PES 2013: New Year Resolutions

Hello everybody!

It has certainly been a while but I’m finally back! I know you all missed me, but there’s no need for a cake. Really, I’m serious. Well…… Maybe just a small one!

So what has changed since my last post before Christmas? Are you all still playing PES? Personally, I am not playing as much this year. I am in my 4th season of Master League and loving it but I am not rushing through, I am savouring each and every session. Whatever about online (which I’ll discuss in a minute) PES 2013 is a superb single player game. Master League is brilliantly addictive this year and the patch did improve the core experience.

There are still some issues (next articles topics) but overall the game plays near flawlessly. If you want to check my progress so far, don’t forget to watch my videos on YouTube. I think I will be linking my channel to the site soon so stay tuned for that too.

Online for me is basically dead this year. I have no interest in being cheated anymore. The game is still too noob friendly and while I have tonnes of suggestions on improving the core game, I am going to wait a week to gather information and your suggestions and ideas.

My main concern moving forward is the community. What have gamers turned into? I mean, on average, the abuse you receive online is plain ridiculous. But this is what bugs me the most about ‘PES fans’ who cheat.

PES 2010 was an great game with terrible goalkeepers. (Cheaters have an excuse)

PES2011 was full of speed and had terrible refereeing. (Cheaters have an excuse)

PES 2012 was a complete speed fest. (Cheaters have an excuse)

PES 2013 is a brilliant game. The goalkeepers are fixed. The game is fun and the refs are fair (most of the time). The matchmaking has improved as well as the passing game. Isn’t PES 2013 the game we have been waiting for since 2006?

But, it’s still not enough. People still cheat like the cowards they are. The community needs to grow up and play fairly or move on. As a smaller community, PES could be awesome yet there are a few ruining it for many. It’s time for change.

So here’s what I want you to do. In the comments below, write 1 suggestion on fixing this area. That’s all. It will only take a few minutes. If you are reading this, you obviously have an opinion so get writing and let me know. I am compiling a huge list for a complete blowout on PES 2014, Cheats and future installments.

I look forward to hearing form you all!

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49 Responses to PES 2013: New Year Resolutions

  1. Mr Markcoos says:

    fixing the community is pretty difficult, as the abuse of the throughball is over powered, which causes the game to be boring and ridiculous. The way to fix it at the moment, is to have league’s which are associated with certain limitations i.e. manual passing, unassistance etc. The Pro Evo Elite Leagues is a great option for PS3 users, as it has unassisted leagues, which really makes the game a lot more enjoyable, as not everyone is overpowered with the throughball. Thats really about it :DDDD


  2. Rich says:

    I can’t deny the progress made on this years version, yes it is so much more enjoyable and just free flowing. BUT. Through balls have killed this game for me. I literally can’t put up with the devastating power they posses this year and have rather cowardly given up on this years edition. I also just feel that despite giant progressive leaps made, the game is still just too rigid and sadly I don’t enjoy it as much as perhaps the “other game”. Will definitely hope for big things next year, but for now I will be getting my football fix elsewhere.

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  4. Gola says:

    The through ball and lobbed through ball IS ruining the online experience. People just pick Madrid all the time and chuck through balls up to ronaldo whos impossible to knock off the ball and the pass always seems to go right to his feet.

    Its just getting old………

    With regard the community, it would be handy if it worked on the 360 for starters…… matchmaking, 2v2 etc..

    I can only sugguest to open rooms for proper gamers who dont cheat and don’t pick the same teams all the time; you know which ones!! I played a guy tonight from the U.K. He was Everton and i was Swansea; it was a great game which i lost narrowingly 1 – 0 to a fellani header. THIS IS A DIFFERENT GAME when you dont use super teams. Way more enjoyable but i somehow feel it wont catch on…. too many NOOBS out there.

