PES Matters 15th July 2014

So we’ve had the marketing talk on what to expect from the forthcoming  edition of PES.

Here’s my initial thoughts on the features:


I thought we always had a variety of shots available.  There were question marks over the power and effects of gravity on the ball, particularly on long range efforts.  So hopefully these are improved on.

Final Pass

Sounds interesting to have a bit more variety for through balls, again the physics department is being spoken about, so perhaps we can expect a whole new ball game.

1 on 1

This feature excites me more than most I have to say.  If we truly get an experience where we have instant response coupled with the ability to either dribble or burst away at will, then we should be very excited.

Incredible Response Times

Please say this title doesn’t come back to bite Konami is my first thought.  I really do hope that they understand the language they are using, and do truly offer incredible response times.  Anything less than that will mean they will get a lot of grief if it doesn’t deliver.  However, if it does..

Full Pitch AI

Again this sounds like the AI being further developed.  If they finally get this right, then we’ll definitely benefit from intelligent movement and play.  Of course to date, there  have always been flaws with the AI, and I’d expect some tweaks to this even once we get the game to improve it.  It’s the engine of the game, and an incredibly difficult art to master.

Closest Control

The incorporation of a wider range of pace is exciting in my books.  How you transition between them will be key to the successful deployment of this.  I’m hoping the analogue sticks will dictate the speed at which your player moves.  It’s something I’ve asked for many times in the years gone by.

Case for Defence

Again response times for movement will be key to how defenders move and make decisions.  Seeing more variety in their movements and types of tackling will be key to how well you defend.

Behavioural Patterns

I’d have to say that I’m not so keen on this being an area being addressed.  I’d rather more fundamental areas were worked on.  This is superficial at best for me!

Bring the Noise

I really hope the droney “woh woh woh” of chants is removed!

Let There Be Light

Seriously not needed, and time away from key fundamentals if you ask me!

Balance of Play

I’m a little confused with this.  Does this mean you won’t need to set strategies in-game any more?  That the AI does it all for you? I seriously hope not.

Live Updates

This is going to amaze me if done properly.  We struggle to see January player transfers for weeks on end, so regular player updates will be great to see done.

Adaptable Match Environments

Sounds very gimmicky, and not sure how much of a factor this will be in gameplay.

So there you have it.  There are grounds for genuine excitement, but these must be tempered with realistic expectations.  Marketing talk is always very worrying for me, since they paint a very rosey picture before a game has completed development.  Living up to the marketing claims can burden the development process as a result.

I’m sure it won’t be long before demo material is made available, so let’s hope PES delivers.

Thanks for reading.


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18 Responses to PES Matters 15th July 2014

  1. Bischeque says:

    This feels like a De ja vu to me

  2. Steven J says:

    I am optimistic about Pes 15 but I would like it if Konami would give US the editing options if they don’t have licenses and what not. Maybe stuff like downloadable face packs and crowd chants.
    I know a lot of people go on about the gameplay which I understand but people who think stuff like atmosphere animations and stadiums don’t matter are wrong. I hope there is more stadiums this time and a stadium editor would be cool and interesting to me. I believe that in Pes 10 I imported crowds and it made the match experience ALOT better.
    At the end of the day it is up to Konami I guess so fingers crossed that the next Pes is good for everyone.

  3. cheo-10 says:

    I hope the ps3 version is good this year, because I don’t want to spend $400 for a ps4. The ps4 gameplay leaks look almost identical to pes2014 on ps3, I guess it is just me.

  4. Ockrass says:

    @ cheo-10

    I agree! I own the PS3 and the PS4 and the only difference is see is the sharpness and detail in the PS4 games.
    I thought that the games would be more advanced in the way they move such as running, shooting etc.
    It is the same. To date the only difference is see is the 1080p update on the PS4……games still run like it did 5yrs ago, nothing really new gen about that.

  5. Rapid- says:

    I used to edit on PES. I used my memory stick to change squads.

    In PS4 there is no support for USB (not last time I checked)

    How will we edit kits etc if there is no USB support? Do I have to play with MAN RED and co?!

