Why Do You Still Play PES 2013 Over PES 2014?

Hi guys, over the past few months I have found from requests on my OF blog and from reading the forums that many people are still playing PES 2013 as they dislike PES 2014. Personally when a new version comes out I trade in last years game and pick up the new one and although sometimes certain things might annoy me in the new game I usually find that the positives out weigh the negatives.

There was one very good thread started by Klashman on the forums comparing the positives and negatives of both games (if you havent seen it its here http://www.pesgaming.com/showthread.php?t=95176). I don’t agree with all the points in that thread, but it is a good comparison non the less.

This year for me the stand out reason why I play 2014 over 2013 is that matches are more unpredictable and varied. In 2013 (and previous games) I found that most teams would play in exactly the same way (especially in attack), this is not something I have found as much in 2014. For an example of the kind of match I’ve only seen in PES 2014 I only need to look back to the last match I played last night, Hetha vs Pacos de Ferreira in a Europa League group match. The game ended as a fairly evenly matched 0-0, where although there were flashes of brilliance from both sides 80% of the match was played in the 15 yards either side of the half way line. This was mainly due to passes being played to heavily marked players who were dispossesed by the opposition almost immediately.

Anyway let me know in the comments what makes you play 2013 over 2014 or even what the main reason is for playing 2014.

Thanks for reading, Paul

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10 Responses to Why Do You Still Play PES 2013 Over PES 2014?

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  2. Noelsnose says:

    PES 2014 has been basically unplayable since the start. Not sure what formate you play it on Paul but the PS3 version has been nothing short of a shambles.

    All the bugs that were previously listed – I actually can’t bring myself to write them as we all know them.

    That and online play is simply awful. The worst PES for online play since 2008 – and that’s no lie.

    Average football gamers just want a good game that is fun to play online as it is offline. PES 14 is neither. The bugs ruin offline and online has more network lag than any other game I’ve seen for years.

    So now you have two choices. Switch to FIFA or revert to PES 13. Average football fans switch to FIFA 14 as it’s a more complete game, and die hard PES fans (like me) revert to PES 13, where I can enjoy online competitions etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, PES 13 still has it’s faults but the fact is these are a fraction of the issues PES 14 till the point where my friends and I can still play PES 13 offline/online and enjoy it.

    PES is outdated, the whole franchise needs lifting. You only need to look at the awful sales figures to see it’s a spent force. It’s lost it’s edge and it’s fan base is dwindling – even big fans like me are now questioning whether to spend more money on it after konamis “attempt” last year.

  3. jimmy says:

    FIFA 14 all the way ! Editing is glorious using Creation Master 14 ! I’ve replaced Ireland league with my national league, very easy, in a few hours! A few more hours are required for players… It’s so easy, no crashes, you can even program weather and schedule ! Great editing, great FIFA !….

  4. cheo-10 says:

    I was so exited for months, believed all the hype on the new engine.
    Long story short, this is first pes that I don’t buy since I started playing this game over 12 years ago.
    I miss seabass work, this new guys are taking a different path.

  5. SDTom says:

    I love it. And I have played them all. I have played FIFA on PS4 and have to say – nice graphics, nice atmosphere, nice adjustment on slowing down those incredibly fast players, and varying the pace -something Konami has being doing for generations. But FIFA body mass, running animations, and poor AI still relegates it for me as second best.

    PES 2014 on PS3 – was great initially – as the graphics produced a buzz in and of itself, but as you played it – the frame rate issues in the goalmouth, and the manual shooting were simply awful. Their was a learning curve that people did not respect either and we were all too quick to judge it.

    The recent patch has change everything. I have watched it carefully – I find that the AI is playing some fine varied football, backpasses when appropriate, switching sides, formation changes etc. The frame rate thing is gone. The OFs from Paul and 7oY with the tactics thrown in by Klashman – make it a well tuned game with lots of options and variety. I think the platform is a winner and will look beautiful on PS4.

    What I find unlike FIFA – is if I tune out a little and don’t mentally focus on the game, I get torn apart, On the other hand if I make the effort I get rewarded with a very exciting game. I do hope that we as a community can wise up and not tear this game apart too much, it only serves EA’s purpose to bury their competitor. Konami has more of the soul of the game in it, lets talk them up and look forward to the next release.

  6. Mc Görk says:

    All of what SDTom said – plus I play on Xbox360 and the starting Problems were smaller than with PES13.
    I love the advanced pass through and the advanced shooting, the use of the right stick, the tricks you can do and the animations are great. It`s not perfect but I think many problems can be solved with the next gen consoles.

  7. PES_ninja says:

    Just blazed up and put on PES2008, for those of you that have it…put away your high standards for a moment, forget about this gen, next gen…for just a moment, enjoy the old PES. The PES I started playing and fell in love with, well not this particular one, because the love of my life was PES3. This one is the closest we’ll get to a PS22 build on a PS3, for those of us who don’t have PS2′s right now. Which I will be going out to get, soon!

    PES 2008 is simple football, kinda makes you think about were the current PES titles have lost their way.

  8. Victory_22 says:

    I actually really enjoyed the new gameplay and was really looking forward to a BAL and ML once all the files were out.
    The deal breaker for was a few seasons into ML and BAL was that no other players in the game would get any better unless they were mine, and playing in a national team full of 16 year old reincarnations with superstar stats took a lot away from my experience personally. A lot of the finer detail is missing, which I hope will be in the next game.
    Been a huge fan since ISS and usually play all year round but sadly I can’t enjoy the game. Never thought I would be one of ‘those’ guys but judging by the activity on the forum this game probably hasn’t lived up to what was promised.

  9. Bischeque says:


    The voice of wisdom. Am with you mate.

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