  5. baranello says:

    hell yeah! this is always making me frustrated when you hardle ever get an opponent not choosing RM or Barca. Really, I’m fine with other great teams like Chelsea or ManCity, but these two make me feel like I’m a freak, who seeks enjoyment of football in PES, rather then win win win win win CR7 win win Cr7 Messi win win. sh*t…but that was always like that – in PES6 it was hard to see team other than Inter (and and this powerful f*cker Adriano, d’ya remember that?). for me personally it’s hard to get decent match since friends play either FIFA or nothing, well friends, I’m 30 with two kids and guess almost the only one from my pack playing any games :D.
    PES communities are a complete mystery to me on PES2012. WTF are they ? how do I join, how do I set up games? is it the same riddle in PES2013 (just bought yesterday, hesitated over the other game, but reviews saying playability of PES2013 near to PES6 convinced me)
    cheers for all true loving PES fans, damn all the cheating noobs!

  6. Duffman76 says:

    It seems the main issue with PES is the online experience.
    Even going back to the first PES PS3 games that were definitely a drop in quality from PES6, they still offered a better offline experience than FIFA.
    EA have a lot of experience in online gaming and it shows with FIFA. It is a far more polished experience and papers over a few of FIFA’s cracks that make the offline experience somewhat lacking.
    I would hazard a guess that most people who prefer PES over FIFA mainly play the offline master league and BAL, as I do.

  7. Hockey nutcase says:

    The only to ever beat the cheaters and the Barcelona plans just to give us the option not to force to play the match in the first place at best we’ll get the option to quit it halftime

  8. Gunnerfan says:

    Firstly I’m enjoying PES13 I haven’t played it for years now and finally I’m back.I would like to know if anyone can help with regards to getting a patch for PES 13 if you don’t have internet is this possible ?if so how ?

  9. Wheresmark says:

    I think the problem is that we are now the few and the cheaters are common place. Younger people don’t seem to mind cheating what so ever. I’m only 26 but have always played any game fairly, I’m coming to he higher ends of MLO now and for every 10 games that I’m winning, I would guess that 6 get lag disconnected. It’s getting hard now to progress as there seems to be so many lag quitters at this level. I think it’s going to get to a plateau where I will have to cheat myself in order to have enough money to keep my team, so I may have to stop playing pes, which is a huge shame. Great game this year, but the gaming community as a whole are cheats and will exploit anything they can in order to do better, I see it across all games I play, it’s a sad time.

    I think there should be a system like FIFA where you get an increasing bonus the more games you play in a row without having a disconnection.

  10. Rob says:

    Bring back the league mode and give us the hi-viz yellow ball

  11. hoangel says:

    the community itself can’t fix this issue, only Konami can. If Konami fix the gameplay & nerf the through-ball, nobody could abuse to that. If Konami improve their servers to the point that nobody can’t lag the game out, then noone will do the lag cheat. If Konami can upgrade this game in all aspects, then, no more Pes fans will have to pay $ to play Fifa. Its simple

  12. Annoyed By Cheap Goals says:

    In my opinion Konami need to fix the core game play an the A.I and then there shouldn’t be any cheap tactics or easy ways to score. Also they need to make the players have some physical presence or something because it is really annoying watching players run through each other :@

  13. Gola says:

    Tumbleweed .……!!!!!:(

  14. Pesfan says:

    “A small but active part of the community”

    How about a s#*t load of the community?!!!!

  15. Frankytwothumbs says:

    Yep. This site is officially dead, reflective of the franchise………..yep

  16. Throughball says:

    I do not understand why people think that through ball is a cheat. It is the same game with same features that both players are playing. Learn to use through ball and learn to defend through ball. Cheating is something such as creating an artificial lag by slowing down the internet connection OR making the match to abandon when loosing by slowing down the internet connection considerably (connection quality message …). Konami should find a way to recognize these patterns, so that people cheating get a penalty of points. I am enjoying online this year more than the last years. The count of cheaters is reducing. I have learned to defend the through balls. Through balls are also used in real games! Watch them and you will realize that PES 2013 is very realistic.

