PES Matters 24th January 2014

Thank you to everyone who left messages to my last desperate article!  It’s good to see some passion still out there.

It’s very evident that we’re in a weird place with PES right now.  I think it’s very harsh to say the game is very broken, but at the same time, it’s not in a place where we’d expect it to be right now either.

But we’ve kind of analysed the game to death to date, and so there’s not much point in covering old ground.  We’re not going anywhere, and still want to try to get a PES title worthy of the respect and stature that it once held in gaming.  In answer to some questions about Konami not listening, I’d have to disagree.  There are people at Konami who are listening.  Adam Bhatti, as PES community manager is trying to help bridge the gap between us and the corporation.  What’s clear is that we’re not getting through to the most influencial people at Konami with our views.  We’re a lot better in terms of communications with Konami now than we were even 5 years ago.  They have understood the need to have a continuous dialogue with us.  The problem for me is that we can’t seem to reach out and have enough of a say for future direction.

Too many decisions are made without consultation, and features which we enjoy are chopped and changed at will.  Until Konami understand that they are supposed to work for us, we’re in a rut with them.  Perhaps reaching out to them over Facebook and Twitter with constructive comments may help to open more dialogues with them.  Who knows!?

Going forward, the big question in my mind is, what should be the lead platform for development?  I think there is a strong case for using the PC as the lead platform (and not just because I’m a PC gamer!), as we now have PS4/Xbox One machines which are very close to PC architecture.  The PC version allows almost infinite customisation possibilities too, which help make the experience better.

I’ve been playing the Smoke brand of patches, and have to say it adds so much more to the base game.  The guys who do these patches work wonders in my opinion.  They do more than just change the facade of the game.  They tweak gameplay which makes the game  so much better.  We don’t need to rely on Konami to add the features in game so much as console owners do.  I’d imagine gaming patches for the new-gen consoles will lend themselves to mods in line with PC gaming a lot easier.

I also would like Konami to decrease the number of platforms they develop for, to make life easier for them.  As it stands, 5 platforms is more than enough!

Which platform would you like to see PES lead on, and why?

Thanks for reading.




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8 Responses to PES Matters 24th January 2014

  1. Dec82 says:

    Why would konami make the pc the lead platform when most pc gamers pirate there games,thats just one stupid sstatement out of a long line of stupid statements you have made.The fact you havent put out a reveiw of the
    game until 3 months after the games been released for the last two years tells me your trying to get on konamis good side,and to be honest the last thing any of us needs is another pes site licking konamis ass.My opinion is that konami should drop the pc version completely and maybe even drop the current gen versions and concentrate on the ps4/xbox1 version

  2. Moatstar515 says:

    As I said be4 I’ve always been a pes fanboy but I don’t think it’s harsh at all to say pes2014 is broken I would actually go as far to say its a fact that the game is broken the long range shooting refs and keepers are all broken I don’t see this as been something that is up 4 debate the evidence is there 4 all to see when you play the game . There are aspects of the game which I think are brilliant such as player model animations and graphics but when the shooting refs and keepers are this bad in a football game I think broken is a fair assement . It took me along time 2 let go of pes and it killed me to admit that it’s over but it is RIP pes2014 let’s hope konami build on what they have got right and give us the game we want in 2015 as I fear if they don’t it could be the end for pes .

  3. Amateur says:

    @ Dougiedonut.


    In answer to some questions about Konami not listening, I’d have to disagree. There are people at Konami who are listening. Adam Bhatti, as PES community manager is trying to help bridge the gap between us and the corporation. What’s clear is that we’re not getting through to the most influencial people at Konami with our views.


    I don’t know which one is worst, (a) listening but choosing to ignore, or (b) not listening at all. But what is certain is that Konami is trying to make a video game that can be “tweaked” to fit your personal taste, and I for one happen to think that the new-found “tweak-able” quality that there is to PES is the biggest and the worst weakness that there is to the new game.

    A video game in which you only control one player at a time, out of a total of eleven players, can’t be as outdated as PES14 and still call itself “hardcore”. I mean, there are so many basic things that are either wrong or flawed or just completely broken, that discussing just how “broken” the game might or might not be just isn’t even worth the time when deep down you know that the game is collecting dust somewhere in your house.

    And I mean very basic things. Such as, for example: you can only control one player at a time, so how can you possibly control your defense when defensive mistakes are the sum of numerous little events all occurring at the same precise time, in a matter of just seconds?

    Answer: you cannot control all those numerous little factors with just one controller and two hands, you cannot control the individual bad decisions by each respective defender, it really is that simple, and yet, defensive mistakes are an essential aspect of football, and therefore defensive mistakes should be an essential aspect of any video game that attempts to “simulate” the real thing. So considering that, why is the “cursor change button” even a part of the game?

    The “cursor change” button compromises the left analog, because it requires a direction via the left analog stick. Therefore the left analog stick is used to determine the direction in which you move across the pitch when running without the ball or when defending, and also to determine the direction of the cursor change button. How can I direct the left analog stick towards the north + press the cursor change button + at the same time run towards the south at the same exact time that I press the cursor change button? I cannot do that, because the left analog stick is already compromised with the cursor change button. That is a massive flaw because it is a flaw that can be very easily exploited.

