PES Matters 23rd March 2014

I’d like to thank Ezio for his short post on playing PES on the PC.  Having switched from consoles to PC myself, it’s good to hear more positive things being said about the PC version.

But a key point made in the article was that lag is still an issue.  As Anonymous pointed out, it’s outrageous that lag in this day and age is an issue!  We shouldn’t be experiencing any technical issues for online gaming anymore.  We’ve moved on from 56k modem connections which is where lag could not only be excused, but was openly accepted.

I play other games online and lag is not an issue in around 95% of matches – unless you happen to have several high pingers in the same session.  But that’s something that can be dealt with easily.  When the infrastructure is failing us, 6 months on from launch – then that is a shocking situation.  To be fair, I think we need to run a poll of users to try to get a better understanding of whether that is actually a factor for people not playing the game online.  So please do vote on the poll I shall set up to accompany this article.

Is lag a problem for FIFA players?  I’d appreciate some feedback from anyone who plays FIFA about this.  Does the series have a history of issues with online lag?  I’ve a feeling it doesn’t.

I know EA can brag about the billions* of online games that the series has clocked up. (* the figure may be slightly exaggerated there..).  Can Konami produce similar stats on how many online games have been played? Are there even that many being played right now?

This year’s version is going to be the a massive release.  I think it is going to be pivotal to the where the series goes from here.  Are we witnessing the end of the series, or the dawn of a new era?  Konami delayed the new-gen release, quite wisely in my opinion, to harness the power of the machines for the game engine.  We should be seeing the Fox Engine put to proper use this time round.  With a more PC like architecture, coding on the new machines will be easier than past machines, which should mean we see better results earlier.  I don’t think there will be any good will from us in giving Konami a couple of years to hone the game on a new platform.  We waited a whole gaming generation for PES to mature, but it didn’t really happen.

If FIFA can produce a core game on the same platforms at the same time, then you have to question the technical direction that Konami has followed.  But we’ve been led to believe that a new direction for PES is being followed, and forgive me for expecting nothing but an excellent product for the next version of the series.

I think everyone will agree with me on this – it’s time for Konami to deliver.

Thanks for reading.


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14 Responses to PES Matters 23rd March 2014

  1. InakZikaZeo says:

    DD, I do sincerely hope konami will finally nail it this time around too.
    I have been playing only fifa for the last 4 months purely because I switched to next gen console and used my old gen console and games to bring the price down.
    In my opinion , Pes2014 was certainly the best in the series since Pes 4,5&6.
    The animations , which was one of my main gripes with Pes , finally fixed to the point at times it was better than fifa.
    I just felt the game was rushed , it feels like it wasn’t completed , there are a lot left there to be desired and I don’t need to dwell in this because by now , everyone knows the shortcomings .
    To answer your question DD, there are almost no lag when I play fifa online. You do get the occasional ones here and there, but I can confidently say at least 9 out of ten matches are .
    I hope konami will finally produce the game we all hoping for this year and prong back the glorious days of Pes 4,5&6. I hope.

  2. InakZikaZeo says:

    *9 out of 10 matches are lag free

  3. InakZikaZeo says:

    *bring back

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  5. Ezio says:


    The online games in Fifa are mostly lag free. Every once in a while you will get lag but most are lag free. The online is much better in Fifa.

  6. Frankytwothumbs says:

    It’s like this website is stuck In a time-loop continuously going over and over old ground. Which is in no disrespect to DD or any others who dedicate time and effort here but because of konamis reluctance to address and repair core issues. I’d reccomend giving pes one more year to redeem itself and if there’s no dramatic improvements do yourselves a favour and just move on, something I did 2yr ago. That’s not to say I would nt come back to pes because at some point it hit me like a Roberto Carlos piledriver i owe no loyalty to either brand and I’m just going to buy and play the best football game that’s on the market. Which in my opinion(and the correct opinion) has been FIFA for the last few years.

  7. SDTom says:

    NEW PATCH BRILLIANCE; Shout Out to Konami….

    Why are we not talking about this – the game is fantastic now..
    I noticed the following changes in gameplay;

    A lot of new animations – especially during tackles -new ways of falling, rolling etc
    New Goalkeeper animations – varying types of saves – more large fist punch outs – a two fisted punch (Buffon)
    New Goalkeeper AI actions – such as coming out of the box to get to a ball before an attacker gets to it and kicking it out of play. Or instead of the automatic kick out when a player plays it back to the keeper, I have seen them touch it out a bit and then take a running kick.
    New gestures – I have a variety of new player gestures when a shot is mi****, or a ball hits the post
    New tackle style – when you hit x twice – the old tackle was a leg out, now it comes with a lunge – so you have to be careful how you use it.
    New collision modelling – when a player hits another player – you can almost feel it – they jar – this usually occurs if you are using the R1 (PS3) too much and you are going at full speed and run into a player. Players seem to loose their feet more in difficult tackling situations – you have to have more skill in defense.
    New attacking AI – I was amazed at the variety of styles – from Holland to Spain to Argentina to Italy – the AI played one twos, pass backs, brought the ball back and did patient build ups, some skill moves that I rarely saw before. The AI felt highly stylized and far more challenging – I have only won 2 games on professional in 8 matches. It took me 4 games after the download to get my first shot on goal – this never happened to me.
    Its as if you have to re-learn things and be more balanced, and subtle. Make R2 your best friend – and up your variety too.
    The AI also scored some scorchers from distance – the speed of the ball was something else, I worried that this was the new way the AI would always pull out wins, but it seemed to depend on the team and on the forwards. Not giving space awaying front of the box is a new challenge – with this.
    I also noticed that certain player ids have been revamped – Messi is much more tight on the dribbles and seems to ride tackles much better. Pirlo under the AI was classic – measured passes – delivered coolly. The speed seems to vary much more – some games were breack-neck – others quite patient – so tempo has changed. Passing is more difficult – if you set the passing assistance to only one bar. I think this has been tweaked. I also noticed some new cut in sequences.

