

    We used to have a game we all cared about and that is why we were writing on sites like these. Now, well things have changed…and most of it comes back to Konami. So if people aren’t buying (or keeping) the game then they’re not going to comment on it. Which is a shame because, it’s still better than FIFA

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think EA and Konami should just join forces

  15. Amateur says:

    @ JacksAnkle

    Interesting comments. Particularly about “the cursor issue”, I mean, we play the video game from a wide camera perspective, and as a result it’s pretty obvious what you should do via the cursor change, so why not get rid of it altogether and replace it with something that requires more skill? I mean, pressing the cursor change button at more or less the same time that a thoughtless reflex button pressing reaction occurs, does not really requires any skill at all, and that is one of the big factors that is holding back PES.

    For example: controlling, literally, controlling the direction in which you run across the pitch when you do not have possession of the ball or, in other words, when you are defending = thoughtless reflex button pressing reaction.

    Why? Because the video game is played from a wide camera perspective, meaning that I, the human who is playing the video game, will move my midfielder players as if they literally had the same exact radar connected to their respective brains, which in fact, completely breaks the premise of football. So I can only control one player at a time, and I know what I should do because it is blatantly obvious due to the fact that I am playing the game from a wide camera perspective that allows me easy vision into the future. So what happens when the player under my control is doing what he should be doing, how do I know that the (vast majority of) players not controlled by me will do what they would be doing if they were under my control? I don’t know, for all I know, the computer could betray me at any moment.

    Player left unmarked? Yes, it happens in real life, but when you play a video game that is played from a wide camera perspective, how exactly do you explain an unmarked player? You can’t explain it because there’s no explanation, no reason, behind this flawed (stupid) concept. Unmarked players, or strikers suddenly not running into the massive open space that you can obviously see from your wide camera perspective podium, or unmarked players again, these things happen because the computer script decided it should happen, but there’s no consistency and no real logic, as to how the system works (or is supposed to work).

    In other words, it is quite stupid to have manual control in terms of the direction in which you run across the pitch when you do not have the ball at your feet, because (a) you still have absolutely no control over the other players, which means that you still depend on the computer anyways, and (b) the player that you do control will move as if he had a radar connected to his brain. It is a dumb system that requires no thought process at all, which is precisely the reason as to why it is so easy to exploit the flaws of said system.

    Manual control in terms of tackling? Yes, tackling should be manual, as opposed to the watered down semi-automatic mess that it currently is. Manual control in terms of the direction in which you move across the pitch when you do not have possession of the ball? Stupid, not necessary, an outdated mechanic that should be replaced as soon as possible.

    The direction in which you move across the pitch when you do not have possession of the ball, should be almost entirely automatic, and the cursor change button that doesn’t actually do anything (since the computer still controls all the players except the one under your control, meaning that it currently is “almost entirely automatic” but with the boring distraction of having to continuously press a button that serves no actual purpose) should be replaced by something that actually requires some thought process before the button smashing begins.

    That’s one of the main problems that I have with the game, that there’s too much thoughtless reflex button pressing reaction, too little thought is needed to play this game, and as a result, it is very easy to exploit the blatant flaws, which completely ruins both the credibility of the franchise as well as the online experience. Too many of the following flaws,

    Laser-like passes,

    Granted, that type of thing does happen every now and then in real life, but here’s the important thing about PES or FIFA: these are video games, and I should have some level of control over what is, after all, a video game. Here is my brief explanation on how this could be fixed,

    When defending: press the (o) button before the player who will receive the next pass, actually receives the pass. By doing that, you are predicting that the player who will receive the next pass, will try to make a defense-splitting pass. Therefore, if your prediction is correct, even if the player who (at this point) has already received the pass, does indeed deliver a defense-splitting pass, the player on the receiving end of that defense-splitting pass will need to dribble past at least one defender in order to score a goal. Or, if your prediction is incorrect, the opponent will have a perfect opportunity to deliver a defense-splitting pass, without any defender getting near enough to the player on the receiving end of the mentioned defense-splitting pass.

    The (o) button defensive feature would only work once per play, meaning that using it wrong once in the same play, would almost guarantee a free pass to the opposition (provided a good pass is delivered by the opposition). Maybe a special feature for top defenders could be the ability to use the (o) button defensive feature at least twice per play, therefore providing a rather significant advantage over an average defender. In any case, at least you would have some control over it as opposed to it being a complete throw of the dice lottery, at least it would require some tactical thought before pressing the button as opposed to some thoughtless reflex button pressing reaction, etc.

    Another scenario that could happen: you haven’t used the (o) button defensive feature, you can still use it, but the player who received the last pass, you now begin to think that the mentioned player could very possibly make a defense-splitting pass. In this case, there is nothing you can do, because the player already received the pass. Therefore, your ability to anticipate or predict will be of great importance to this defensive feature; who will receive the ball next, what is his position on the pitch, etc, etc. A thinking game, an entertaining game, as opposed to a scripted game in which you are forced into continuously using buttons that don’t actually do anything.