    With the ball ~ you can easily make it look as though you can pass the ball in more than just one direction + at the same time, you can also make it look as though you could run in more than just one direction.

    Without the ball ~ it is extremely difficult to defend against a player who could pass the ball, to begin with, because the left analog is needed in order to get close to the ball carrier, which means that you cannot direct the left analog towards the east + then press the cursor change button + approach the ball carrier as if you were directing the left analog stick towards the south, at the same exact time that you press the cursor change button.

    The mentioned flaw is a massive disadvantage for defenders, and a massive flaw to the overall game experience because it is very easy to exploit such a glaring flaw. Example: from my wide view perspective I can see, quite obviously see, that the ball carrier will very probably pass the ball to Player X, and when that moment of realization occurs, I could simply direct the left analog towards the position of Player X + then press the cursor change button (by which point I am now controlling the defender who is closest to Player X who doesn’t even have the ball) + then ask myself, what happens if the position of Player X is in direct conflict with the direction in which the actual ball carrier (in case he doesn’t actually passes the ball to Player X) might run towards, what happens then? I get screwed over, I must chose between going after the ball carrier or going after Player X, as a defender I cannot do both things at the same time: a simple logistics problem. Again, this is a ridiculously immense flaw, the “cursor change button” should therefore be eliminated as it adds nothing to the game and yet is in fact a game-breaking flaw.

    Which brings me to Adam Bhatti. I appreciate all the time that he has invested to the scene, and all the work he’s done on numerous websites, but as far as I know, I have never heard Bhatti say something like “Dear Konami, many PES gamers think that the defensive system is broken and has been broken for many years now, in fact, we have even made a video that highlights the flaws of the defensive system, can the fine people at Konami watch the video and then get back at us?”

    With WENB or PESGaming, the criticism is always reduced to nothing more than small talk. Example: “the cursor change is not responsive enough, the long range shooting is broken, the refs are broken, and the keepers are broken. If Konami can improve on those things the game could be almost perfect”.

    Will better long range shooting, refs, and keepers, actually fix the fact that the defensive system is extremely flawed in its design? No. Will a more responsive cursor change button actually fix the fundamental flaw of having a cursor change button in the first place? No. If we continue asking for better long range shooing, and a more responsive cursor change button, and better refs, Konami will just continue ignoring the bigger issues.

    I just think we, as a community, would sound much more adult and much more credible if we simply said: “Dear Konami, the defensive system is completely broken, here’s a video that thoroughly demonstrates what is wrong with the defensive system, can you please change the defensive system from the ground up, here is another video that offers a suggestion as to how a better defensive system might work, both videos are supported by over 200,0000 players from around the world. We would greatly appreciate if the fine people at Konami can watch both videos, and then respond our answers. Thank you for your time. Regards.”

    So far we have never done such a thing, it’s always the very same identical list of suggestions, in which pretty much 90% of the people are saying similar things: “keepers need to be fixed, cursor button not responsive enough, long range shots feel too balloon-like, etc, etc.”. The truth is that even if all those aspects of the game are fixed, we still have a game in which the foundation itself is extremely outdated and extremely flawed, I would even go as far as saying that the foundation is simply broken. Why can’t we take this opportunity, now that there’s so much silence and disappointment surrounding the franchise, to make videos and to gather support for such videos, in order to make our voice more credible and more effective?

    I can even make a youtube video, a brief, easy to watch, easy to understand, youtube video, in which the whole “cursor change button” thing is exposed for what it is. Then people can watch the video, agree or disagree with it, and Konami would actually have some visual confirmation. What do you think?

  4. Michael says:

    I love PES, but online really shows what’s wrong and broken in this game. Remove the option to send a player forward after a pass or with the right stick would make my day, I love the idea, but online its all about spam with through balls constantly. Its boring and unrealistic!

    Anti football

  5. Dec82 says:

    @ Amateur
    Thats a great post there you really hit the nail on the head,hopefully somebody at konami reads that.

  6. Pete Tong says:

    Amateur, you’re a sad individual, you never made it in the soccer world, so don’t think you know ****. Know where you’re not wanted. PES 13 rules 4eva

  7. Amateur says:

    @ Pete Tong

    Pete Tong, you are a sad individual, I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the fact that you said “soccer world” or the part where you are apparently trying to say that not “making it in the soccer world” means that the basic logic behind my points somehow becomes less credible, though to be honest, it is abundantly clear that you are a dumb person who enjoys playing dumb video games, so I can sincerely say that your opinion is completely and thoroughly worthless as far as I’m concerned. Know where you’re not wanted? Actually, that doesn’t make any sense at all, do you actually understand what a “forum” is? No you don’t.

    PES13 has been something of a fail. The sales are evidence of that. And the forums clearly show that a majority of people are disappointed with the game. Having said the obvious, you can continue living in that bubble of yours, you won’t be missed.

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