  17. BrZyTwAa (NYC) says:

    you sound like a thru ball spammer to me…

    I will only half way tolerate and understand someone spamming thru balls, and thats if they are using a really low team and playing against a big team, which makes sense that the low team won’t be able to keep possession, so they have to sit back and defend, and hence, boot long balls upfield to create scoring opportunities….

    BUT it is absolutley PATHETIC when i’m playing someone in quick match or MLO, and the person has not only a Superstar starting 11, but also a bench filled with other superstar players, the best passers, dribblers etc. in the WORLD, and all he does is boot long thru balls over and over and over again….i mean come on, if you had any SKILLS, then maybe u would pass the ball around a little bit, use some creativity, some build up play…instead of booting long thru balls all gamee….and Yeee over time i figured out how to defend against these people and beat them on a regular basis….but come on, it gets so freakin boring and repatitive that I just wanna slap these people across the facee…

    and then of course the lag cheating comes into play, they see that i’ve got the thru ball figured out and know exactly how to stop it, so they then disconnect … so through ball spammers and cheaters – i feel sorry for them, i wish them the best of luck in life, they NEED it…

  18. Goal says:

    You don’t need to ‘learn’ how to use through balls. Just point and press. Actually I don’t think u even need to point some of the time.

    You sound like A barca or real noob who’s trying to tell me how realistic this game is. Yes through balls are used in the true game but not in the pro Evo sense.

    Anyway, each to his own, enjoy your pointing and pressing

  19. Goal says:

    P.s @ brzy

    How do you defend the through ball. Sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot, not consistently anyway! Is it A tactic change or pressing or att/def mindedness or what?

  20. Throughball says:

    I enjoy using weak teams in friendlies, but use RM in ranking matches. It is possible to defend through balls with a weak team by using tactics and remaining defensive for the initial few minutes and judging the type of opponent. As soon as you realize the opponent is using the through balls you can change your tactics and take control of the last defender and running him backwards for the cover. Use the secondary defender for tackle. I still insist that through balls (being available to both players) is not a cheat. For those who can’t defend through balls, the PES may look like not realistic, but to me it looks like real football as watched on TV. You can’t ask for more, and we hope it will improve further in PES 2014.

  21. BrZyTwAa (NYC) says:

    @ GOAL

    you defend em just the way ‘throughball’ himself explained it …”remaining defensive for the initial few minutes and judging the type of opponent. As soon as you realize the opponent is using the through balls you can change your tactics and take control of the last defender and running him backwards for the cover. Use the secondary defender for tackle”

    @ throughball
    you said “I still insist that through balls (being available to both players) is not a cheat.” ….

    you’re right, its not a cheat, but it’s a CHEAP way to EXPLOIT the game…so if you do it, you’re just as cheap, and anyone who does it gets no respect from me

  22. BrZyTwAa (NYC) says:

    @ Goal

    att/def mindedness actually also comes into play a little bit, cuz if u play very defensive your full backs will not make forward runs and therefore cover up on defense, which also helpss…but it just comes down to switching to the last defender and running backwards so that you’re ahead of the forward…another one that i use is ‘offside trap’ …some people are just way too predictable and it works on them all the time

  23. Goal says:

    Cheers guys

  24. Throughball says:

    @ BrZyTwAa : I assume you are someone who is not able to master the through ball pass, receiving and controlling the pass, dashing and scoring. So you think it is cheap and a exploit. Most of the top players above 550 ranking use the through ball pass, but the good ones do not use it all the time. You have to create a running forward in order to execute the through pass. It is a skill and not an exploit. Those who use it blindly are not successful.

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  26. BrZyTwAa (NYC) says:

    @ throughballl

    ahahahahaha, not even going to respond to that….and you’re probably the one who started this thread right ?
    if not, go ahead and join the debate, at least i know i’m not by myself

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