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Conversation Between Ziss and Barry
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  1. Ziss
    18-01-2012 17:25
    Cheers Barry! Will deffo look into this.

    I was hoping to try for tickets for the away leg, but that hasn't really materialised

    Thanks! He was always a legend in my eyes! You had quite the awesome squad back then; Babangida, Finidi, Blind, the De Boers, Witschge, Litmanen, Knopper, Melchiot, Kinkladze, Wamberto, Arveladze etc!
  2. Barry
    18-01-2012 16:11
    Sorry about this late reply Ziss, first time I've been on in months. Amsterdam is great for that sort of thing, or so I've heard....I have no real knowledge of buying a ticket like that, but I do know it's not really sold out unless AZ, PSV, Feyenoord or Twente comes to town. Or Champions League of course (*tears*).

    For any other game you should probably be fine. Though I think you need to buy a Club Card if you want to buy tickets, I think it is something like 6 euro's for a few years, but you have to buy it in advance and it takes about 2-3 weeks I believe.

    Though this might help:

    It's in advance, but if you don't find anything about buying it on the matchday itself this is useful. Love the avatar by the way!

    As for the UEFA Cup, I look forward to seeing Man Utd going for a 1-1 in Amsterdam, and then whooping us royally at Old Trafford, haha.
  3. Ziss
    15-10-2011 17:53
    Barry, I'm looking to come to Amsterdam for my stag-do in about 18 months time and am keen to attend an Ajax game on the Sunday (as they tend to play on a Sunday most of the time).

    My questions are:

    a) how easy is it to pick up a ticket on the day of the match?

    b) how much would a ticket set me back?

    Many thanks

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