    There is an increased variety of goal mouth incidents, variety of corners taken by the AI, and variety of shots – I saw a sliding shot from Van der Aart and as he slid he swung his foot and put it in the net.

    On the negative side – on a few occasions a player would leave the ball behind them when they run, and on some corners there is still a slowdown when the AI takes it.

    But I want to give a big shout out to Konami – this patch is a huge change to game play. The game is so good – I wonder how they can improve on it – well done Konami

  8. declan says:

    The new patch is great, superstar is rock hard now. It’s actually a struggle not to be relegated now in Master League offline. Some of the football from the AI has been breathtaking, the game overall has been improved immensely.
    The only gripe I have is that the shooting is too accurate and hard sometimes, they seem to have made the keepers a split second slower diving which makes it easier to score.
    In saying that I’ve seen the keepers pull off amazing saves as well, the speed has been slowed down a bit as well which is good. Have to take my hat off to Konami. No doubt the whiners will still complain.

  9. FOOTIE MAD says:

    This is what we have being waiting for since release of this game. The new patch is a treat,and finally the game is playing like it should. Defences can actually defend now without just looking and standing still. Attacking is fluid and a joy to implement. At last this game is actually a joy to play. Lag is at minimum for me,so onwards and upwards please Konami

  10. Amateur says:

    @ DD

    I was involved in an argument/debate with some person but I just couldn’t find the time to address his points in the proper manner. So how did things go with your last article? How many people agreed with your point about the controller system being outdated?

    The last time that I mentioned something on this page (must’ve been about a month now?), I forgot to mention an idea that I have for passing. The idea is that passing could work around a two step mechanic: (a) distance, and (b) direction and weight. So it would be three independent factors, distance, direction, and weight, that would be determined in just two easy steps. The controller system would work as follows,

    First step: determining the distance of the pass. The (x) button would work to “initiate” or “start” the sequence. The (x) button will also, simultaneously, determine the distance that ball will travel, although not the direction in which the ball will travel. For example: directing the left analog as far as it can go towards any direction, will mean that the ball will travel as far as it can go towards the given direction — distance will never affect if a ball goes “out of the pitch”, distance will always factor a space or area within the confines of the pitch, which means that passing errors such as hitting the ball out of the pitch will be determined by the weight and the direction of the pass, and not by the distance.

    Second step: determining the direction and weight. After initiating the passing controller system (which is done by pressing the “x” button just once), the other three remaining face buttons will determine both the direction and the weight of the pass. For example: whilst running towards the left, direct the left analog towards north-east, as far as it can go in the given direction = ball will travel at maximum weight towards the given direction. On the other hand, if the same exact thing had been done, but the left analog had been directed only very slightly towards the mentioned direction, then the weight of the pass would be very soft, towards the specified direction. Since you wouldn’t have to wait for a “power bar” to fill up, this is arguably a faster and more responsive system than the bar system that both Konami and EA are currently using for their games.

    Third step: canceling or re-initiation a passing sequence. Canceling a passing sequence would be done by pressing the (x) button for a second time, after already having initiated the passing system. When you “cancel” the passing system, the four face buttons (with the exception of the “x” face button) will work for dribbling purposes, not for passing purposes, which means that in order to pass the ball after already having “canceled” a passing sequence, that the (x) button will need to be used. Re-initiating another passing sequence would be done by double-tapping the (x) button; the second-tap of the double-tap will determine the distance of the subsequent pass, therefore, when “double-tapping” one should be aware of the fact that the second tap will determine the distance of the pass and that, due to said reason, a brief pause between the first tap and second tap might most probably be needed, so considering this the term “double-tap” might be misleading.

    But anyways, this is just one example of how the usage of the four face buttons (currently used just for passing and shooting the ball) could be maximized to be used for both dribbling and passing, and without necessarily becoming more complicated. But anyways, again, even though I couldn’t find the time to comment on your last article, I do appreciate that you are one of the few who is asking for real changes. I’m glad that this website still has people like you, who are honest and direct regardless of however it is that the status quo is supposed to read.

  11. McGörk says:

    The new patch is a step back, while I like the AI they seem to have completly removed the physics – now it feels like anothere FIFA or older PES.

    On topic: Konami isn`t the only one with online problems and the internet isn`t a magic thing that “beams” data from one point of earth to an othere. EA struggles for example with Battlefield 4, which is nearly an online only game, THQ didn`t get WWE under control. I also hadn`t much of a problem playing PES online (Xbox360).

  12. TrueGooner says:

    Has anyone tried the new FIFA world cup demo? I’m kinda liking it though. Seems different from FIFA game play wise. Konami needs to work hard on next release though. By the way FIFA 14 is a ok game. Gets boring fast.

  13. majd gasmi says:

    I like pro 2013

  14. majd gasmi says:

    je veut télécharger le patch 2013 a 2014

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