Stadium Editor and 2nd Divisions for PES 2015!!!

Not sure if you guys saw this or not by Adam confirmed on twitter that the Stadium Editor will return in PES 2015.

He also confirmed that 2nd divisions will be in PES 2015 along with licensed managers. Not sure how many managers or how they will work yet.

The second divisions that are confirmed so far are the English, French, Italian and Spanish 2nd divisions

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8 Responses to Stadium Editor and 2nd Divisions for PES 2015!!!

  1. Bischeque says:

    Really?!?!??! Would you go and buy a fancy new alloy wheels for your car if the engine is working properly in the first place?!?!
    Unless they have fixed the basics, like gameplay, online…etc…etc, this would be , quite frankly , dumb.

  2. Bischeque says:

    *not working

  3. Ezio says:

    @Bischeque – I agree with you. They need to fix a lot of other things first but the fact they got the second divisions is still a good thing and beats having the fake teams in D2.

  4. Noelsnose says:


    We hear this very year. “This is it, this is the year for PES”

    Then we play it and it’s average. Last year being the exception because it was truly awful.

    I wonder if they will get online correct. PES 2014 was honestly worse than PES 2008 for me online. Despite my broadband connection now being 50Mbps as opposed to 2Mbps in 2008.

  5. AFRICA says:

    guys it been a long time trying to download pes 2014 plz tell me how to download it

  6. Ford Potassium says:

    Visit softonic and download or buy.

  7. Ford Potassium says:

    Please i want konami to improve on the fans and also the manegers of the varous teams

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