How I learned to like PES again

How I learned to like PES again

First of all let me apologize for not posting anything in a long time. I have been dealing with some issues the past couple of months and was not able to contribute. I hope to starting contributing more starting with this post.

The title of this article was going to say how I learned to love PES again but decided to change it to like since there are still some annoying things in the game. The reason that I am starting to like the game again is because I am now playing on the PC and I feel the experience is smoother with hardly any lag which makes for an enjoyable game. This is particularly true when playing online.

I have become more of an online player the last few years and had always heard the online experience was good on the PC. I received some gift cards over the holiday season and decided to use them to purchase PES on the PC and I am glad I did. The online experience is so much better on the PC in my opinion. The console version still seems to lag badly compared to the PC although I did not try the last patch as I am strictly playing on the PC now.
I feel that the issues that plagued the console versions are virtually nonexistent on the PC version. I don’t notice any slowdown in the final third like I used to on the consoles and it just seems as though the whole experience is better and smoother. It may be because I am playing on a smaller screen sitting close the computer and could also be because we have better control of resolution and other settings which may also help. It just makes me wonder how the PC version seems to be a lot better when compared to the consoles. Maybe it was limitations on the current hardware or other factors but here is hoping they can straighten it out on the Next Gen Consoles.

Thanks for Reading
Ezio Fidati

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7 Responses to How I learned to like PES again

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  2. declan says:

    Try the last patch. . . . huge improvement!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The fact that there is even an online issue to begin with in the year of 2014 is an absolute joke. I hope people rent the next PES before buying, if it still has any online issues refuse to buy. Money talks, Konami will soon get the picture. How long has there been online issues for, absolutely pathetic!

  4. Geoff Jones says:

    Nonsense article again,the lack off comments show this. Absolutely nothing to like about this game.

  5. Claudelu says:

    I admit that the game has improved online and offline. this is great! problem no.1 is that the game improved after 6 months of it being released!!! what is that? who does that? we paid for a finished game but we got an unfinished one. ok i can deal with it coz im a fan of the series and i always tried to enjoy pes. then comes the problem no.2. CON-ami announced the release of a payable patch and im like wtf is that? after all the support they got from us and all our patience they want more money from us? this is not right / fair . that world challenge dlc should come free as a sign of respect for us, for the bloody supporters of PES and Konami!!! nice direction to go copying fifa in every aspect. even of the ”ripping of ur customers” aspect. konami its no better than the beggars on the street corners!

  6. Claudelu says:

    plus….where is the snow when u play in the winter period? especially easter european teams! where is the rain and the muddy pitches? how hard is to add that into a game? all i hear is nets and boots and silly things!

  7. dekkoo says:

    I love PES14, its so realistic, i just swtiched to PES from being a FIFA guy since 2008, i ended up breaking my fif14 disc into pieces and purchased PES14 out of anger with EA expecting to get even a worse game then FIFA14 but it didnt matter, i was wrong, PES14 to me;is amazing, but then again i was with FIFA for so long that i forgat what a real football game should be like.

    You guys should try playing a little more FIFA and then switch back, you will thank KONAMI for making this game every year, oh and as far as those RAIN AND SNOW options go, please, have you even seen the rain and snow effects in FIFA? They are laughable! Rain looks like white lines o paint coming down on your sreen and snow looks like something you create with a brush on microsoft paint, please…PES14 is KING–REALISTIC FOOTBALL SIMULATION and with all the data files you get to play with legends for FREE—-RONALDO, ZIDANE, MALDINI, R CARLOS ETC… And plus they are made to play like they did in real life, unique movements of unique players, not like in ULTIMATE TEAM where you NEED TO PAY 123482778839283829210 gazillion coins (and real money) to buy an overrated PELE that has the exact same movements as some 2nd ligue player from Brazil, only boosted speed and overall stats, is that a good football game where everyone is a ****ing robot and has no unique style, especially a legend??

    Stop whining please, you havent been in hell yet thats why your complaining, hell being FIFA that is.. *pukes* on FIFA after playing PES….amazing game!

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