PES 2015 First Trailer released!

Here you go fellas, it’s the first official trailer:


PES 2015 Trailer

We’re getting the marteting spiel on the new features on the 3rd of July.

Sit tight till then…




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23 Responses to PES 2015 First Trailer released!

  1. Banayoti says:

    Waiting…AGAIN?!?…I thought yesterday’s trailer should have been about game play!! . I must admit though , it looked very tasty indeed.
    But there was no need for konami to make a big fuss about a teaser trailer.
    Anyway, I hope they will reveal much more in July the 3rd. And this time it better be a detailed GAMEPLAY trailer!

  2. InakZikaZeo says:

    Of course they had to make a BIG fuss for a TINY trailer. An attention seeking ploy perhaps? May be they felt they needed to make some noise , to see how much interest they gonna generate ? . To see how many fans , or shall I say , loyal followers they still have?
    All this will be forgotten and forgiven if the final product is of the highest quality.

  3. Bischeque says:


    Highest quality product? From konami? Highest quality . Surely you learned by now. This is konami , so let me put it this way:
    - massive propaganda
    - small teaser trailer
    - bigger trailer
    - very nice demo
    - disappointing 2nd demo
    - final product no where near first demo
    - patches after six months
    - konami admits the product was not up to scratch after “fans” uproar
    - new trailer of new game
    - viscous circle continuos
    - go to first step
    - continue until further notice or zero sales (whatever comes first)

  4. zaizou says:

    pfffft…looks like pes 14 , another epic fail.

  5. declan says:


    Lol that seems to be the script alright!

  6. cheo-10 says:

    Looks exactly like pes 2014!!
    There’s absolutely no way this is a ps4 trailer.

  7. Ockrass says:

    Well …at least some people get it.

    There is no more PES …..

    If that is next gen …why even bother?

  8. ability says:

    really konami?

  9. Bischeque says:

    Glad you liked it. Konami in a nutshell. Lol

  10. Anonymous says:

    Konami would already like to apologize in advance that this is a transition year, and that the finished article of their game should be no later than 2024.
    At the very least get online right please, I’ll be renting it before i consider buying. In fairness to pes, I’m not really dying about any of the football games available at the moment. Fifa’s game play can be repetitive and their character models aren’t that great in my opinion. Fifa does have great online options though.

  11. HanSolo says:

    As far as graphics goes, lets not kid ourselves here, after seeing what was up at E3 there isn’t one ‘Next Gen’ looking game out there the best looking game available is still Crysis 3 (2013) (PC) although i guess you could argue that it is technically next gen but whatever.

    As far as player models goes you’ve probably seen the best in all sports games with pes15, we won’t know for sure until we’ve seen NBA 2K15 whom are supposedly upgrading their graphics. Pes’s lighting and texturing needs work though and we don’t know what it will look like during gameplay, im not expecting a lot tbh, but up close it doesn’t look horrible and it %100 looks better than 2014.

    I’ll be purely judging the game on gameplay, especially after last years barrage of news and features, but i admit the p*ss poor PR doesn’t help their cause. I don’t know what Konami were thinking with that teaser of a teaser trailer that was so bad and received such a backlash they had to take it down. An early demo should make up for the bad PR,. They’ve made there point about ‘its all about gameplay’ so they better not disappoint.

  12. Noelsnose says:

    Hahahaha the video has been removed after it was universally hounded.

    The video is the same video as PES 2014.

    What a shambles Konami are, I’m certain PES 2015 will be the last ever PES.

  13. KingSuarez says:
  14. ability says:

    pes 15 needs a website of its own where all news pes 15 can be found there.

    this is sports this is soccer we want to know everything look at what fifa has done fifa.

    and the video or whatever pes is releasing today better me worth it.

  15. ability says:

    sick and tired of this lazy pes folks. u hav had 2years to give us a great game on ps4 u have had 2full years u better not dissapoint again. enough with ur laziness. wake up and get to work. look at what fifa is doing its not even a compition.

  16. ability says:

    and stop copying fifa when it comes to gameplay we like pes gameplay better everything else u can copy fifa
    if u guys a too lazy to give us sumthing great just put pes12013 on ps4 with better graphics please!!!!!

  17. Mc Görk says:

    What the…? Two years? You know they were making PES14 last year? You are even to lazy to writte “you”.
    Game looks good and if some would stop and think they would see that PES 14 already looked good (and beat even FIFA next gen in some parts) but mostly during replays and had frame rate issues.

  18. ability says:

    dont attck me bro. what am talkin abt it pes15 on ps4

  19. ability says:

    pes can do way better than its doin now

  20. Mc Görk says:

    Sorry. I know you were talking about the PS4 version, but it`s not like they had two full years because last year they were working on PES14 for Xbox360, Ps3, PC, PSP. I wouldn`t call them lazy when I haven`t been there and don`t forget the game isn`t even out.

  21. ability says:

    right lets hope for the best

  22. christos21 says:

    Check out this gameplay and tell me what reminds you of.

  23. christos21 says:

    DD tell me your opinion.

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