    And the concept could be improved by adding analog elements into it. For example,

    Left Analog: direct towards the east (east would be towards your own penalty area) + (o) button *before the receiver of the pass actually receives the pass* = one specific defender will contain the opponent who would have otherwise been completely unmarked.

    Left Analog: direct towards the west (west would be towards the opponent’s penalty area) + (o) button *before the receiver of the pass actually receives the pass* = another defender will contain the opponent who would have otherwise been completely unmarked.

  16. DMA64 says:

    I really like PES 2014 and wouldn`t want to go back to an older version of it.
    I don`t post here much because I rather play the game instead. And when you come to this page you will find your self put into a defending position by the wall of negativity. Mostly by people it seems which can`t seem to learn the new way to play (scoring from outside the box is to hard, the player should shoot the nano second I press the button, etc.)

  17. Fosterkid says:

    “New way to play” What the hell are you talking about,people like you are part and parcel of the problem.
    If i fork out 40 quid for a game I expect it to be complete, not 3 months later down the line. The game is poor and even the ardent pro evo fans can see this. Defending Konami will just lead to more complacency,its about time they listened to the customer,after all it is we who keep them in business. Rant over.

  18. Amateur says:

    @ DMA64


    And when you come to this page you will find your self put into a defending position by the wall of negativity. Mostly by people it seems which can`t seem to learn the new way to play (scoring from outside the box is to hard, the player should shoot the nano second I press the button, etc.)


    I have learned the new way to play, in fact, most probably I am just as good as you are at the game. The truth is (note: and you can get defensive if you wish to) that PES14 is riddled with old flaws, there is nothing new to the game other than the new engine, the same old mechanics are still in use, and as a result, the same old flaws are still holding the game back. A new engine that can handle better animations and better graphics was greatly needed, but now the concept of how the controller works, the concept of how defending works, the concept of the game itself, is holding the game back. One thing is to have great animations and graphics, but having a great game design or platform on which to use those animations, is an entirely different thing.

    The negativity surrounding PES14 is well deserved, and yes, you are well within your right to ask who am I to say such a thing? But the fact of the matter is that a majority of PES fans are not satisfied with PES14, and sure enough, if you look closely you can find the same old flaws that the fans have been saying (for years now!!) need to be fixed. I mean, when you spend years ignoring what your customers expect from you, your customers could very possibly get tired of supporting your business, that’s just basic logic.

    And fair play if you like PES14, but that doesn’t give you the right to denigrate the opinion of the people who do not agree with you, by simply saying that the people who disagree with you “have not learned how to play the new way” because? Here’s a thought: just because I disagree with your views, does not mean that I do not know how to play the game properly or as it should be played. After all, is it not possible that maybe, just maybe, people who have learned and mastered the new way to play, people whom are possibly better than you are at the game, are people who are disappointed with the game?

    I think you are very out of touch with the reality of the situation, I must suggest that you stop playing PES14 for one second, actually read what the majority of people (in the forums) are saying, and then you can make your comment. But to suggest that people are “not willing to learn the new way to play” when the vast majority of people (including the writer of this blog) have criticized the game for not offering enough of a change, makes you look like a condescending and narrow-minded person who can’t seem to understand the reality of the situation.

  19. NoelsNose says:


    Totally agree. How anyone can defend this abortion of a game is beyond me.

    It’s now gathering dust somewhere in my room, I was so angry at first when I read reviews/played it, now I just laugh because it’s not worth getting worked up about – clearly Konami don’t care about their fans so why should we care about them? Konami are in for a shock when/if PES 15 comes out and the sales are so low.

    I seen in a post on this website that online servers are that quiet that someone with 500 points are now ranked in the top 1,000 players in the world. Shocking, thousands have abandoned this years PES.

    Sad really.

  20. Amateur says:

    @ NoelsNose

    I get an idea by reading through the forums, that PES14 is pretty much seen as a fail. But, I don’t have a clear idea of just how bad or not that bad the situation really is. I mean, I know that many of the regular users of PESGaming, regulars who used to spend their time on the PES section, can now be found in the FIFA related threads. But is it the same situation in other forums?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I like neither PES or Fifa, a third football game on the market would be great. I wasn’t suckered this year into buying PES until I’d read the feed back from those who played it. I’m expecting PES15 if and when it comes out to be just as bad. Don’t buy the game is my advice, rent it or borrow it first and if you don’t like it don’t buy it. Not even getting online right in the year 2013 is an absolute disgrace, show Konami the door.

