Fifa 14 – The Online Experience

Sorry for not posting in a long time but I have been busy.

I thought I would take Dougie up on his offer and right about the online experience for Fifa.

Generally it is a very good experience. For the most part the games are lag free but there will be times when you encounter lag. Those times thankfully are few and far between.

The main online mode is called Seasons which starts you in Division 10 with the goal being to secure enough points for promotion to the next division. The teams in Fifa have star ratings and the season mode will match you based on the star rating of the team you choose and the division you are currently in. If you want to avoid playing Barcelona and Real Madrid constantly just pick a team with a lower star rating. In addition, you can filter on Club teams or National teams so if you are playing with a National Team and don’t want to play a club you can match on your team choice. The same applies if you are using a club team and want to avoid playing National teams.

The system works well and is enjoyable at the lower divisions. Unfortunately it starts to break down a bit in the higher divisions because of people exploiting the game. Sadly that is the nature of online gaming today with players going all out for a win. Having said that if a user quits out of the game or disconnects the other player will be awarded the win so there is punishment for quitting or disconnecting a match.

You can also filter on the control system you are using so for example if you are using all manual controls you can match up with someone using the same controls as you. The system works well and allows you match up with players using similar settings. Although I have heard it is hard to find games using full manual controls.

For the most part the online portion of Fifa is enjoyable and has always been a strong point. With more people wanting to play online it is something Konami really need to get right on the next gen consoles to stand any chance. I hope Konami look at what EA have done with their online gaming and try to produce an enjoyable online experience with PES 2015. Time will tell but hopefully they improve the experience.

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  1. InakZikaZeo says:

    The problem I have with fifa ,if you can call it a problem, is that players ALWAYS make FORWARD runs!! So you end up trying to find them with ground and lofted through balls 95% of the time. Whilst some people do not have a problem with that,for me, after a while , it gets really repetitive and boring.
    It is nice to have a little variety in finding a way to score. Like for example, players run towards you calling for a pass instead of always towards one direction. Like Barcelona in their prime, or Brazil back in the day.
    I want to be able to pass it around the pitch to find a goal , I want one player to make a darting run once in a while when my best passer has the ball. But at the same time, I want the best defenders on the opposing team to play like ones. Covering those darting runs, reading the game better. Clearing the ball from the danger areas.
    At this moment in time, we have good football games out there, but no where near good enough. Or realistic enough.
    They all get boring after a while, fifa included.
    Will pes2015 be any different?

  2. InakZikaZeo says:

    Let me add some more points about fifa, since you brought up the subject of fifa in a pes website and made a whole article about it.
    The body shape of all fifa players and the way they move are the same. Players models apart from the face / head is the same along with the way they pass and shoot. Is this good enough for a new gen game? No. Absolutely not.
    Where is player individuality? That shouldn’t be attributes only. How is that realistic?
    I thought pes2013 did a great job with players individuality including how they run and shoot. Ronaldo, balotelli, pirlo is an example of few. And I hope Konami can take that and built upon it for pes2015 , mixing it with the superb animations of pes2014.
    The ideas are there but the implementation so far are either not good enough or not complete.
    I hope the hardware and the software limitations were the one and only factor rather than just pure laziness.

  3. ockrass says:

    The online experience with Fifa is one of the best out there today. The OP pointed out several reasons why.
    In terms of game play, I think some fans are actually expecting the game and player to look and feel like their real life counter parts. That will not happen in our life time.
    This is the diss-illusion of all the remaining PES fans. Fifa will never look real to life ….and neither will PES.
    PES has never looked realistic…neither has Fifa, 2K14, COD, BF4 …none.
    So when anyone says that Fifa players look cartoonish ….I always start grinning.
    The huge difference between the two is that one of the games have a small learning curve. That game meets the basic requirements to walk, run, jump, pass, shoot…without any major flaws. For me there is no such thing as scripting or a video game “cheating” me. The premise or thought of a innate brainless object cheating me out of something …means I would be a ****ing idiot. Scripting is design. So if the game has a broken design like PES it will play like ****.

  4. HanSolo says:


    “In terms of game play, I think some fans are actually expecting the game and player to look and feel like their real life counter parts. That will not happen in our life time.”

    -You cant be THAT old dude lol. Of Course games can in our lifetime. Look, there will always be a thin veil between reality and CGI as humans we a programmed to notice something that is off or not quite right as we live in reality. Nobody is asking for photo realism (that’s unreasonable) there is a big difference that and beautiful graphics and we want the latter. The power we have now is leaps beyond last gen but Pes 14 (definitely on PC) player for player looks as good as Fifa 14 on current gen? Im sorry Fifa 14 just doesnt cut the mustard in that department.

    Im sorry its 2014 players in the game SHOULD look like their counterparts. As far as the players feeling like their counterparts – As long as they define the game as a football simulator then they should feel like their counterparts. How? Well the first level to that feeling would be the stats of the players, 2 players with vastly different stats SHOULD feel different (but we all know the stats system is broken in Pes14); Second level, players with different body types should have have a more bespoke animations to that type and also bespoke animations for stats e.g players with high agility should look different to players with low agility; Third level, they have a new physics system so use it properly.. Weight and height are already factors in the game.. When 2 players collide the physics engine should realistically simulate what happens.

    Nobody buys and plays driving ->simulators<- like Forza; Gran Turismo or NFS: Shift because all the cars feel the same; or the cars kind of look like their counterparts; or the graphics look okay. If you define your game as a simulator it better bloody well simulate, simple.

    As far a photo realism goes games now days look better than most films did, in terms of effects, 10 15 years ago. Obviously there are exceptions like LoTR (Gollum) but in general its true. These days we can create a cgi scene from real life, through scanning and pictures, and the fidelity is without a doubt photo realistic.. Our films look better than ever have you seen Rise of The Planet of the Apes? Those apes are very well modeled, textured and animated(Mocap) you cant tell me they dont look real. The only thing stopping games from reaching that quality is we cant get that quality to run in real time. Yet. Hardware gets more powerful every year and software gets smarter when it comes to faking or displaying complicated effects.

    "For me there is no such thing as scripting or a video game “cheating” me. The premise or thought of a innate brainless object cheating me out of something …means I would be a ****ing idiot. Scripting is design. So if the game has a broken design like PES it will play like ****."

    – There is, the game compensates (can be programmed in easily). Ive experienced it first hand.

  5. Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything
    I’ve worked hard on. Any suggestions?

  6. Jon says:

    Besides the upside down laebls I’m wondering what else it violates. Oh also the twice as wide part does seem like it’s misleading. It does end up looking four times as large and is easy to miss.The apples to a bag of apples I think is fine. I think the point of this graphic is not only to compare the players to each other, but to compare some players (Messi) to just..payments in football in general. In this case I learned that if 750 players are represented as a human, ONE of those players comes up to the calf level. This is probably part of what they wanted to demonstrate.I guess though, by choosing a human as an object it allows them to not show us the whole person (avoiding having very tiny other people), since we can all complete that human image in our heads. I would have cut off the big guy much further down (maybe at his waist), so that you still get a feel for how big a piece of the pie Messi got, but can compare players to other players much more easily.

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