  6. Joeseph Jones says:

    It hurts me to say it but I just don’t care anymore. I stuck with them for a long time but the harsh truth is that PES has been nowhere after PS2, so I don’t expect anything to be different on PS4 / Xbox One. Konamic simply are not trying and they are selling us the same thing with minor tweaks year on year. Whereas FIFA 14 on Next gen is bloody amazing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m slightly more optimistic because it has been co-developed in Europe. I think the European developers will bring a different side to the game that the Japanese developers couldn’t give us. It’s something I thought Konami should have done years ago.

  8. Mc Görk says:

    @ Joeseph Jones yeah because FIFA14 has more new things to offer than PES14. Have you played both games?
    For PES 15 I don`t have to high hopes, the European team means most likely that they will turn the game in an “everyone can play, child friendish, easy mode, FIFA Clone” to reduce complains by players who think the game is the problem while they self can`t even hold a contoller. Well, I guess I will see some at gamescom.

  9. vierinha says:

    I don’t understand the critisism around PES 2014.
    i can understand that response time doesn’t mean the same now as it did in PES 5,because the animations are now really human instead of computer generated.If you bitch about bad animations and KONAMI gives you the best animation, you should at least consider how you can change the way you play PES.
    I remember a time when all were against using the left thumbstick for player movement and insisted that the directional buttons were the way to go! Where are they now?
    I also don’t understand the PS3/PS4 debate about the visuals.KONAMI did a wonderful job with the graphics, giving the pc ps3 and xbox360 a new engine 1 year before the nxt gen consoles came out.You played next gen PES.This is the next gen PES.dON’T YOU GET IT?

  10. Dundon's says:

    I seriously think the best thing we can do is say nothing and wait for the demo.

  11. Frankytwothumbs says:

    Play the demo and if it’s crap(it will be), do yourselves a favour and just buy FIFA. Why rob yourselves of playing the best game available through some misguided loyalty. FIFA is far from perfect but is way way further ahead than pes and that is nt going to change anytime soon and in my opinion probably never will, with pes eventually folding leaving FIFA as the only real game for the greatest sport on earth which can’t be good.

  12. Dundon's says:

    Would have to agree with Franky. Fifa is a long way off a great game but is a lot closer to a finished product that PES since it started to nose dive in 2008.

    If there is a God this PES will be good.

  13. VIERINHA says:

    Have you played the game lately? I mean with the 1.16 patch and dlc 7.0? The game is 50% better in my opinion now than when it was released. I agree about your critisisms but it seems to me that THE LAST TIME YOU PLAYED PES WAS AT CHRISTMAS!!!!
    Do yourselves a favor and play pes 2014 world challenge and you will bite your tongue , i promise you that.

    With love from Greece.PAOK UBER ALLES

  14. HanSolo says:

    I put my faith in the developers, I hope Pes 15 will be good, but ultimately its down to the demo (Pes and Fifa). I wont make any assumptions, including that Fifa will automatically be better. Personally I thought pes 14 and fifa 14(even next gen) were both rubbish and didn’t buy them. If they are rubbish again then its FM for another year, I wont buy a game simply because its better than its competition that doesn’t make sense to me.

  15. TrueGooner says:

    I played both fifa14 and pes14, and i enjoyed pes14 more then fifa14, even with all the fustrations and negatives. Yes it is not a complete game and has a lots of issues, but it is playable and enjoyable more then fifa14. That’s my opinion.

  16. Mc Görk says:

    I will try the demo but as long as FIFA plays and looks like it does I won`t buy it. With PES it depends on the demo so I remember that I din`t like the PES14 demo as much as the final game. I guess next week I will know a bit more.

  17. TrueGooner says:

    Mc Gork, you will need to purchase the game and download the patches to get the current fixes. Much more playable then the demo even though there are still some issues.

  18. Mc Görk says:

    Sorry that came out wrong. I said “no” to FIFA and I have PES on Xbox360 and it was a great game, closer to real football than ever, better than the demo could show. With patch 1.10 they nearly destroyed it on Xbox, advanced shooting bug, player falling over their own feet, player making unrealistic movements and so on… – to speak for the xbox version the game has now more problems than before.

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