  22. Moatstar515 says:

    I have been a pes fanboy since the ps1 days the last FIFA game I played at any length was World Cup 98 I have always defended pes passionately and stuck up For konami against the barrage of h8 but even I’m done now konami are pissing on our backs and telling us it’s raining the game breakers 4 me are 1-long range shooting which let’s be honest is broke as **** 2- refs are absolutely pathetic it’s as if there watching a different game 3-keepers there like neo when you shoot from outside the box and like the lad at school who was scared of the ball when you shoot from inside the box and 4- the net code is unplayable at best and a insult to our intelligence at worst . I have loved pes and I genuinely thank konami for all the years of enjoyment they gave me but it’s over I have now done something I thought I would never do bought FIFA 14 after a friend recommend that I try it and to my total shock i am really enjoying it . All I will say is if you were pes mad like me and are staying with the series out of blind loyalty like I was then give FIFA I try u May like some of the lads on here h8 both games in which case I’d start harassing 2k more but u may find urself having fun playing a football game again .

  23. DMA64 says:

    @ Amateur. Ah, the internet strikes again. I said “mostly” and “it seems”, read carefully. And no I`m far from being the best player, but again click on the PES forum and you`ll find players being mad because they can`t score by simply pressing one button, calling the game garbage, PES 2013 better, FIFA better…

    So when someone from Konami reads all this + what you can read on Amazon their best plan would be to go back to PES 13 make everything easier, change the sliders so the game favers always the player, include Ultimate team and the option to spend real money, maybe make some small corrections but not to big because this could anger the players. This would be the excact opposite of what you want.

    PEs 2014 is far from being perfect but it does more new things for football games then FIFA on a new console.

  24. Amateur says:

    @ DMA64

    My friend, the problem that I find with the logic that you’re using there, is that taking “suggestions” from the minority of fans who are (a) disappointed with the game and (b) still buying the game, is simply horrendous decision making. If you are taking suggestions from a person who tried the demo, bought the game, and then actually said that PES13 is better, if you want to take suggestions from that guy, then I’m sorry, but you mustn’t be a very intelligent person.

    A lot of people didn’t buy PES14, and if you listen to them, most of them, in fact, an overwhelming majority of them, are disappointed with (a) how unfinished the game feels and (b) how simplistic the game remains. This group of people, these are the ones who tried the demo, quickly realized that PES14 was unfinished, and decided not to buy the game. Arguably, this group sounds more intelligent than that other group of people who bought the game (lacking the capability to quickly realize what was wrong with the game in the first place), enjoyed for the first few days, and then, after a few weeks, when they had already started seeing all the major flaws, they started disliking the game, even saying something as nonsensical as “PES13 was better”.

    I don’t know about you, but if I was selling a product, I would identify the intelligent customers from the dumb customers, and I would take suggestions from the customers who actually sound smarter and act (very important: act, as in, deciding not to actually buy an unfinished game) smarter. Long story short: I think you’re listening to the wrong crowd. If you listen to the wrong crowd, and then you give them exactly what they think they are asking for, you can damn sure expect them to say something like “PES13 was better”, you know why? Because they have absolutely no idea about what they want, they don’t know what makes a video game enjoyable, they buy games without properly testing them, they barely put any thought to anything that they say in the forums, they are lazy fans who do not have a problem with wasting their hard-earned money on a video game that they will stop playing in less than a week, etc, etc. If you want to listen to those guys, you go right ahead, but please, do not expect me to join you on that ride. Any business that earns a living on that type of crowd, doesn’t last very long does it? Example: intelligent customers getting their movie fix through Netflix, lazy customers still using Blockbuster until Blockbuster could no longer sustain itself. Had Blockbuster listened to the complaints of the customers who switched to Netflix, maybe Blockbuster would still be at the top. Bottom line: if you listen to the wrong crowd, you will get the wrong results.

    As for what I want, I think what I want would be very successful money-wise because a lot of people are waiting for a hardcore analog based football simulation. As far as I’m concerned, PES is stuck in limbo, not casual enough to win the hearts and minds of customers who are shallow enough to not buy a great video game because it doesn’t have the official licenses, and not hardcore enough to win the hearts and minds of customers who wouldn’t hesitate to buy a great game even if it lacked official licenses. Going in either direction would be better than their current limbo situation. And going the hardcore direction does look like the wiser choice, simply because Konami wouldn’t need to compete with FIFA, which used to be the case in the PS2 days: PES didn’t actually competed with FIFA, PES was widely recognized as a class above, and FIFA still sold more copies.

  25. Rapid--counter says:

    I have a PS4. Pes is not out for PS4. PS4 doesn’t have no usb Support so next year no editing.

    I’m playing fifa 14 now as there are no other options.

  26. Nick Cary says:

    I’m not going to repeat what others have said but I have bought PES and FIFA year in, year out for the last ten years and enjoyed both series. PES 2012 and then 2013 was a big step forward and I hoped that Konami would continue in this direction for 2014 but the game needs a massive overhaul now, something I hope to see in 2015.

    I too have defended PES from the wrath of hatred down the years but a few examples I have picked up on that should be improved:

    MORE LICENCES: I can accept they can’t get them all but could be improved (Dortmund aren’t even in the game despite reaching the CL final). Another point is how fake players have stupid names and make up too much of the game etc.

    IMPROVED COMMENTATORS: The same recycled garbage (yes you can take it off but something is then lost) and they often overlap to the extent of not understanding (i.e. not realistic). I would prefer fake commentators such as Joe Bloggs of the street who talks sense? Anyone agree?

    REFS: So many times have I dived into a last man challenge when my opponent is closing in on goal (likely to score) and in clear red card territory I have walked away with either a yellow or infact nothing. Then you get red cards or two yellows for pathetic tussles. Staying on this point, free-kicks and penalties in your favour are too rare and you can go through a season without a penalty and about 3 free-kicks. UNREALISTIC!

    GOALKEEPERS: Someone summed this up perfectly by decsirbing them as the kid at school who ran from the ball. Pathetic late dives and times when they dont even move let the game down.

    GLICTHES: I have played games where the home team and away team have become mixed up on the score board. anyone else had this?


    NAMES: Kieran Gibbs has his full name while Sagna is just Sagna. Some players have full names, some initials. And on back of shirt it says KIERAN GIBBS. NO WAY! Should have First and Second name slots to update.

    Oh and I have had a mad rant at PES like I said I wouldn’t :(

  27. Fraz006 says:

    Pes2014, the good things :
    1. Ball physics
    2. Lifelike graphics
    3. Nice n realistic heading, kicking, chip through, sliding , skill moves motions
    4. Thats all

  28. Good says:

    PES 2014 is best ever since 2010. It is the closest representation of the game. Inability to play does not make it bad. Money spent on FIFA ads can not make it good.

  29. NoelsNose says:


    “Inability to play does not make it bad”.

    Oh yeah, that’s why thousands have abandoned PES 14 and it’s getting universally slated on every game website.

    That’s why all the faults in the graphics and online lag occur – because none of us can play it.

    Give me strength. Look at review websites. Look at the forums. Open your eyes.

    Even Konami has admitted on their own website that PES 14 has been a failure.

    There’s no argument here. It’s laughable that you simply sum up thousands upon thousands of people leaving PES 14 down to something so simple – but you keep enjoying this years excuse of a game :-)

  30. Good says:

    Are you able to enjoy FIFA after having played PES?
    There are also thousands of players who have no problem playing PES this year and enjoying it after the patch. The online is also working well after the patch. We just have to learn it properly to start enjoying it.

  31. NoelsNose says:


    I haven’t played FIFA for over 6 years now. I’ve returned to PES 13. Nice try though…

    While some have stayed loyal to PES 14. I can tell it’s fact that the PES 13 servers are still utilised more every day.

    I used to be like you, I defended PES every year despite all the flaws but to release a game so backwards and expect users to be happy is damnright ignorant.

    Read the winning eleven blog, one of konamis heads has said YESTERDAY that Konami know what is wrong with PES, so to his understandment. PES is still broken.

    And guess what? He says PES 15 will be better. Ha. Same old Konami.

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  33. Lucifer666 says:

    I haven’t been here on this site in a long time….probably because I also give up (the last two years) on PES I instead got FIFA and didn’t bother with either game this year. FIFA 13 I liked simply because it was a complete change from Konami’s same old offering…(I must admit too that the magic boots thing really was the last straw for me as well) EA may be money mad and squeeze as much as they can but at least they make the game look and sound more like an actual football match, something seriously lacking in PES yet when it came to FIFA 14 I just couldn’t be bothered getting it as it also looked very like FIFA 13 I also had intended on going back to Konami’s game but its pretty obvious nothing has changed, they don’t listen to their fans or at least the western ones, I’m as convinced as I ever was that Konami are much more interested in its home sales or particular area sales and I’m truly convinced Europe is not their priority target market. Areas like the Master League (which I felt was the real hook of the game for years) have been neglected yearly…amazingly EA copied them in this area many moons ago but have now surpassed them in almost all areas…Konami, if you pardon the pun, you really dropped the ball there.
    Anyway going back to what I was saying, I don’t comment here as much now simply because I didn’t play the game for the last two years. I have given my views previously about the future and where I think PES (particularly the ML)should be heading but I find all views here are ignored (if read at all) and risk just annoying people on this site with my endless ramblings about change…. I do like this site though and will throw my eyes over here every so often I just hope Konami can eventually make a game to rival the good old days of PS2 era

  34. Kjaer says:

    Why are people blaming the game for the sites unpopularity? Other PES sites have visitors. It’s the same game.

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